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Sweet Catherine (she preferred to be called Kathy) Born in Milford mass on 12/10/89 she was a very outgoing, bright young child, very much into her fashion and loved to bake. On the even... more


Updated posted by Jillian Pare 3 months ago

here it is again. a photo video slide


Updated posted by Jillian Pare 3 months ago

Well today we said our goodbye's to Kathy. It was a very busy service. It warmed my heart to see so many come out to see her and support her family. Please continue to share her story and help those around you.


Updated posted by Jillian Pare 3 months ago

I also want to say a big Thank you to everyone who has shared kind words for Catherine and her family and to those of you who also donated. Any and all funds collected from here on out will be used to finish paying for any funeral expenses and the rest will be placed into a trust fund for Catherine's son Davian at Citizens bank.

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Created by Jillian Pare on December 24, 2013

Sweet Catherine (she preferred to be called Kathy) Born in Milford mass on 12/10/89 she was a very outgoing, bright young child, very much into her fashion and loved to bake. On the evening of December 13, 2013 she was severely injured in a domestic violence dispute . She was taken to Landmark Medical Center where she was then transported to Rhode Island hospital due to the extent of her injuries. Rhode Island hospital immediately realized that the extent of her injuries were life threatening. Currently Kathy is fighting for her life. So far she has been prepared to have surgery to alleviate the swelling and fluid build up on her brain. She has been and still is sedated and put on a ventilator to help her breathe. Kathy's fate is in god's hands right now.

Please pray for Catherine and her family right now and support them in any way you can.

A little bit about Kathy. She moved to Woonsocket when she was 12 and she started to make a very special group of friends that to this day are here for her. She met Emmanuel Algarin 3 1/2 years ago . then 2 years ago they had a baby boy together. They started their own life together and had their own home, which held their secrets for no one knew what was happening. Then on December 13th, he assaulted her and she is now at Rhode Island hospital in critical condition, fighting for her life to be able to be with her son once more. The man who did this to her sits in ACI prison awaiting sentencing. Her two year old sons name is Davian. Davian is her life. He's a sweet little boy. Right now her family and friends are taking turns shifting between nurturing this little boy and being by her side.

Kathy loved to help people and "no" wasn't usually something she said. It's no wonder that when the doctor's initially shaved Kathy's head her friends were worried that when she would come to, she would first want to see her loving child and second want to fix her hair, so they too made a movement "Team Kathy" and went to a local salon to have their heads shaved as well. Kathy is loved by all.

We, Kathy's friends and family are here today to ask for help raising money. The money raised will support Catherine's medical costs, bills and help support her young child & other items such as cards, candles, balloons can be mailed to or dropped off at. We will try to keep everyone updated as well. Please donate and share and most of all, if you know someone or of someone that is in a difficult situation please take the time to talk to them and help them out!
Thank You

The Mane Spot Spa, Beauty & Personal Care
Woonsocket, Rhode Island 02895
(401) 767-7811

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fro mike tetrault

posted by Mikal Tetrealt 3 months ago

hello after seeing this story im just compelled to donate something and share your saddens me so much inside to hear this story about a young beutiful girl that now is gone foever and a small child left behind ,my heart hurts rt now thinking of that little boy inside all alone now ...i once had a friend in cumberland who killed his wife and they had three young kids ,and i never knew anything about it never had a clue what was going on sucks because i wish i could of been walking by when they we argueing atleast i could of prevented it ...when u hear this stuff it just tears ya heart out ...and trust me,many years ago i wasnt no saint with girls i dated neither but never something near this bad .....i grew up from that bullcrap one of the few that listened!! and sure ya gonna have arguments and yelling but hurting a women is just wrong period!!!!! we are men not animals ive come a long way in my life and i owe alot to my girl for her help and we have three wonderful young kids whom i love with all i have and all girls...i can only imagine if it happened to my lose it !!! if there are guys out here now still hitting ya girlfriends u need to get some help !!! really ive seen too much in my day of girls getting killed or seriously hurt and u say u love them??? thats not love....i just want someone to hear me out that is going throusomething simular rt now with his the rt thing dont hurt a girl ,either walk out get some air or go get some help before something happens u will regret!! this kids life is done now because of what he did, it he deserves everything he gets!!!!! he destroyed a little boys life by killing his mom and her and her familys ya self before its too late...this is not my daughter but i can feel the pain from it alot ... her poor son has his mom and dad gone now just like my friend ended his family a week before christmas them kids have to remember them at christmas every christmas it hurts!!! god bless this gals family may she rest in piece!! thanks for hearing me out...

posted by Mikal Tetrealt 3 months ago

I don't know you or your family, but I did live in RI for a short time. I am so sorry for your loss and am close to finishing a bachelor's degree in women's studies where I hope to work to eradicate domestic violence against women. I wish there was more I could do at this time but will continue holding your family in the light. I read about this on Facebook and was compelled to look into it. I cannot imagine the depth of your grief and hope you find peace and justice.

