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Dear Friends of Ed King and Liz McMahon, As you know, just weeks ago Liz and Ed left their lives in Portland to embark on the adventure of a lifetime, traveling to Russia, where Liz... more


Updated posted by L.g. Rosenfeld 15 months ago

Your donations are so appreciated, you have no idea. Ed started chemotherapy on January 6th and will be undergoing that regime for the foreseeable future. Liz is taking care of him, and the additional funding is making it possible for her to focus on Ed's care instead of earning money. This is a blessing that we realize we are very privileged to have. Karma, and paying-it-forward are in the forefront of our minds and hearts. ~ Liz



Created by L.g. Rosenfeld on December 4, 2012

Dear Friends of Ed King and Liz McMahon,

As you know, just weeks ago Liz and Ed left their lives in Portland to embark on the adventure of a lifetime, traveling to Russia, where Liz had taken a job teaching English at a school in Volgograd. 

Sadly, their adventure has been suddenly cut short as Ed was admitted into the hospital on Monday, December 3rd for severe abdominal pain. Within the day was he diagnosed with a malignant tumor that is blocking his intestine. This required Ed and Liz to fly back to the US within 48 hours (which was accomplished due to the help of supporters of this fund). They were met at the airport in Portland by an ambulance that rushed Ed to the hospital. Though they are home now, the road ahead is not without significant challenges.

As many of you know, Liz and Ed closed their respective businesses (Lucid Stage and West End News), left their apartment, and sold all their belongings before leaving for Russia. Now that they are back in the US, they will need assistance to make it through the weeks and months ahead as they navigate their way through this medical crisis.

Many of you have been touched and strengthened by their gifts to the community of Portland through the West End News and Lucid Stage, as well as through their political activism -- and just good old fashioned loyal friendship. They have made you laugh and cry. They have informed you. Supported you. Rallied for your rights. Now is your chance to give back.

Today, they are in desperate need of your loving support to make it through this unexpected and unthinkable crisis.

If you are able to contribute to their emergency fund to help pay for whatever travel expenses are required for them to return as well as living expenses they may have in the upcoming weeks and months following this surgery, that would be sincerely appreciated.

Thank you for your kindness, your prayers, and your support. Whatever you are able to donate, no matter how large or small, will help . . . and what's more it will send a message of support and hope to two people we love very much!!


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Get well soon. You are loved!

posted by Elliot Brandwein 16 months ago

Liz and Ed: You are true community treasures to our city. We will never forget the creative collaborative spirit of generosity you both put forward with Lucid Stage and West End News - I'm proud and honored to help in any way I can. Much love and Light to you both.

posted by Kymberly Dakin-Neal 16 months ago

I'm Tom Bell, reporter with the Portland Press Herald. I would like to write a story about the effort to help Ed, but I need to speak with him or his family. Can someone help me make contact? I am at 791-6369. tbell@pressherald.com. Thank you

posted by Tom Bell 16 months ago

Everyone here is supporting you in every way possible....sending healing thoughts of love to you both.

posted by Steph Ross 16 months ago

Have a safe trip back, we will all be here for you both.

posted by Janis Beitzer 16 months ago

I feel so honored and so proud to be part of this community. Every time I see how much we've donated already it gets me misty eyed

posted by Lisa Fourré 16 months ago

It warms my heart to see how the City of Portland Maine rallies around some of our most model citizens. The $5 donations as well as the $500 donations are so beautiful! I love you Portland Maine!! Nice to see this!!

posted by Jenny Yasi 16 months ago

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Ruth Riddick

9 months ago



Ruth Riddick

11 months ago




13 months ago



Beth Streeter

14 months ago


Hi Ed and Liz - been thinking about you so much and hoping for the very best for you - if there's anything at all that I can do, please let me know!



Alec Sabina

14 months ago


Ed, The Hot Suppa team is serving you up some super positive vibes!




14 months ago



Ewan Sweetland

14 months ago


HI Uncle Eddie - This is your great nephew Ewan and I hope you get better soon. Hopefully your Jets can win a game next year but not against the Broncos. Thanks for taking Tebow. Love, Ewan



Ruth Riddick

14 months ago


Welcome home to the Residence Inn, Ed & Liz - the right place for you in the ME winter! Sending lots of love from New York city . . .



Smith Galtney

15 months ago



Ann&Scott Murray

15 months ago


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