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This story is about a special 14-month old little boy named Billy Biviano. I am very good friends with Billy’s parents, Kristy & Vinny Biviano. Billy has two siblings: a twin brother Mic... more


Updated posted by Carolyn D'Agostino Tighe 2 months ago

Billy started his 7th cycle of chemotherapy last week. He will have one more cycle left in his chemo maintenance program, at which point doctors will determine the next course of action. With each passing MRI, the tumor has shrunk a tiny bit, but doctors fear that Billy is almost at the point where chemotherapy will no longer work. As a result, the Bivianos were advised to start seeking second opinions about possible surgery to remove it. However, because of how the tumor is intertwined with normal brain matter, chances are surgery will not be possible. A lot will depend on Billy’s next MRI, which will take place in April.

The entire process has been extremely trying on the Biviano family. Please keep Billy and his family in your prayers during this difficult time and as always, Billy’s family thanks you for your support and well wishes.


Updated posted by Carolyn D'Agostino Tighe 3 months ago

Billy has an MRI scheduled for this Monday. He will begin his 7th cycle of chemo in 2 weeks.

Please continue to keep him in your thoughts and prayers. As always, thanks to all of Billy's followers for your continued support.


Updated posted by Carolyn D'Agostino Tighe 6 months ago

Billy just finished his 4th cycle of chemotherapy this past week. He is not scheduled to start the 5th cycle for another 2 weeks. However, no rest for our brave & weary boy - he has to see an eye doctor tomorrow. He may have double vision, most likely related to the tumor.

On a better note, he continues to play and have fun with his brothers & puppy at home. Billy & his twin celebrated their second birthday this past week.

As always, the Biviano family is grateful for all of the prayers and support that so many of you have shown for Billy. Please continue to keep him in your thoughts and prayers....

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Created by Carolyn D'Agostino Tighe on December 9, 2012

This story is about a special 14-month old little boy named Billy Biviano. I am very good friends with Billy’s parents, Kristy & Vinny Biviano. Billy has two siblings: a twin brother Michael (who’s also my godson), and a 7-year old brother named Joey.

Kristy and I met 3 years ago when my son was in Joey’s Pre School Class.  Even though I didn’t know her that well, she always had a smile on.  We finally met up for a play date and the rest is history.  Kristy is like the sister I never had.  I was there throughout her pregnancy with Billy and Michael.  When Kristy & Vinny asked me to be Michael’s Godmother, I was honored. 

When Billy was 9 months old, his parents noticed something was wrong with his eye movements. They saw an ophthalmologist who said he had “horizontal nystagmus”. He prescribed glasses for Billy in hopes it would correct the problem. Not long afterwards, his mom noticed some odd behavior from Billy. He babbled “mama” and “dada” for only a day or two before stopping and he was not acknowledging his name. Also, his overall lack of development was easy to notice when compared to that of his twin Michael. Growing increasingly concerned, his parents spoke to their pediatrician in early October, who got them an appointment with a pediatric neurologist the next day. Blood work, an EEG, and an MRI were all ordered. The EEG and blood work came out normal.

The MRI was performed on Nov. 13th.. On Nov 14th, the neurologist called Billy’s parents into her office to deliver the unfortunate news. Billy was diagnosed with a brain tumor behind his optic nerve. It is called a low grade, Glio Neuronal tumor.

The tumor is inoperable and cannot be removed, both because of its bad location within his head and because the tumor is intertwined with normal brain matter. The doctors say his tumor is rare, and since they do not have any real case studies to compare it against, they are not even sure if chemo therapy will stop it from growing or what the long term affects of this tumor are for Billy. Doctors are hoping that chemo therapy will halt the tumor’s growth until Billy gets older and can then maybe undergo a more aggressive form of treatment. Again, that’s not guaranteed.

In a matter of 1 month, their lives have been turned upside down.  This sweet little boy and his family have a very long road ahead of them.  Your prayers and donations are greatly appreciated. Thank you for your kindness and generosity.    

Billy’s Journey will be updated frequently by either myself or Billy’s family. 


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Thoughts and prayers for Billy and his family. God bless.

posted by Gulshan Singh 14 months ago

Keeping Billy and your whole family in our thoughts and prayers.

posted by Rosa Velez-Sauers 14 months ago

Dear Billy, your great great Uncle Harold passed away yesterday. I 'd like to think of now up there with God putting in a good word for you and sending blessings from above. Yesterday you and I had so much fun laughing, cuddling, clapping hands and playing tickle fingers. My heart hurts just thinking about your first day of chemo tomorrow. Someday when you can read you will see how many people were rooting for you and love you. I love you so much my happy little grandson. I wish I could take that thing out of your head and put it into mine instead.

posted by Linda Patrick 15 months ago

Carolyn...what a great friend you are for doing this! would you like me to share this on my page for more prayers and support? billy has been in our prayers!

posted by Nicole D'Agostino 16 months ago

You visit CHOP tomorrow for your second opinion. Praying for better news regarding your treatment from them dear Billy. Love Grandma

posted by Linda Patrick 16 months ago

Thank you Carolyn for doing this. You are such a good friend. We are all devestated by this. He is such a sweet boy and has a smile for everyone he sees. He has such an easygoing temperment. I cannot stand the thought of what he is in for. It breaks my heart that this is happening to my dear little grandson and my daughter and her family. Kristy and Vin are such good parents. I do not understand why this is happening. I pray for strength for all of us and a miracle for our dear Billy boy.

posted by Linda Patrick 16 months ago

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