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After my consult yesterday with the chief neurologist and head geneticist at University of Chicago Children’s Hospital, one thing which was already crystal clear has become even more app... more


Updated posted by Neal Zundell 4 months ago

Thank you for your continued support! Although the funds required are quite large, Izzy appreciates EVERY DOLLAR of support, whether it's $5 or $500.

Please share this to as many people as often as you can!!!

We are raising money for HILL 2014:Help Izzy Lick Leukodystrophy.

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Updated posted by Neal Zundell 4 months ago

Thank you all for making this campaign the success that it was. If you wish to continue to support Izzy's journey, please access the following link, which will keep you informed of his progress in his endeavor to slow the degeneration of this ugly ideses via experemental therapy.


Updated posted by Neal Zundell 4 months ago

Thank you all for making this campaign a huge success.

Mommy and daddy now need to raise lots of money for my therapy.

Thanks again,


Thank you for your continued support!

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Created by Neal Zundell on November 8, 2013

After my consult yesterday with the chief neurologist and head geneticist at University of Chicago Children’s Hospital, one thing which was already crystal clear has become even more apparent to me; according to medical science there is no cure for Izzy! Chani and I have accepted God's will, wholeheartedly and without any questioning of God’s intent. The one sliver of hope that I do hang onto as tightly as possible is that occasionally miracles do come true. I’m also well aware that ONLY GOD perform miracles; not the doctors, the nurses, the drugs, the treatments, or the pharmaceutical companies -- only God himself!

I, therefore, believe with 100% certainty, that Izzy journey includes an aspect that is quite spiritual; it's “A Journey of Torah (the Bible, and other holy scriptures)! There are those few people who I believe -- with 100% conviction – that are the greatest of the great, holiest of the holy in our generation . Rabbis whose lives are so pure, their souls partially reside in the world the come even as their bodies traverse this transient world. I firmly believe that when these rabbis prayed for a terminally ill child, although they may not get the answer from God that they seek, their chances are of beseeching a miracle from God are significantly higher and when a regular Joe such as myself, invokes the same prayers. These special few, to use modern day vernacular, have God's personal cell phone number and a direct line to God, while the rest of us need to go through the general switchboard, in the hope that our call is appropriately routed to God.

Having said that, I’ve become aware of “A Journey of Torah” that is taking place during the latter part of February. For approximately one week a group of people will be flying to Israel and spending each day, from the crack f dawn until well into the night in the presence of these great rabbis and the places where the our ancestors lived have been buried. There is better other place or better way to beseech mercy from the almighty to perform a miracle and heal our precious Izzy.

I'm well aware that the expenses of such “journey” are exorbitant and that the typical view of such a trip to Israel (or France or Hawaii …. For that matter) is considered to be a luxury or a pleasure trip. To me, to be able to shake the hand of these totally holy people, get a blessing from them and to have them pray on behalf of my Izzy is NOT a luxury, but rather more than a necessity. It’s the BEST form of alternative therapy when dealing with a situation where conventional medicine has no answers and no cure. Who is better likely reach God and invoke that a miracle be performed, a doctor with direct access to medical solutions or a holy man, with direct access to God himself??????????????? While doctors can aid in curing diseases for which there is a known science and or medical cure, when it comes to beseeching God to perform a miracle, it is ONLY the people that have direct access to the ultimate the doctor, who have any chance! to God.

It will cost approximately $2000 to be able to join this journey; and to date I'm only $2000 short -- I don't know logistically how I will join this holy mission, but I know one thing -- come the end of February I will be on that plane. I do not know how I will procure the necessary funds, but I do know that God has a master plan! If there was some experimental alternative medical therapy halfway across the globe, I’m 100% sure that procuring the funds would not prevent me from being on the next plane with Izzy, no matter how unlikely the therapy is of being effective. To date God has proactively placed me in all the right places prior to on onset of Izzy’s symptoms, so that he would be in the best place with the best support network, and receive the best medical care. If God deems that I be in Israel at the end of February, there is no doubt my mind that I will be there!!!

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Izzy is in our prayers! I have always looked forward to seeing her pictures from the moment she was born on. I am broken hearted to hear this news but filled with the hope that Hashem hears our prayers. B'H.

posted by Laila Elichai 5 months ago

This is terrible. From all the pictures and everything I didn't think anything but positive thoughts about Izzy. My prayers are with you , Moshiach now! Ad Mos sai!

posted by Allan Schuster 5 months ago

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