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When I first posted this message, I guess I thought everyone would know it was medical bills... but I will go deeper and explain that on the first of the year mom and dad have a deductib... more


Updated posted by Jennipher E. Welch 2 months ago

Thanks to all who has already helped! Just an update.. Gil will be moving to hospice soon. This has broken all of our hearts to make this choice, but it's the only choice there is. He's got delirium, and has not yet come out of it. He sees stuff, and is living through his memories now. Good ones. He's talking to the people he loves who has already passed. Mom (Tina) is still not working, she can't leave him alone at the hospital... This is why hospice is the only option. Keep praying...


Updated posted by Jennipher E. Welch 3 months ago

HI everyone! I have not updated this in a while. Let me first thank everyone who has shared this page, and HUGE THANKS TO THOSE WHO HAVE DONATED. Gil was admitted back into the hospital Tuesday . The cancer has spread again to his kidneys. He became very very weak, and Tina (his wife) had to call the ambulance to come help him. He was taken to the ER where they found he was dehydrated, and his blood count was only at 6. They began the blood transfusion, and gave him 2 more on Wednesday. The drs did a scope down his throat to see where was he bleeding from. So far, there are ulcers, but the dr has not got the full report. Today, Thursday, he is "out of it" in medical terms, he has "delirium" which is where certain medications make you forgetful, and imagine things ... They are taking him off of morphine and keeping a close eye on him. He just finished up his radiation to his leg. so that is a plus! Everything that he does, is day by day. we take it slow, and my mom is there every step of the way. She has missed alot of work this week because she will not leave him in this condition.

I hope you all continue to pray for stregnth for him and my mom. We all need it, but they need it most! Any donations are welcomed! They have already met their out of pocket expences and deductible of 10,000 dollars, now the bills will begin to roll in. I would love to see the stress it would take off mom if I could cash this fund in and pay Gil's (my daddy) medical bills off!

share, pray, and send well wishes :) again, thanks! for reading!


this is Gil, in the ER Tuesday

30 years of marriage. Love is strong!


Updated posted by Jennipher E. Welch 4 months ago

UPDATE::: daddy was having a lot of back pain, up in between his shoulders. Mommy took him to the Dr, and the outcome of the back pain is not what we were expecting or wanting to hear. His cancer spread to his kidneys. daddy was supposed to have one of his cataract removed on December 5, but because of this, now he wants to put that off to start fighting this cancer with chemo. He's such an amazing man, and fighter. My mom is stayi g strong next to him. We all were thankful for him and him being able to still be here with us for thanksgiving. Continue to pray. It does work. God is good.

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Created by Jennipher E. Welch on October 15, 2013

When I first posted this message, I guess I thought everyone would know it was medical bills... but I will go deeper and explain that on the first of the year mom and dad have a deductible and out of pocket expense they have to meet before the insurance company will start to pay their potion.. this amount is 10,000 total.. both added up. initially I was asking for 10,000 but that's a lot to ask now a days. yes, medical bills are starting to come in and my daddy is still going to the dr everyday right now for one visit or another. bills are going to continue to roll in... my mom and dad would give anybody anything and never ask for anything. all I ask is 10.00 from people. . . together, 10.00 is a lot, and will go a very long way to help my mom and dad out... thanks again everyone! even if you cant donate, please continue to pray and share this around.

his story:

This page is for my dad. Gil. May 25th 2012 he was diagnosed with stage 4 Hodgkin's Lymphoma. He went through 6 months of chemo and was told he was in remissioin. 1 month later he was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer. He went through chemo again, and again was told it was gone. At his routine check 3 months later (Sept 2013) they found a tumor in his brain. The lung cancer metastasis from his lung to his brain. He just recently made it through brain surgery to remove the tumor. Now he has to go through full head radiation. Dad has had 12 surgery's since may 2012. My mom never asked for help. But now its just too much after the brain surgery. Mom is having to take too much time off work and money is getting tight with all of these medical bills, and radiation readings coming in at once it's getting even harder. Any help will help. I guess it comes a time that one has to swallow pride and ask for help... thanks for reading. Don't feel bad for my dad... pray for him. He is a fighter and continues to fight!


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Hi guys I'd just like to add that Gil also has a Facebook page that will keep you in the loop with updates so go please check it out. https://www.facebook.com/gilsf ight

posted by Kortni Welch 5 months ago

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