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Hi All, thank you for visiting my page. I am a current BFA candidate and senior at Parsons the New School in NYC. For my senior thesis i am creating a short documentary film on my father... more


Updated posted by Lesley Steele 7 months ago

Hi Everyone. Here's an update on Daddy's Girl. So far its won a Mark of Distinction at the NY Independent Film Festival, Official Selections in the Timecode: New Orleans Indie Film Fest and the San Francisco Black Film Festival. If you are in New Orleans next week Daddy's Girl will be screening at the Timecode Film Festival! Info is in the link below, I will be there! Thank you again everyone for your dedication and support!


Updated posted by Lesley Steele 10 months ago

Here is the film online! So far it's an official selection for the San Francisco Black Film Festival and a semi-finalist for the Adobe Design Achievement Award. Thank you everyone for making this film a possibility.



Updated posted by Lesley Steele 12 months ago

Thank you everyone for your support and donations. The documentary will be screening on May 21st at Parsons The New School. Time is TBD. More information coming soon! If you have donated please contact me at and provide the name you would like to appear in the film's credits. =) Thank you.

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Created by Lesley Steele on October 19, 2012

Hi All, thank you for visiting my page. I am a current BFA candidate and senior at Parsons the New School in NYC. For my senior thesis i am creating a short documentary film on my father who passed away when i was 2 years old. When he was dying of heart failure he recorded his voice and the messages he wanted me to hear just in case he wasn't alive to tell me. When i turned 18 years old i realized it was time i heard his voice and listened to all the things he wanted to tell me. It was emotional and eye-opening experience; and my love for film and video was born. I created my first documentary two years ago and am now continuing his story as well as mine. I am using super8, 16mm film and video. I am hoping to attend grad school for film in fall 2013 and am working hard to complete this sacred project. Any amount of donation is greatly appreciated. Thank you all. Any one who donates will be featured on the film's website, book and the film credits under "Sponsors."

You can contact me directly:

Watch the first Daddy's Girl documentary here:
Daddy's Girl

Here is my estimated budget and plan:

Travel: Flight Hotel Misc to Florida
My father is buried in Jacksonville, Florida. I haven't visited his grave since his death. I would like to return and document my first encounter with him since, and the entire experience.

Camera Equipment, Film Processing and Digitizing:
Since I am using film, it can become costly. I have to buy actual rolls of film, have them processed(developed) and digitized to edit on a computer.

Website Design/Templates:
The film already has it's own website domain and will be able to view on the site along with the entire one year process documentation and much more.

Print Artist Book
This project is not just a class assignment but a life experience for myself and my family. At the conclusion of the film, i will put together a book recording my entire process, evaluations, notes, stored documents such as his letters, photos etc...


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I can imagine how difficult it is, wondering about the future, events and the life of your daughter and loved ones. I know for me things may have been harder if my father lived long enough for me to know him and then have him taken away from me. I always tell myself i cant blame anyone for what happens, or happened. I feel like i maybe wouldnt be the person i am today with hopes on changing the world, rather than being changed by it. By really sending the message that family is crucial and the relationship between daughter and father, or simply child and parent is a sacred thing in this life. What keeps me going each day is that i wake up and am alive. I am for the most part healthy, conscious and alive. I remember my high school prom, I was prom queen, my first graduation and all those moments i wish i could speak to my dad and share time with him. But Joseph don't worry about how the future takes place, enjoy and cherish the moments of your life and the life of your daughter. There are so many difficulties in life, but i believe somehow there will be better and brighter days ahead. There is just so much a person can do at one time , but what we can do is value the moments we have and look forward to the future with positivity and i will keep you and your daughter in my prayers and blessings. Don't ever hesitate again if she needs someone to talk to about college, art or anything like that. I appreciate you reaching out to me and all your support and encouragement. =) Stay blessed

posted by Lesley Sakinah 17 months ago

Watching the video again put tears in my eyes as I think of my own little girl I was 46 when she was born and I have physical struggles. She is 12 now but I do sometimes wonder will I be at her first prom, her graduation , her wedding, the birth of her child things that every dad wants to be apart of. If I'm able I will send you additional funds later this month Lesley.

posted by Joseph Hall 17 months ago

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Anna Alarid

12 months ago


It sounds like a wonderful project. All the best to you!



Beresford Cato

12 months ago


All the best to you.



ian jackson

14 months ago



ian jackson

15 months ago


Lesley Hope this helps you reach your goal soon. Good luck with everything.



Liz Dautzenberg

15 months ago


Lesley, GO for it! You are so talented, inspire the world with your imagination.




15 months ago



Julie Gross

15 months ago


Lots of luck with your project Lesley JG... Instructor @ Parsons



Marquise Patterson

15 months ago


From one Daddy's Girl to another. May God Bless Your and ALL your future endeavors.



Nancy Shealy

15 months ago


I'm happy to support you.




15 months ago


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