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Please help our friend, Carl Ferretti, beat cancer! After a dismal, self-administered haircut during freshman year at Phoenixville Area High School, Carl Ferretti received a nickna... more


Updated posted by Michael William 3 months ago


The HELMETSTRONG Cancer Benefit in honor of Carl Ferretti will be held on January 11th, 2014 at Franklin Commons in Phoenixville, PA.

We would like to invite you all to join us for beef, beer, and a celebration of Carl's life.

Tickets are $30 in advance and $35 at the door. We encourage you to purchase your tickets in advance to help us plan the event, but, all are welcome at the door as well!

To purchase tickets, please email:
colemanmw@gmail.com or

Tickets can be mailed, delivered, or held for pickup at the door.


For any other questions or to purchase tickets directly, please feel free to reach out at any time or find any us on Facebook:

James Cresswell, Matt King, Mike Gatlos, Jim Labik, Marcus Blake, Jon Wanczyk, Brian Bari, Christian Podbielski, Brett Ames, or Michael Coleman (Michael William).

And of course, please like the


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Updated posted by Michael William 4 months ago

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Carl Ferretti.

Carl had a great personality and smile that could brighten anyone's worst day. It is no surprise that even with his passing, he is still making family and friends smile and laugh at the memories and the legacy he left with all of us. He will truly be missed.

Please visit the link below for information regarding the services.


Please hold Carl's family and friends in your prayers.

Thank you for all of your support.


Created by Michael William on October 1, 2013

Please help our friend, Carl Ferretti, beat cancer!

After a dismal, self-administered haircut during freshman year at Phoenixville Area High School, Carl Ferretti received a nickname that has stuck with him ever since: Helmet.

Helmet...oops, Carl, had a very active childhood in the Phoenixville community. In his early years he ran up and down the PMYC soccer and football fields to burn off his extra energy. He continued to play traditional sports and participated on the baseball field at both PECO and Babe Ruth. As he grew older, he and his BMX bike would travel to Bensalem to rack up trophies at the dirt racetrack. Perhaps all the energy came from the amount of sugar his Nana used in his iced tea.

Carl attended Phoenixville Area High School where he lettered in football and track for the Phantoms. After graduating from PAHS in 2006, Carl pursued a Business degree from Kutztown University, which he earned in 2010.

Carl has always been a rare, outgoing, and loveable character--truly one of a kind. Always quick to crack a joke, his fun-loving personality has provided countless laughs over the years. Even when the fun is being poked at you, it's always just that with him: fun.
Carl has always been there to lend a hand and support his friends and family in any way he can (countless debit card transactions have been made just to ensure that everyone is having fun and is well fed after a night out on the town). There really never is a dull moment with him.

Now Carl needs all of our help.

On September 25, 2013, Carl was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer: adrenocortical carcinoma (stage IV adrenal cancer).

Through early scans, Carl's doctors identified a tumor on his adrenal gland which we now know has spread to his lymph nodes as well as his spine. Fearing possible paralysis due to the location of the spinal tumor, his doctors immediately began radiation treatment on his spine in an attempt to reduce the size of the mass and prevent any further damage. Carl has completed his initial round of radiation and is beginning his chemotherapy this week (10/1/13). Both of which will be part of his longer-term aggressive treatment program.

As with any illness of this nature, Carl and his family face a daunting set of medical bills, travel costs, and unexpected daily life expenses (Carl has been unable to return to work at Prudential and is uncertain of when he will be able to again).

What is certain is that Carl has quite the fight in front of him and, always the fearless one, he will stand up to it. It is up to all of us to stand behind him, support him, and fight with him as he begins this chapter of his life.

We ask that you please donate whatever you can to this cause -- no amount is too small.

I know with everyone’s support we can help Carl and his family greatly in this time of need. Even though Carl has a battle in front of him, he has a hell of an army behind him.

Thank you for your generosity and for helping us help our friend.


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Rest in peace Carl. You, your family and friends will be in my prayers.

posted by Amanda Cannon 4 months ago

Rest Peacefully Carl. The world has lost one of its finest. Your smile and humor will forever be in the hearts of all who loved you.

posted by Ryan Leithead 4 months ago

go to this link to watch Carls High School Football Hilights http://www.youtube.com/watch?v =FlNL1pAZR7c&feature=c4-overvi ew&list=UU09xrZwbofedBzqr6-Es5 kw

posted by Bill Furlong 5 months ago

Check out the new HELMETSTRONG Facebook page for updates and further details! - HELMETSTRONG wristbands available now - Early details on the upcoming HELMETSTRONG beef & beer event

posted by Michael William 5 months ago

I just received information from my son's principal at PAMS today about Carl. I am a Phoenixville Mom and I plan to help spread the word about Thursday's fundraiser at Petruccis. God Bless you Carl and your family! Just reading your story I know you are Helmet Strong and will put up a fight. You are in our thougths and prayers.

posted by Danielle White 5 months ago

Here's the Scoop! On Thursday, October 24 from noon until 10 pm Petruccis Ice Cream & Water Ice in Phoenixville is donating 20 % of sales to Carl Ferretti's fund! Simply print this voucher and bring it with you next Thursday! Please come out and enjoy some ice cream in support of a great cause! Thank you for helping us help our friend! - Team HelmetStrong https://scontent-a-lga.xx.fbcd n.net/hphotos-prn1/1385805_101 53531132110001_1609550378_n.jp g

posted by Colleen Wood 6 months ago

A quick thank you: We're truly overwhelmed with your generosity and support! Carl is extremely grateful for all the love and thoughts shared over the past few days. We are asking that all comments and well wishes are posted to this site so that Carl can read and respond in one place when he's rested and ready. But, in the meantime: A huge thank you to family, friends, strangers, and Stoolies! We couldn't do this without you! We are all HelmetStrong! ViVa! -- Team HELMETSTRONG

posted by Michael William 6 months ago

Hello Carl's Family- Please call a gentlemen that leaves in Colorado named Royce Carder 303-923-3323. He may be able to help-he is a Cancer Survivor, and so I am I. God Bless your family!!Please call and talk with him!!

posted by Yolanda Bennett 6 months ago

If you wanted, you could also use the flyer that you can print out directly from this site which already has a QR code and link to the website. Look for the "print a sign" button directly above these comments on the full site. I hope that helps! (Or you could mail a check in Carl's name to his home address. Feel free to message any of us for that info if you need it.) Thanks Mambi!

posted by Michael William 6 months ago

Perfect. Will do!

posted by Mambi Boyle 6 months ago

Also email a copy to Helemetstrong25@gmail.com so others can pass them out too

posted by Brian Bari 6 months ago

On your flyer you could make the URL to HELMETSTRONG into a QR code using a QR code generator they are on line and free that way they see the flyer and scan the code then they are right on the site to donate. Hope that helps

posted by Brian Bari 6 months ago

Hey I was wondering if there is any way for people to donate money other than through this website? I am going to be making flyers for around my area. Should I simply direct everyone to this website in order to donate or are there other forms of donations. Please let me know either on here or facebook! Thank you.

posted by Mambi Boyle 6 months ago

I just want to thank everyone for helping my nephew.

posted by Winnie Ludwig Pas 6 months ago

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Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers. So very sorry for your loss of such a beautiful young man. Love ~ Barb Staas (friend of Barbara Ferretti)



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My father passed away from this disease. I hope some day through events like these someone else's son, or father, or significant other can survive.



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From long time friends of Aunt Barbara and Uncle Charlie God Bless Carl!




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