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Beautiful 8 year old Haylie was just diagnosed with bone cancer. Only last week she was enjoying days at the beach, shopping, swimming, playing softball, getting mani/pedis, and enjoying... more


Updated posted by Sherry Small Jackson 4 months ago

From Haylie and our whole family, we can NOT thank you enough for your generosity and unwavering support for her! Each and every one of you are true friends and the she has the best family! Thank you from the bottom of my soul!


Updated posted by Sherry Small Jackson 8 months ago

I am so proud and thankful to say we have raised over $9,000!!! Please share our FB Page and this page to spread the word...even if for positive thoughts and prayers! Thank you!


Updated posted by Sherry Small Jackson 8 months ago

Almost $8,000 strong! Thank you & please keep sharing!!!

Haylie began chemo today after a couple minor setbacks yesterday but is still going strong!!!


Almost $8,000 strong! Thank you!


Created by Sherry Small Jackson on August 4, 2013

Beautiful 8 year old Haylie was just diagnosed with bone cancer. Only last week she was enjoying days at the beach, shopping, swimming, playing softball, getting mani/pedis, and enjoying a beautiful summer with her twin sister and her younger sister. This coming week she begins chemo treatments, countless medical appointments, and will truly begin her cancer fight. This love bug and her family have a long journey ahead!

Friends and family are pulling all possible resources to help from meal deliveries to care baskets to donations.

Please help us raise money for hospital bills, groceries, and hopefully some nice experiences and activities for our little girl!

Be Haylie strong and help us prove that just because she has cancer doesn't mean cancer has Haylie!

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Dearest Haylie. You are such a joy to be around and I am truely honored to have been blessed with your smile. Love you kiddo, Ashley

posted by Ashley Spencer 2 days ago

Just wondering....our donation isn't showing up and we did it almost a week ago. Did you guys receive it? Xoxo

posted by Michelle Marlow Park 8 months ago

Through friends I pray for you sweetie. I pray for your strength! Keep smiling!

posted by Christy Anderson 8 months ago

Haylie and her twin sister Rian were in my daycare when they were babies. They were always smiling and so beautiful with a special bond that only twins have. Our family is praying for you to keep smiling and stay strong.

posted by Alyson Larkin Duenas 8 months ago

Dear Haylie and Family, Just want you to know I am continuing to pray for you to keep looking up. God will help you through this. My prayer is for another good day.

posted by Leanne Sorensen Langan 8 months ago

To all those donating, be sure to check with your company that you work for to see if they have matching opportunities. Your donation can be instantly multiplied having an even bigger impact with Corporate Matching! Check it out! Kick Cancer's Butt Haylie!

posted by Sonia Petkewich 8 months ago

Im praying for you all! Has anyone contacted St. Jude? I hear they can help too!

posted by Matthew Sena 8 months ago

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Haylie, you are one serious powerhouse! There are crowds of people you've never met who are cheering you on. Stay strong, and don't let anyone or anything take away your beautiful smile. From Alisa, a friend of Leslie Cravalho Stetson XO



Millie Halpern

13 days ago


Keep Going Strong, Haylie!



Jennifer Stahl

18 days ago


Keep being strong! You have a lot of people rooting for you!




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Amy Nath

1 month ago


Hope you guys have a blast at Disney with Princesses, Parades, and Roller Coasters abound until you can't take any more! - Reid Davis and Amy Nath


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