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This is my dear friend Lem, an overall great person and a true joy to be around. An avid churchgoer and family oriented man who works two full time jobs while simultaneously studying for... more


Updated posted by Christine Kings 27 months ago

Hello everyone! Just wanted to give you guys an update! Lem is recovering beautifully and is back in Southern Oregon. He still has a long ways to go but we are all hopeful that a full recovery is in store. Please continue to keep Lem in your prayers :) Also, the entire donation fund that was raised here has officially been received by Lem's family. They are very grateful and thank each and every one of you for making a difference. Donations would still be appreciated, so this fund will remain open for anyone who may want to help. Have a great weekend everyone.


Updated posted by Christine Kings 27 months ago

GREAT NEWS ! Hello again to all, I have some news that I am very happy to share: Lem opened his eyes yesterday and even spoke! He said his name and is aware that he is in Portland. He doesn't remember much from the day of his hemorrhage, except having a headache. That being said, doctors have noted that there is definitely going to be a very long road to recovery. The AVM and blood clot have been removed, but the bone for his skull has been left off in order to relieve pressure when his brain swells. These days are critical, but if all goes well then Lem will go back into surgery in about nine days in order to put the bone back on. This news is certainly positive, and God has definitely been good. We still must keep in mind that Lem's medical bills are going to be very high, so we need to keep the momentum going. I firmly believe that if we all come together, and help to get the word out to everyone we know this can get even bigger than it already is....although we have raised a fantastic amount so far. I'll keep you all updated. Lem is going to be ecstatic when he is able to see all of this love.


Updated posted by Christine Kings 27 months ago

Hello everyone! I am very proud to say that we are now 21.02% to achieving our fund goal. Lem's story and this page have managed to make KDRV Channel 12 News, as well as the Mail Tribune. How fantastic is that? I want to thank each and every one of you for the immense love, prayers, and very generous contributions that have poured into this page. It is fantastic to see so many people coming together to show their support, even people that do not know Lem personally. Please keep sharing the page via Facebook, Twitter, E-mail, etc. The more we are able to raise, the more financial peace of mind that Lem and his family will be able to have in the long and challenging road to recovery that awaits them. Thanks again. I leave you all with one of my favorite quotes, as each of you has indeed made a difference: “Even the smallest person can change the course of the future.” - J.R.R. Tolkien


Created by Christine Kings on January 10, 2012

This is my dear friend Lem, an overall great person and a true joy to be around. An avid churchgoer and family oriented man who works two full time jobs while simultaneously studying for an Accounting Degree at Southern Oregon University. A few days ago on January 6th of 2012 Lem was driving home from work and a vessel in his brain spontaneously ruptured, rendering him unconscious and causing him to get into an accident. Unfortunately, what resulted was an intracranial hemorrhage, which he had to be immediately rushed to the hospital for. Still unconscious, Lem's life was hanging by a thread as doctors quickly operated to drain the blood out of his brain's cranial cavity. After a series of CT scans and other diagnostic measures, doctors concluded that Lem was born with AVM, Ateriovenous Malformation, an abnormal connection between the brain's arteries and veins.

After his emergency surgery, Lem was put into a medically induced coma and sedated to keep his brain resting. The next day, he was transported via medical helicopter from our small town of Medford to Portland in order to treat his condition. Today, the 9th of January, was the day that Lem had an angiogram as well as a another craniotomy in order to remove the AVM and prevent any future hemorrhages from occurring.

Doctors are now waiting for Lem to wake up out of his coma, and are hopeful that he will make it past this tragedy. Needless to say, there is a long and difficult road ahead that Lem will have to overcome before he will be able to talk, walk and eventually return to living a normal life. His medical bills will probably be through the roof, so every penny will help ease the unfortunately immense financial burden that awaits Lem and his family.

We are all hoping for the absolute best, and any signs of progress will see themselves posted here for those who may be interested. Donations of any amount would help Lem's situation immensely, and keeping this wonderful young man who has so much to live for in your prayers would be especially fantastic.

