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Please fund Don Staniford's work campaigning against Norwegian-owned salmon farming all around the world! more


Updated posted by Don Staniford 2 months ago

Quoted in The Westerly News (19 February 2014): "“The truth is our most powerful weapon against corporations intent on killing freedom of speech" - See more at:


Updated posted by Don Staniford 2 months ago

The fight is back on - please support the continued battle against Norwegian-owned salmon farms!


Updated posted by Don Staniford 8 months ago

Thanks for all the support - here's an article on the background to the ongoing legal battle!

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Created by Don Staniford on January 13, 2012

Please fund Don Staniford's work campaigning against Norwegian-owned salmon farming all around the world!

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Keep on doing this important work!!

posted by Lasse Svanold 19 months ago

I am a low income senior but I will continue to donate and support Don. He is truly passionate and such a genuine ,jolly good fellow!

posted by Myna Johnstone 26 months ago

Keep on keeping on...

posted by Deanna Condly 26 months ago

Good Luck

posted by Torbjörn Kleberg 26 months ago

hi...good luck !

posted by Brock Ketcher 26 months ago

Well....I must say, I have mad respect for you, to stand your ground and have such conviction for your beliefs. As history has repeatedly shown, no true change occurs without a struggle. Keep doing what you do..Sending positive chi your way..... You Rock! :)

posted by Olga James 26 months ago

can only say that you are a hero! and is really fucking glad you dare to stand up and stand up and say the right thing! You have all my support!

posted by Alexander Hallgren 26 months ago


posted by Nicole Jolliff 26 months ago

If this industry succeeds in using Mainstream Canada to quiet you up we are all in deep trouble. Sitting in the courtroom again today listening to Ruth Salmon the head of the Canadian Aquaculture Association and Mary Ellen Walling head of the BC Salmon farmers Association it is so clear this is a load of crap. I hope money keeps coming in. Your lawyer has my utmost respect. David Sutherland :)

posted by Anissa Reed 27 months ago


posted by John Mick 27 months ago

I think this demonstrates we are all in this with you. Take heart.

posted by Chris Marks 27 months ago

Don I will see you in Vancouver on Monday in support. I know this could be a long battle for you but the people of BC want wild salmon and those that know you and your efforts will stand up and support you. Salmon Farms are toxic to this coast. I applaud your fearlessness in standing up to this dangerous industry.

posted by Anissa Reed 27 months ago

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Lasse Svanold

1 month ago


Thanks for taking the fight for wild salmon stocks. The fish farming industri surely dont want any competition at all. Especially not from stocks provided by Mother Earth.




1 month ago



Vic Booth

2 months ago


The logical scientific approach is falling on the deaf ears of our corporate profit above all governments.Time to get RADICAL.



Theresa Gerritsen

2 months ago



Grunde Løvoll

2 months ago


Keep up the good fight Don. This case, and the things these companies are doing to the environment in Canada make me ashamed of being Norwegian! But we are not all like that and I'll keep on supporting you Don't.



Claudette Bethune

2 months ago


Please keep informing the public on the extensive and documented health risks and damage to wildlife and the environment from farmed salmon and its toxic practices!




8 months ago



Tom Hodder

8 months ago



John Bagnall

8 months ago


Keep fighting. The future of wild salmon is at stake.



Eddie Gardner

8 months ago


Big corporation wants to silence critics of their aquaculture practices that evidence shows are harmful to the marine environment and wild marine life, including wild salmon. This case needs to be appealed to the highest court in Canada as there is mounting evidence that the messages that Don has been sending are in line with what many studies around the world have revealed. Where ever there are open net fish farms, there are troubled waters. Let's give a wild salmon advocate the best chance to win the appeal against the multi-billion dollar aquaculture industry. We need to show them that they can't bully the people into silencing them from expressing their opinions.


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