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Created November 12, 2012
Melissa Sansom

Hello, My name is Melissa and 4 months ago my world was tossed around and is still spinning!!In August was unexpectedly diagnosed with cancer.It's a very scary and dark thing to hear, but fighting the cancer is only part of it. In the past 4 months I have had 3surgeries,2 biopsies,2 major infections and am now going thru chemotheraphy treatments. Once the chemo is over its on to radiation. Well,I have a great family and wonderful friends, but there is only so much they can do,afterall they all have their own families to care for. I have worked my whole life,NEVER asked for any help before and find this very difficult to do. My problem is if I don't work I don't get paid. I have been on a FMLA leave but get NO financial assistance other than $200 monthly in food stamps. I live alone and haven't been able to pay my bills since mid Sept(didnt take long to go thru my savings) My landlord has been great but can't wait much longer. I have 5 grandchildren and I can not even buy them a Christmas.Two of my young grandchildren had birthdays last month and I was not even able to buy them a gift.Well,until today I at least had a job to go back to.This morning I was informed that after 6 &1/2years of full time employment I was terminated today because I "haven't healed quickly enough" I'm so sorry to ask (and embarrased)for any kind of financial assisstance you could help me with.You'd be suprised how much $10 is when you don't have it. Thank you and God Bless you!!  HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

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Tom Condon 27 months ago
You are quite welcome. I know we don't know each other but you are a friend of a friend and when I read your story I had to help out. You are an inspiration. God bless!
Lisa Zawlocki 27 months ago
Good Luck - I don't know you well but if you dealt with Tony that long you must be tough! I'm living paycheck to paycheck so I don't have any money to donate but know you will be in my prayers every night. God bless
Amanda O'Connor 27 months ago
You look great Melissa!!
Sarah Oaker 27 months ago
Awww Mel! You look great!! It actually looks super cute!! :)
Melissa Sansom 27 months ago
Thank you to everyone,Happy Holidays, I LOVE YOU
Amanda O'Connor 27 months ago
You got this Mel! xo
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