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hey SB! been prayin you'll get out soon n safe! i kno God will most def. come thru! &im glad we can all help donate! ttys STRONG boeh! #prayin4lem

posted by Liesl Puletasi 27 months ago


posted by PoLynesian Konnect 27 months ago

Love and Miss you Lem, So I was wondering if you thought of any ideas yet on what should be our next Dance project?? :) I was watching our freestyle video to "NO AIR" and let me tell you. LoL we killed it! Imagine if we had actually practice. Oh how I miss those good old days, you need to wake up so we can build more memories of nothing but good times. I will also make you my famous Vegetarian Spaghetti that you like. :) Praying for you brother. Love you Thank you everyone for the love and support.

posted by Nene Sanchez 27 months ago

Lem ur in our prayers! Your one strong dude I know u can make it thru this.. hang in there!

posted by McKenzie Warner 27 months ago

You will be in my prayers, God bless and I wih you the best.

posted by undefined undefined 27 months ago

You will be in my prayers, God bless and I wih you the best.

posted by undefined undefined 27 months ago

We love and miss you soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much my boeh. Thank you everyone!!!! And God bless you all.

posted by Lesina Fidow Leiato 27 months ago

Aye dont know you uce, just know that i have a sister praying strong for you... donated a hundy but its not much and i hope it helps your family... Godbless...

posted by Wilson Leiato Jr III 27 months ago

May you find comfort in knowing many of us are praying for you and know that good health will be restored to you soon...believing, trusting, waiting, for you cousin Lem...YOU GOT THIS! WE LOVE YOU, your SoCali "LA" Family

posted by DaphneDior Queen 27 months ago

Christine - it's been far too long... I'm so sorry that this is happening! As soon as I get paid I will be donating all that I can. My heart goes out to you, to Lem, and his wonderful family and friends. I will continue sharing this page, sending good thoughts and doing all that I can... Something similar happened with my mother, induced coma etc... the medical bills were astronomical, but since she was in such a serious condition and therefore unable to work, the hospital facilitated the payment of all of her bills, both through hospital programs and state benefits/aid. I would suggest talking to the hospital's financial coordinator, if they haven't approached you already. They are very kind and help you to apply for every and all financial / disability programs etc... They handed me all the paperwork, All I had to do was fill it out, and next thing I knew ~$500,000 in hospital bills were covered.

posted by Angela Rae Powerbeard 27 months ago

Im praying for Lem I'm here for u bro and ur family are in my prayers and thoughts as well. Keep staying strong lem I kno u are and I want u to wake up homie I needa tell.u something hella funny from back in da day when we were in skool :) miss ya.bruh I'm praying strong.

posted by Sean Widmann 27 months ago

Continuously praying for you Lem!

posted by Michelle Napolitano 27 months ago

Love you brother! This is all I can do for now but I will definitely donate more later!

posted by Tui Elayne Silafau 27 months ago

Lem, you are very loved. In less than 24 hours your donation page has been viewed 605 times, $310 has been donated, and I lost count trying to track how many your link has been shared. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THOSE WHO HAVE DONATED THEIR TIME, MONEY, PRAYERS, SUPPORT, FACEBOOK LIKES, SHARES. EVERYTHING MAKES A DIFFERENCE. I ask you all to continue getting the word out about the page, the more people who are aware of this, the bigger of an impact we can all come together and make.

posted by Christine Kings 27 months ago

Praying for a speedy recovery.

posted by Pattyvine Elisaia 27 months ago

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Our thoughts are prayers are with you for your recovery, Lem.




27 months ago


You are such an amazing person Lem, I know you will get through this. I just thought of you rapping in Mr. Haley's math class, I want to hear it again soon! You are in my prayers




27 months ago


Get well soon Lemzy. Prayers for a speedy recovery always. God bless... -alofaaga from all the Polataivao children.



Ralph Burrelle

27 months ago


Best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery, Lem.




27 months ago


My boy! You're gonna get back in the game sooner than you think with all the love and support that surrounds you!




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John Clarke

27 months ago


Get well Lem ! You're in our thoughts


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