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This campaign's mission is to raise funds for the Edgetts. Rick Edgett, Father of 7, Grandfather of 5, was recently diagnosed with stage IV esophageal cancer. In January of 2013, af... more


Updated posted by Chelsea Edgett 9 months ago

Dear beautiful people:

As most of you know, Dad lost his battle with cancer on Sunday, July 21st. He went with grace, surrounded by love.

We want to thank you for all your help in the last months - and you truly have helped so much. We were all able to spend time with him up until the very end, without the stress of finances and travel. From a beautiful weekend as a whole family, together at White Point Beach Resort, and perhaps most special, you treated us all, even the grandkids, to a beautiful Father's Day out to dinner and listening to him play guitar, like only he can, with his long-time friends.

You were all a part of that.

I hope you know how blessed we feel and lucky he was, we all are, in knowing each and every one of you.

For any of you that may be wondering, the following has been planned in celebration of his beautiful life.

We continue to draw on the strength, love and support from all of you near and far.

With much love and appreciation,
The Edgett family.

Visitation: Mattatalls Funeral Home
217 Portland Street, Downtown Dartmouth
(Next to Tim Hortons)
Thursday July 25th - 2pm until 4pm & 7pm until 9pm

Service: First Baptist Church -
Corner of Ochterloney St. & Victoria Road, Dartmouth, NS
Friday July 26th - 2pm - Reception to follow at church

A full obituary will be published in tomorrow's edition (Wednesday, July 24, 2013) of the Chronicle Herald as well as The Moncton Times and Transcript.



Updated posted by Chelsea Edgett 11 months ago

Thank you everyone for your contributions - we were able to put money towards a family trip to White Point Beach Resort cottages where we enjoyed excellent company and beautiful weather with Dad :)
Your help is so deeply appreciated. Big love!


Updated posted by Chelsea Edgett 12 months ago

A pic from this weekend's jam memorial for Ritchie Oakley - here he is doing what he does...


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Created by Chelsea Edgett on March 26, 2013

This campaign's mission is to raise funds for the Edgetts. Rick Edgett, Father of 7, Grandfather of 5, was recently diagnosed with stage IV esophageal cancer.

In January of 2013, after months of acid reflux and difficulty swallowing, our Dad was diagnosed with stage IV esophageal cancer. At the time of detection it had spread to nearby lymph nodes as well as up to the neck and throat, and down to stomach.


For those of you who don't know Rick, he is the father of 6 kids and one step daughter - Andrea, Alayna, Elizabeth, Chelsea, Evan, Laura and Christopher. He has 4 young grandsons and 1 granddaughter.

He plays a mean guitar, he has an infectious laugh, and has spent countless hours writing, calling or sitting with each of us sharing his wise perspectives, his knowledge and talent in music, his lessons in maturity and growth, and most of all his love.

Dad is a musician by trade - he spent years playing the circuits and recording with local artists such as Doug Mallory, Frank McKay, Ken Tobias, and others - and performed with a number of noted Canadian and US acts, like The Doobie Brothers, Dutch Mason, Chuck Berry, Wilson Pickett, Delbert MacClinton, and many more. In 2005, he focused more on writing and arranging new material for performance and recording, earning him a nomination for ECMA Producer of the Year for Jakki Rogue's CD "Take A Look At This". See more on his musical career and bio here:  http://guitarproducer.wordpress.com/


"This is not a curable cancer."

On Valentine's Day 2013, we all sat together with Dad in a room, and listened as the Doctor told us, "This is not a curable cancer. Our treatment plan for him will not be to cure him. It will be to improve his quality of life and make him as comfortable as possible."

This diagnosis was both shocking and devastating. Our dad had recently defeated the odds of other health issues and was on his way to regaining strength and weight after receiving a clean bill of health. So, what we thought to be a simple case of eating too quickly and indigestion that stuck around through Christmas, turned out to be a diagnosis that has turned our family's world upside down.

We know our Dad has a hard battle ahead of him, and we are trying to do everything we can to support him and keep him both physically and mentally healthy for as long as possible. Although his treatments and basic living needs are covered, we believe that as much as health plays a part in quality of life, so does family. 

Right now, he needs his kids close - and we need to be close to him.

