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*Frank Coleman Benefit Fund* Frank is a husband, father, brother,  son, grandfather, and friend. His family & friends do not want him to lose his fight.   We need your help!  ... more


Updated posted by Nicole Lorkovic 15 months ago

Frank has been given Medicaid! We are so happy but we still need prayers and help because Frank is still hospitalized while they wait to review if he is healthly & strong enough to be put on the transplant list! We thank you all for your continued support and keep the prayers coming!


Updated posted by Nicole Lorkovic 17 months ago

Update from Kathy's (Frank's wife) page: Well the Drs. are saying Frank has pneumonia, plus his kidneys aren't working the way the should.. He is in a lot of pain.. And more then likely will b here threw the wknd. I had to take off work again; my next ck. will only b 24 hrs. that will all go on taxes and insurance I can't use because of his pre-existing conditions but need to keep paying anyway so he can qualify in July, if he is still around then.. This poor man is failing fast; His only chance is a transplant, this is all Very costly.. Plz. find it in your hearts to donate if only pennies to the Bank of the West the Frank Coleman Benefit Fund or franksfight. And plz.keep all ur prayers coming. Thank you & God Bless you!


Created by Nicole Lorkovic on November 5, 2012

*Frank Coleman Benefit Fund*

Frank is a husband, father, brother,

 son, grandfather, and friend.

His family & friends do not want him to lose his fight.


We need your help!


Frank is fighting liver failure and his hope is in a liver transplant. His family received devestating news that he was not approved for medical help/coverage due to pre-exisiting conditions and the medical help he needs is extremly expensive.


How can you put a price on hope? on life?


Frank is priceless to his family & friends and we have come together to do anything possible to help fund his fight!

Frank is strong and is fighting every day but he needs our help.


His wife and daughters are doing all they can to be with Frank and help him day to day but they have asked anyone to contribute anything possible. Even prayers go a long way so they can see Frank recover and win this battle!


A wife wants her husband to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary next year with her.

Daughters want to see their Father happy and healthy and know the joy in those simple blessings.

Grandkids wants to have their Grandpa play with them as if he was a kid again.

Family & friends want Frank to be the man they have memories of not the shadow of his former self that this illness has made him.


Hope is so powerful and can truly help Frank fight this horrible illness.


Thank you, god bless!

**You can also make donations to the Frank Coleman Benefit Fund @ Bank of The West acct # 028836619**


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hey everyone. This Amanda, Frank's oldest daughter, mother of his 2 grandkids. You have no idea how much just prayers from strangers have helped. We've greatly appreciated the kindness. We lost his sister 2 years ago to the similar things and I wish there was more we could have done if only we knew sooner. I can't lose another important person in my or my family's life right now. I know there's alot going on right now Christmas is upon us, relief for hurricane Sandy but any amount helps a great deal. This is the best Christmas present anyone could give, saving a life. God Bless.

posted by Amanda Coleman 17 months ago

Hi everyone, this is Kathy Franks wife, I want to thank my son Andrew & his wife Nicole for all their help in getting this started. I also want to thank all of u for all Ur help in& support! I see this man I've loved for the last 24 yrs. go from being strong & sassy to weak & fragile & it breaks my heart. Trying to hold a conversation and half way thru he falls asleep or forgets what we were talking about. Someone who loved life, cherished his family, enjoyed playing with and teasing his grandkids not being able to is so heartbreaking. So please everyone find it in Ur hearts to help if only pennies anything helps.. Thank u and God Bless!!

posted by Kathy Coleman 17 months ago

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Lou Ewers

16 months ago


The Awiya Project "Franks Fight" Silent Art Auction Proceeds



Lisa McFarland

16 months ago


Kathy and family, we are praying for Frank!



James & Jenn Bostick

17 months ago


You and your family our in our thoughts and prayers!



Dee & Jerry Lorkovic

17 months ago


Sending prayers your way!



Hamidou Zoungrana

17 months ago



Woman @ Andy's work

17 months ago (Offline Donation)


A woman who sometimes visits with Andy at work asked him how he was doing the other day and he shared the family's heavy heart regarding Frank and she gave him $20.00 towards the fund. Thank you for being so kind!!!



Andrew & Nicole Lorkovic

17 months ago (Offline Donation)


Donated when we started the fund at Bank of the West. God blessed us with the opprotunity to donate and we make this donation in his name. Keep fighting Frank!



Maria and Gary Kies

17 months ago



Jessi Huffman

17 months ago



Kimberly Pardi

17 months ago


So sorry your family is stuck in this terrible situation. My thoughts are with you as you continue to keep fighting! Hang in there!


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