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Updated posted by Omar Freilla 1 month ago

Join us tomorrow (3/6) for a radical Black Co-op History lesson with Dr. Jessica Gordon Nembhard. Live from the largest worker co-op in the US, the Bronx's own Cooperative Home Associates. RSVP to

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Mar 6 Lecture on Black Co-op History


Updated posted by Omar Freilla 2 months ago

In honor of Valentine's Day we're kicking off our hunt for the next wave of cooperative entrepreneurs with a fun game of Co-opoly & chocolate fondue. Come out to tonight's Valentine's Day game night: CO-OPOLY IS FOR LOVERS. We'll have chocolate fondue on tap all night.

Got kids? Bring 'em. We'll have fun play time & kiddie yoga happening for the little ones too.

See our Facebook event page for details:

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Co-opoly Is For Lovers Flyer 2/14/14


Updated posted by Omar Freilla 3 months ago

It's a new year and we're relaunching our fundraising drive to give you a new opportunity to transform lives and the economy. Thank you to all that have donated over the past few months. If you haven't donated yet, now's your chance.

The Spring session of our cooperative business boot camp, the Coop Academy, is starting up in just a few weeks. Help make this one even more exceptional than the others. Donate today.


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Created by Omar Freilla on July 17, 2013

Everyone deserves the opportunity to get out of the rat race to live their dreams, to have a say, to experience democracy, even at work. To be a contribution. Green Worker Cooperatives is making it possible right now for some to do just that. We want you to donate to make it possible for many more. Worker cooperatives, businesses that are owned and controlled by their workers, are a powerful way to create work that empowers people, businesses that are accountable to their communities, and wealth that stays in the neighborhood. It’s also a great way for people with limited income to pool together their resources and start a business. Green Worker Cooperatives transforms lives and communities by supporting passionate people with great ideas to start worker co-ops. People like Karen, Telesh, and Ana, co-founders of Caracol Interpreters Cooperative, who make information accessible to all by providing interpretation and translation services for nonprofit organizations.

People like Maricruz, Alexandra, and Janvieve, co-founders of Ginger Moon, who help new moms and their babies stay healthy by providing nutritious personal chef services for new moms who are often too overwhelmed with caring for their new baby to spend much time cooking.

Or people like Victor and Harold, teenage co-founders of P.O.L.I.D.O, an eco-friendly skateboard design cooperative.

Green Worker Cooperatives has worked with these and others to launch their businesses cooperatively and green. But most people don’t even know that shared ownership and management is possible. And that’s the first step. Help Green Worker Cooperatives spread the message that cooperatives are possible. And help us do it where the need is the streets, parks, living rooms, community centers, community colleges, and houses of worship of the Bronx. We’re undertaking an aggressive outreach campaign over this Summer and Fall to promote worker cooperatives and recruit at least six teams of aspiring cooperative entrepreneurs from the Bronx to register for the Spring session of the Coop Academy. The Coop Academy is our intensive 5-month green business boot camp for cooperatives. YES! magazine called

the Coop Academy, one of seven co-op initiatives set to change the economy


We’re from the Bronx, a place long neglected politically and economically, with high incidences of all the wrong statistics, yet home to resilient people who create their own solutions. We’re not waiting for the future. We’re creating it. Join us in creating a cooperative future by donating today.


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I only wish I could give more. Times are tough financially, but I make my humble contribution with gratitude, knowing that a price cannot be put to the value of your work. It was a blessing to witness Greenworker grow from the outside in my time living with you. And I look forward to watching it continue to grow through years of continued collaboration.




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Let's rebuild Rebuilders Source!



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Keep up the great work!




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in honour of Steph and Gabby's marriage!



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