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Hi, my name is Tony and the boy in the picture is my 7 year old son Jacob. I am currently separated from my boy and I am desperate to get back to him! Here is our story: I have been m... more


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Please share this with anyone and everyone you can think of. Facebook, Twitter, any online forums or blogs you are a member of, anywhere! Please help me get the word out so I can get to my boy!


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Created by Tony Rotz on September 7, 2013

Hi, my name is Tony and the boy in the picture is my 7 year old son Jacob. I am currently separated from my boy and I am desperate to get back to him! Here is our story:

I have been married to my wife since 2006. She was in my life from before the time Jacob was born and she was there the day he was born. Jacob grew to love my wife and she grew to love him as her own. We were both working in Olathe, Kansas in 2008 and we were very successful in our chosen careers. Life couldn't have been better! Then the economy tanked. Both my wife and I lost our jobs, and subsequently everything we owned and had worked our entire marriage to build. I had to file bankruptcy due to medical bills from a still undiagnosed condition. I had multiple procedures during the time the doctors were trying to figure out what was going on. During one of these routine procedures, the Sphinter of Odi was split and as a result I now have chronic pancreatitis. You can read more about it here : http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/pancreatitis/DS00371
By the time we had been through all this with my health and our jobs, we were sunk! My wife at that point took it upon herself to join the U.S. Navy to try to save us. In 2010, she joined without my knowledge. I stood by her and supported her fully through her boot camp training and subsequent "A"-school training. When she received her first set of orders to Whidbey Island, Washington, we made the extremely difficult decision that it would be best for my son to remain in Kansas with my parents so he continue his education at the private Christian school he was enrolled in. This was our first step together as a military couple and were too unsure of the waters ahead to rip him away from the solid structure he had in my parents and his school. In hindsight, no matter how hard that decision was, it was the BEST thing that could have happened as our lives continued to unfold. My wife and I arrived on Whidbey in October 2011. Other than missing my boy and other family back home, Washington was great! My wife seemed to really be enjoying her career choice and seemed to be happy. She got orders to deploy and shipped out in May 2012 for her first deployment. It was unbearable! I was all alone out on the West Coast, 2100 miles from my nearest family in Kansas and 10,000 miles away from my wife! I was able to get back to Kansas for a short visit with my son and family while she was deployed and that definitely helped the time go faster. Upon her return in November 2012, my wife's behavior seemed very 'off' and things were not as healthy as before she left for deployment. I sat her down and asked her to please talk to me and tell me what is going on. It was at this time, she proceeded to tell me that she was raped while overseas. I urged her to seek help from the military and she scheduled an appointment with the base Chaplain. She met with him and apparently told him the rape story as well and he referred her to a counselor who I also urged her to see. Shortly after her meeting with the counselor, I received an email from a fellow Navy wife. She proceeded to tell me that my wife had been having an affair with her husband during the deployment and that she had the emails to prove it. I met with this woman and her husband and heard the whole story and read the emails. This poor woman was a mother of two boys, one of which was a newborn when the affair started. When I confronted my wife with this, her only response was, 'When can I get my stuff?' and she left. We continued talking via text message for days afterwards and while neither of us were interested in moving past the lies and hurt, she agreed that she was going to help with her share of the bills and still help me out until I was able to get back to my son. Turns out this was all a lie and I was soon confronted with pages and pages of divorce paperwork. My wife claimed to the court that she was never a mother figure to Jacob (when in fact she looked into adopting him as her own), that she never agreed to take care of her fair share of things, and that she didn't want to give me or Jacob anything. I have had to hire an attorney to keep up with the onslaught! Through out all of this, other Navy spouses have come forward with proof that my wife was out to destroy their families as well. She was involved with the man she was claiming raped her, another Navy man, a man online here in Washington, and two women during that first deployment. During the divorce proceedings, she was deployed again and upon her return from that one, the emails began again. It turns out my wife was a sexual predator. She was getting these men and women drunk to the point of her admittedly saying "I wasn't sure if you would remember any of it." The tally from the second deployment was 3 more men, 2 more women and all married with children. I don't know what is wrong with her, but she turned into a one woman destruction crew and was blazing through families. I am now left here in Washington, still 2100 miles from my family and my boy and now with MASSIVE attorney and court fees. I currently have a $32,000 balance with the attorney I had to hire to keep this woman from stripping medical insurance from both my son and I and everything else she is trying to take from me. I have a 2000 Chevy S-10 with almost 200,000 miles on it as my ONLY transportation and she is trying to take that from me as well. She is punishing ME because I found out about HER actions. She wants me to be stuck here in Washington without her and without my boy. I have had to give up the apartment we shared, my storage unit, use to our 2012 Mazda 3, and if she'd have gotten her way, health insurance as well. The divorce proceedings have now been continued until May 2014 as she is being deployed again. At this rate, my attorney's fees will be every bit of $65,000 by the time this is over. I have been unable to keep a job due to all of my medical appointments and procedures and I have now once again lost just about everything. I am currently staying with some friends who took me in out of pure kindness and I have no way to help them out with bills or anything at this point. I am trying to raise this $50,000 to pay off my current balance to the attorney, help with bills at the house I'm staying at, and to hopefully have some left over to help me get back to my son!! Please help me pick up the pieces of my life and my family!!! Thank you so much!

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Tony, I am so sorry that your relationship has deteriorated. However, for your sake, please look up the word---libel. I hope time will heal you all.

posted by Pam Holder Hays 3 months ago

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Bless you child!

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Carry on and love your boy! Good luck!


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