Unfortunately as a self employed musician, Rick has been rendered unable to work and has no life insurance with which to cover the costs associated with a terminal illness such as this. Right now he rents a room in a house with a landlord and another roommate. All of us, his children, live in different areas in and outside the city. Three of us have kids of our own, and four of us are currently putting ourselves through university.  

Our family has never had a lot of money, and we don't need much.

What we truly want is time, and hopefully the treatments will help with that 
–  what we do with the time we have, YOU can help with.

For instance, $10 means we could all go have coffee together with Dad. $25 is an hour of bowling for Papa and the grandkids. $50 means you'd fill someone's gas tank for the endless driving back and forth to and from appointments. If 3 people donated $100, we could find a cottage or 2 to house us all for a night, together under the same roof. If we end up with more than that, we could relocate Dad to a place more accommodating for the difficulties to come, where he also won't be living alone trying to deal with them.

Each and any one of these things are memories we only have a short time left to make. Any help you give would forever bring our love and gratitude, as well as a peek into the beautiful, funny, loving musical family that we are. 

If you can't help monetarily, please leave us a note and send some love. 
We appreciate any support, in any form.

Please share our story with your friends and family, get to know us through the links below, and stay tuned for updates on Dad, as well as video peeks into our family musical jams and fun times!


Lastly, don't forget to smile, and tell the ones closest to you that you love them :)

"Like" us on Facebook and learn more about our family here: 




Have Questions? Contact the organizer of this campaign now:


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I am sorry to hear this news Rick. I remember the conversations you and I had at the Birmingham Bar and Grill when I dropped in for a listen. You were always kind and considerate towards me and I never forgot and always appreciated running into you. You popped into my thoughts occasionally during the 13 years I have been away from Halifax and I have wondered in those moments how you were doing. The smallest acts are the sweetest. Love to you all.

posted by Sue Misener Beaulieu 11 months ago

I'm so sorry. I wish for you the strength to see this to the end and beyond. I lost my Dad last year and I know how hard this is. Use each other to lean on and provide the love you need. You sound like a wise, close family. Rick, it may be hard to accept all they give, but embrace it.

posted by Deb Murphy 13 months ago

Rick, Cheryl, Andrea, Layn, Liz, Chels, Evan, Laura and Chris, I'm so sorry to hear the terrible news, my heart aches for every one of you and you are in my thoughts and prayers. Xo

posted by Melanie Brady 13 months ago

Love and positive energy, to everyone, to all the pieces of Rick... and remember, that is what miracles are made of.

posted by Mark Fullarton 13 months ago

I've known Rick since we were teenagers. My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.

posted by Christine Fougere 13 months ago

It is with immense pride that I watch Rick walk this difficult path courageously and with great concern for all who love him. It has become more real every day and particularly today as it reaches our friends on the internet. Our children are amazing as they gather round and assist him. I am humbled by their love, courage and compassion and believe we are amongst the most blessed parents in the world. Our hearts are breaking and yet seem to be filled with more and more love every day. I am deeply grateful to all who are donating, praying or sending love in any form. It will greatly enhance our family's time together. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

posted by Cheryl Edgett 13 months ago

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Music Munchie!


Ron Parks

11 months ago


Always enjoyed playing with you Rick. Sorry I couldn't make the benefit party.Lots of Love going your way..Blessings to you and your family.

Personal Thanks


Colleen Umlah

11 months ago


I'm a cousin of Dave Gallant's. Bless your Dad and all of your family.

Music Munchie!


Scott Ferguson

11 months ago

Music Munchie!


Bev (Manak) Carson

11 months ago


It's been a long time since I've seen you - but thinking of you Rick and family - from cousin Bev (and family).

Music Munchie!


Anna Moran

11 months ago

Music Munchie!


Roger Breau

12 months ago


Hi Rick and family; while we have not been able to keep touch in recent years, you have always been in my mind. Love ya all

Music Munchie!


Lesley Choyce

12 months ago


My kind regards to the family. And Rick, thanks for tuning my grandmother's Piano for me back in the day. Lesley

Music Munchie!


Project COLORS

12 months ago


All the best to you all and looking forward to seeing you in June! Love Sunny and COLORS

Music Munchie!


S. Wahay

12 months ago


Your life has always been an adventure and it looks like you have a terrific family to share it with you. Love Su & Rob

Music Munchie!


Dianne Bulmer Haley

12 months ago


Thinking of you and your family Cousin Dianne


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