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Hercules was a Pit Bull Terrier, who was stillborn... but he had a heartbeat. We whelped him for a couple of hours before he was able to breathe properly or even make a sound. He stru... more


Created by Rocco Stewart on September 6, 2012

Hercules was a Pit Bull Terrier, who was stillborn... but he had a heartbeat. We whelped him for a couple of hours before he was able to breathe properly or even make a sound. He struggled long and hard through the first night of his life to survive and made many milestones. He was  "Hercules" small but mighty. And though he had accomplished so much, his mother still rejected him. We gave him carnation milk the first night. I personally held and nursed him and he cried when I put him down. I had to wrap him in my pajama top to comfort him when we finally did place him in the middle of our bed in a dresser drawer filled with blankets a heating pad and a warmer. The second day of his life we both had to work, and it was difficult but we knew what we had to do. Alejandro got home before me and went to check in on him and the other pups (11) and mom. He called me and said "Hercules is gone." My heart sank and I cursed myself for going to work but that was the only way we were able to care for them. I asked if he could wait until I got home to bury him... but he said "He's not dead I don't think... He's gone... I can't find him." I said "Hurry baby... go and count the pups and when he did there were 12... and on one of the tits hung Hercules... sucking away. His mom had came and rescued him. Hercules was two weeks old  he had gotten an intestinal hernia. His spleen was punctured due to his mother, a rescue we took in, trying to pick him up but not knowing how. This was her first litter. We rushed him to the vet who told us that he could be saved but the surgery would cost anywhere from $300 to $1000. We asked if they could take payment installments and the looked me squarely in the face and said... we can euthanize him for no cost to you. We were devastated. We took Hercules home where we stayed with him all night and held him until he took his last breath. That night, we started THE HERCULES FOUNDATION. Since then we have taken in strays and fostered. We feed them, nurse them, spoil them and give them a loving home until their forever family comes along.  Anybody who knows us knows how we feel about dogs. We are on a mission to save as many strays as possible. We do whatever it takes to get them healthy and to find them caring homes. We don't charge homing fees for these babies... we just want something better for them than living on the streets, not knowing when they will eat again, being subjected to the blazing heat with no water or freezing cold with no way to get warm.  We do this from the bottom of our hearts. Unfortunately or hearts are deeper than our pockets and we are desperately running out of funds to help our beloved four-legged friends. We are reaching out to you to ask for your help and support. Any help would be greatly appreciated. A small donation of $5 could feed a puppy under 12lbs for a week. Please don't pass this ad by... These guys need your help!!!


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