posted by Shelby Flanagan 3 months ago

To Catherine's mother I lost my daughter three and a half years ago to domestic murder I know what you are going through I pray for you and your grandson. If you need to talk please contact me on Facebook Michelle Mallon Lavallee I feel your pain. God bless you

posted by Michelle Lavallee 3 months ago

Complete strangers yiu are to me, however I could ever go without helping! Though I have not donated money, I will be dropping off diapers as a donation! I am so sorry; and good luck!

posted by Carrissa Ann 3 months ago

To Kathy's family including her dear friends. I am so sorry for your loss. To lose a loved one is so hard but to lose one at the hands of someone who supposedly loved and cared for her is so hard. I lost my Mom to domestic violence when I was 17 years old and a junior in high school. I have spent my adult life speaking out against violence in our homes and worked on fundraisers to support programs supporting women and their children. I wish you peace and the strength to get through the tough times ahead. Speak her name often, tell people her story and let NO ONE forget. With sincere Sympathy.

posted by Diana Brown St Amand 3 months ago =N1JcPmsoNkE RIP Kathy. I never knew you but was so saddened by this story! May you rest in peace. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

posted by Diana Jackson 3 months ago

I just am at a loss for words as to what happened to this young lady. I have two daughters and I can't pray hard enough that she begins to show signs of improvement. I believe that yes, she can hear you and needs to hear her sons voice even if it is a recording. Many hugs

posted by Darlene Bowe 3 months ago

I am sending my thoughts and strong prayers of healing, strength and full recovery back to my home state of R.I. to Kathy. Please God touch Kathy with your healing hand and comfort her family too. May you all have peace and comfort! God bless

posted by JeSs Hagadorn 3 months ago

Kathy you are a strong person keep fighting your baby boy and family and friends need you don't give you will be healed by the power of prayers please keep fighting everyone wants to see you smile,laugh,joke, so please keep fighting love Chuck and tiffany may God heal you

posted by Tiffany Holder 3 months ago

To Kathy's mom I don't know her at all but I do pray every single night for her I know how it is to have a family member fight for there lives I lost my sister to a home invation she was shot dead so I pray for ur family and hope and pray that she makes it out

posted by Laura Berthelette 3 months ago


posted by Tina Contois 3 months ago


posted by Michael Giroux 3 months ago

my thoughts and prayers are with you mary and ron, as well as the rest of your family. i pray for the best outcome for kathy and her beautiful little boy, and i hope on jan. 10 he gets a sentence that will help all fears of him getting out go away.... i pray that she heals so she can come home to her family that i know and have seen to love, deepest regards always

posted by Jamie Richard 3 months ago

My prayers and thoughts are with u all of u in this difficult time I can't imagine what you guys are all going threw and to the scum who did this to her I hope and pray the judge makes you pay dearly for this you took an innocent beautiful person mom sister daughter friend and hurt her like this u deserve what u get u sick and twisted individual!

posted by Jill Ayotte 3 months ago

Thank you all so much please keep her in your prayers.... she is loved by and her smile and laughter is missed by many but most of all her son.... we love you kathy please continue to fight this I kno you've got it in you...

posted by Jennifer Pare 3 months ago

Your daughter has a mighty purpose in this world that satan is trying to destroy. Well he may waylay it for a time but he will not utterly ruin the testimony that is coming through this circumstance. Abuse by males to the ones they are supposed to love and protect needs to be shouted about and dealt with. Kathy may have a beautiful singing voice or artistic talent or be a diligent worker all of which are things needed in our society of entitlement mentality. Just keep your head up and keep speaking life and love and truth to her. Also remember we are entertaining angels and when we pray and bow our knees before the Lord His power is released to work through these messengers and warriors. Don't allow discouragement to set in or cursing-that only enables the minions of darkness. I have been keeping you in my prayers throughout the day and briefly mentioned your situation to my husband who seeks to be a man of God. Make sure you are getting your rest. I pray for strength, and peaceful healing over Kathy, you, and your entire family. I will keep praying!

posted by Kristina Ciminillo 3 months ago

Kathy is Davians world the first thing on her mind was her baby . she was the light in our days ty

posted by MaryLouise Salvi 3 months ago

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April Matt

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RIP Kathy. Always missed but never forgotten.



Debra Stephenson

3 months ago


I didn't know you Cathy, but my heart goes out to your family and especially your son. I hope justice is served so that you may rest in peace.



Jean Lubinsky

3 months ago


God bless.



Bob Malboeuf

3 months ago


I did not know her .... but what I do know is that we are all connected in a very special way ! My love thoughts and prayers to her family and friends ! I will especially pray for her beautiful little boy !



seth chauvin

3 months ago


Sorry your loss, and we will continue to pray for your family. Sonnet27


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