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WHAT PET PRESCRIPTION TEAM IS: One of the major activities of the Pet Prescription Team is to provide support for the “Pet Prescription Team,” which is made up of volunteers who want t... more


Updated posted by Krystal Emery 6 months ago

The Pet Prescription Team Big Round Up fundraiser has been an amazing event. September 30th should have been our last day for raising funds for the Pet Prescription Team. This morning I received an email from a donor that shared that he will match up to $2,500 by Friday, October 4, 2013. He shared how he has been watching our fundraiser and has seen how much the Pet Prescription Team does for all that they visit. He asked that I send an email out to our supporters sharing of his match funding and to hold the fundraiser until the end of the week. So we ask that if you haven't donated please do so... his kindness and belief in what the Pet Prescription Team stands for not only is a reflection on our members but a statement of how much assisted therapy visitations touch lives!


Updated posted by Krystal Emery 6 months ago

Today we received a very special letter for a donation to the Pet Prescription Team. It was so special that we wanted to share it with all our supporters. The donor wanted to remain anonymous but the words within the letter will forever be cherished.


Donation Letter for Gitty


Updated posted by Krystal Emery 7 months ago

We are hoping to reach the $10,000.00 mark by Friday. We have been amazed by one of our volunteers Barbara Turner who came to the Pet Prescription Team yesterday to drop off donations from those that she knew. What an amazing idea she had... She went to all those that she is close to and asked for them to donate to our fundraiser. She had checks from the pool man, vets, jeweler and friends. What a great idea and smart thinking on her behalf to help participate in our efforts!

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Created by Krystal Emery on August 12, 2013


One of the major activities of the Pet Prescription Team is to provide support for the “Pet Prescription Team,” which is made up of volunteers who want to share the joy and value of pet interaction and its overall benefit to society. The Pet Prescription Team is a pet therapy group made up of volunteers who visit nursing homes, hospitals, hospice facilities, children's oncology wards and schools with their certified therapy pets.

The Pet Prescription Team provides assistance to interested pet owners in utilizing their family pets for therapy visits to a variety of locations. The Pet Prescription Team provides the following to volunteers of their organization:
• Assistance and training • Certification
• Liability Insurance
• Facilities

In addition the Pet Prescription team offers two special programs throughout the Southern California area.

The Faith Dog project supported and offered by the Pet Prescription Team.

The Pet Prescription Team (PPT) founded: "The Faith Dog Project" in memory of Brielle Murray and her dog Faith. Brielle was a member of the (PPT) organization and passed away from a very rare form of cancer known as RMS. Before Brielle died the (PPT) organization founded the Faith Dog project which hands out stuffed Faith dogs to children in oncology battling cancer. Brielle lives on through this program as these little stuffed dogs encourage and give hope to all those that receive one in her memory.

Faith Dog Project Video

The First Faith Dog Presentation

There’s No Place Like Home project supported and offered by the Pet Prescription Team

The Pet Prescription Team founded a program called; “There’s No Place Like Home” project. This projects goal as well as vision is extremely clear, to take the time and energy to create a relaxing atmosphere for a less fortunate resident/patient room, helping them to pick up their scattered belongings and creating small acts that can leave a lasting impression on their lives giving them hope and purpose.

Decorating a healthcare facility room to a more homelike atmosphere is the Pet Prescription Teams loving way to care for those special resident or patient that has no family or belongings. Simply adding a few decorations, new bed comforters, relaxing chairs, cherished items and a casual rug will instantly change the comfort level and atmosphere of the resident's room and turn it into a;“There’s No Place Like Home” room.

Our vision of the; There’s No Place Like Home” project is to select a resident/patient each month and assist in making their room feel more like home.

There's No Place Like Home Kickoff Story

Your contribution will help continue the vision of the Pet Prescription Team and continue to help touch lives through Assisted Pet Therapy visitations as well as the various programs the Pet Prescription Team offers. The Pet Prescription Team is a 501(c)3 and exemption number is: 37-1596134

Please visit our website to learn more about our organization and the work in which we do at:

Thank you in advance for your support.


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A HUGE thank you to the donor who is matching funds!



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Anything for PPT!! We LOVE you!!! XOXO



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