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Such a horrible loss cannot be described in words. The owners of this haunted attraction just north of Louisville, KY spent years, months, days, blood, sweat, bodies and torture building... more


Updated posted by Izzie Jones 25 months ago

Thanks to A.J. Lebenns, Nyctophobia, Moomin, TeamZombillies Review, Kat Lotich, Goob, Rob Kight and Christa Becker for the donations...yesterday we had .43%, today we have jumped to a full 2%! While it may not sound like much, this is an incredible outreach of support and words fail to highlight how awesome it is to see haunters helping other haunters during a tragedy. Thank you all! Let's keep it going!!!


Updated posted by Izzie Jones 25 months ago

We are up to .43%!! Thanks Cat! One step at a time...


Created by Izzie Jones on February 28, 2012

Such a horrible loss cannot be described in words. The owners of this haunted attraction just north of Louisville, KY spent years, months, days, blood, sweat, bodies and torture building this self-funded haunt. It was a local hit and unlike most of the haunted houses in the country, it was created out of love for the craft, not dollars per head. Due to the high cost of maintenance, these fellas were not able to maintain off-season insurance so when it burned to the ground in the early hours of February 28th, they lost literally everything. Please help bring this horrific vision back to us by giving anything you can. No donation is too small- really- even .50 is half a dollar more than what we had before. By donating, you are giving a small, local business a means to an end and helping rebuild the dreams of seriously hard working, determined, wonderful people.   

Thank you!

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I am so sorry I cannot help I am in the same issue i have no income to spend on my haunt hope you get on your feet again a true haunter should never have to go through that

posted by Joseph Spangler 20 months ago

Thank you everyone. It truly is amazing to see such good people out there. We have had a terrible loss, but in many ways we are blessed. Just to be surrounded by such a wonderful extended haunt family worldwide is a comforting feeling. Also, this situation could have been much worse, there were no injury's or god forbid deaths. We can deal with property loss. There are many others in our area that this week have lost more than just a business or structure. EF4 tornadoes tore through many of the surrounding towns in our area. There are not many people around here that haven't been affected by this. One of the worst hit areas was our former home town of Henryville IN, where we had 31 Ways to Terror. our hearts and prayers are with the families and whole communities devastated by these terrible storms. It makes our problems seem small in the weight of the world In time we will rebuild and we will come back stronger as will the communities around us. PLEASE WHEN YOU SAYS YOUR PRAYER

posted by Matt Kemp 25 months ago

We can, I can give you my paypal (I'll send you a screenshot of the transfer). Anything you can do is helpful. Feel free to message me on Facebook or at my personal email: Thanks again!

posted by Izzie Jones 25 months ago

do you take paypal?

posted by WickedWoods HauntedForest 25 months ago

Hi all! Some of my friends lost their dreams when Psychomania - Theatre of Terror, went up in flames. Please visit and repost, and if able, donatations are welcomed. Thanks -wayne

posted by Wayne Lo 25 months ago

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Kevin Galbraith

18 months ago


This is really upsetting to hear. I hope the horror/haunt community can band together on this one. Looking forward to Fright Night next July to hear about your glorious comeback and re-opening. Best wishes.



Garrett Call

25 months ago


You will rebuild your nightmare bigger and better. Good luck. Garrett Owner of Callson Manor Haunted House in California.




25 months ago



CLio Dread

25 months ago


This sucks. Best wishes to you all in your rebuild.



Damian Thorn

25 months ago



A.J. Lebenns

25 months ago


A NY Haunt employee trying to help, a fellow haunted house. Good Luck!



Nyctophobia Haunted House

25 months ago


Very sorry to hear about this. We hope you are able to rebuild somewhere very soon.




25 months ago


I feel so bad for everyone involved, especially Phil. A tremendous amount of love and hard work has gone into this haunt over the years.



TeamZombillies Review

25 months ago


Hope this helps. We are so sorry to hear about the haunt. You guys put on a great show last year and we know you can pull it back together and become bigger and better than ever!!!



Kat Lotich

25 months ago


This place has been my second home that included a second family for me. I love everyone who has ever had ANYTHING to do with Psychomania!! I am so devastated to know our baby has been nearly 100% obliterated. I know we will come back from this in time, just not sure how at the moment. I'm so happy to see that people are trying to help us in our time of need. Thank you Izzie!!!


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