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Elizabeth had all the typical symptoms of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, up until she was injured during a car wreck in 2011. Since the accident, she has lost three discs in her neck, gained sc... more


Updated posted by Elizabeth Vacha 3 months ago

Happy Holidays and many blessings to all whom have supported me, pushed me, loved me, and have helped my family over the last year. It is definitely an uphill, lifelong battle but I'm climbing daily. These two pictures show how immensely important everyone's love and help has worked, plus how hard I am working toward my "new normal", picking up my babies for the first time in over 4 years without assistance or a spotter just in case. You have all helped give me the most amazing gift ever, thank you. My wish is that each of you receive all the peace & love you can stand. Merry Christmas!!


The power of help, picking up kids again

Picking up Michael first time 4 years


Updated posted by Elizabeth Vacha 5 months ago

Elizabeth has been going through a very difficult time physically and emotionally for the last 5-6 weeks. We have new symptoms that haven't occurred before. Very painful burning throughout entire body that feels like the burn from radiology dye, vein engorgement akin to a bodybuilder that comes and goes, along with chest pains. We have had her at 3 different hospitals, 2 new specialists (cardiologist & gastrointestinal) to see why she won't absorb nutrients. We have a new round of surgeries coming up either right before or after Christmas depending on when all her heart monitor information is completed. She's trying to stay as positive as possible but is really scared over these new symptoms. Please keep her in your thoughts and remember...there's no cure for EDS, just maintenance. The need to finish reaching the goal is imperative at this point so we will be announcing when the full auction is ~ just in time to cover holiday gifts :) Please continue to share and support Elizabeth. Thank you all for the support, it keeps her moving.


Updated posted by Elizabeth Vacha 7 months ago

I am so sorry for my lack of communication. It's been a fun, crazy time with back to school preparations plus the added fun of a new district & kindergartner starting. I have also managed to break my coccyx, still figuring out how to create a permanent fix. I was denied disability again as well so in the sake of reality, I've also been trying to stay very positive while just devastated that I can still be denied and no more options are available.
On even more positive notes we have raised enough to start my prolotherapy in my rotator cuff & rib slips on the 26th of this month and almost all of Mayo's bills are paid. We have begun trying to set aside funding to cover my continuous care considering everything I need that is helpful is considered an alternative therapy, regardless of proven fact it works to "fix" far superior to surgery (which is a non-option for me) and the original plan was that disability would kick in since we were at appeals level from starting the case in 2010. Thank you all for continued support. The next few months will be rough; moving into our own space, my injections (which include a strenuous strength training/tearing/manipulation/taping process) and zero pain control to make sure I gain maximum benefits from the prolotherapy.
Even if not communicated often, all continued support is appreciated and thought of daily.

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Created by Elizabeth Vacha on May 4, 2013

Elizabeth had all the typical symptoms of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, up until she was injured during a car wreck in 2011. Since the accident, she has lost three discs in her neck, gained scoliosis, lost most of the cartilage that holds her ribs to the sternum and some to the spine. Her body will not produce collagen, so it's not healing and the break at her sternum is pinching off her upper intestine, lung and most of the nerves on her right side... Given the severity of her symptoms, it's nearly impossible for her to perform even the simplest of tasks. Not to mention that at the rate in which these symptoms continue to manifest themselves, her treatment at the Mayo Clinic would mean a matter of life and death for Elizabeth. However, even with insurance, she will need to raise (at least) 10k by June 24th, 2013. Our mission is to raise 10k by June 24, 2013 for Elizabeth's beginning adventure at the Mayo Clinic. She will need 25k for the duration of her stay, but 10k will get her in the door... Please, help spread this message far and wide! Share her story through Facebook and follow her progress at:

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Liz VanderZouwen

5 months ago


Although it took way too long to get this to you, here is the fundraiser money from purchases your friends made through Pampered Chef, plus my commission from it, plus a little more for it taking so long! I wish you the best and pray for continued healing for you!



Kathy Stewart

7 months ago


Hi Elizabeth - This is from a few of your friends at DU. We are praying for you:)



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Donor match 8/1/2013

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Donor Match for 7/28/2013

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Nancy Driscoll-Kurts

8 months ago


Keep on fighting - you're an inspiration to us all. Love you dearly!




8 months ago



Donor Match for 7/26/2013

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Lacelyn Hernandez

8 months ago


Praying that all goes well for you and your family. God Bless and best wishes!!!



Dennis Flansburgh

9 months ago


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