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My dog and I are facing huge legal issues because Duke bit a man that was trying to break into my house. Duke has been labeled as a "dangerous dog" and I'm facing a 4th degree misdemeano... more


Updated posted by Carissa Curry 14 months ago

WE WON!!!! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!! I couldn't have done it without you! <3



Updated posted by Carissa Curry 14 months ago

We had 10 days until we will all know what the judge's decision is- the wait is KILLING me!



Updated posted by Carissa Curry 15 months ago

Hopefully the judge will make a decision about Duke's case on Jan 11th. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined how hard, stressful, heart breaking and expensive it is to be an innocent victim! This whole thing is so terribly wrong and backwards, something has got to change! Hopefully we'll get the ball rolling on making that change happen! Please help us if you can! Thank you so very much!

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Created by Carissa Curry on September 16, 2012

My dog and I are facing huge legal issues because Duke bit a man that was trying to break into my house. Duke has been labeled as a "dangerous dog" and I'm facing a 4th degree misdemeanor. We did NOTHING wrong! We need help with legal expenses to fight this.

My dog is NOT dangerous he is a WONDERFUL AMAZING and LOVING FAMILY MEMBER! He simply did what any good dog would do, he protected his family and his home! He should be rewarded for that not punished!

My name is Carissa, I have had Duke for over 5 yrs. I adopted him when he was just a puppy. I'm a single mother to an incredible 2 yr old lil boy and I work full time (home healthcare). It's been a constant struggle but just recently we were able to move out of my parents and get a place of our own. Which is wonderful but also means that things are extremely tight and that's why I'm reaching out for help.

I know that I need a lawyer in order to fight this but I simply can't afford one. Right now I don't even know how I'm going to pay all the fines, fees and court cost associated with this mess.

I have filed an appeal against the dog warden declaring Duke a dangerous dog. But I've never been in trouble before therefore I'm completely clueless on legal matters. I've tried to get help from every resource available to me (legal aid, ABLE, the Toledo bar association and the public defender) they have all turned me away.

So far this has already cost me a great deal of money and a lawyer retaining fee is a minimum of $1500.

If I don't win this the cost and negative effects on mine and my son's lives are astronomical. A 4th degree misdemeanor can very likely cause me to lose my license and my job. It also carries the possibility of up to 30 days in jail. I can also lose my house (owner can refuse to allow a "dangerous dog" to live here). And then there are all the cost that go along with owning a dangerous dog; yearly licensing, I'll have to completely enclose my fence including a top on it, I'll have to carry a special insurance, Duke will have to be microchipped as a dangerous dog (a label he will have to carry forever), the list goes on and on.

If you have any questions feel free to ask and I'll answer to the best of my ability. Please visit our support page on Facebook at

Can you please help us? Please! Even small donations can add up quickly! Thank you all so very much!


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I am so terribly sorry that you have to go through this and I am ever more sorry that this is allowed to go on legally. Your doggy did what it knows to do instinctively, to protect. I have no idea why this could be viewed as a crime and at such a tremendous cost, financially and in all of the others ways this is affecting you. I wish you all the luck you need to be victorious in something that should not have even come to pass. BJ, Mei Ling and Shaolin ( My 2 adopted Pitties-who I fear for all the time because of the ignorance that exists)

posted by BeeJay Lee 16 months ago

Ohio needs to step in and revamp The Lucas County Dog Warden and it's associates.For years this office has pathetically made poor decisions and is an embarrassment to Ohio.Things will never change until people take a stand..I commend you on taking the first step.. publicly show this office as the disgraced,mismanaged,and non loving animal society as it is..

posted by Gina Robbins 17 months ago


posted by Jaqi Jones 17 months ago

SOOOOO glad to see the lexus project took your case! praying for a positive outcome.

posted by Xavi Collars 17 months ago

Hi there Carissa... A little support here from Holland. I figured you can use all the loving words you can get right now to stay strong. I just wanted you to know that i've got a great deal of respect for the fact that you hang in there and don't give up on the dog that protected you. Some peoplr would just try to get rid of him.. Always 'happy' when i see people fight for their animals.. I sure hope that everthing will turn out okay... That someone will finaly wake up and see that charging a dog and his owner isn't the way... But that he should be rewarded and praised for the great and brave thing he did... Much love from a mom with 2 pitbulls

posted by Kimmey Stiemsma 18 months ago

Dear Carissa... i am so sorry for the problems you are getting... especially from the legal system that is supposed to protect us from the garbage of our society that tried to break into your home. I praise you for standing up and fighting for your rights and doing everything in your power to protect your beloved Duke. My wife and i are German Shepherd owners and are dogs would of reacted the same way. We dont have alot of money but we are going to send you a few dollars to try and help with your expenses...i really wish i could just pay all of your expenses but we cant so i hope my couple of bucks helps out... and maybe a few other people will read my post and send there couple dollars and it will all add up to what you need. God Bless you and Duke.

posted by Roger Bird 18 months ago

Becky that was uncalled for by your friend to call 911 and report your dog. Your dog did nothing wrong. My 116lb GSD was roughly playing(Dog was in his mouth) with my neighbors Bichon. My husband our dog to rease the bichon. Instead of going in his house he jumped up and latched onto my husband's arm. The dog was actually hanging off my husbands arm while he tried to shake him off. A pinch on the nose finally got him to release. It was a pretty bad bite. He was on antibiotics for a week for the infection, got a heavy duty pain shot and got a prescription for more. We called the neighbors to let them know and to check on their dog. There dog was prefectly fine. They were called about the rabies, which their dog was up to date. We never asked them for anything. It happened, their dog was amped up on adreneline. I don't blame him in the least. I even felt bad that it was recorded that their dog bit someone. Now if an intruder entered my house and my dog bit them, he did his job. That is what German Shepherds do and I would never apologize for it. And I would definately fight anyone who tries to say different. What would this world be like if intruders could be victims and take us to court when our beloved furbabies protect us and our homes. I'll be routing for you and Duke. Hopefully justice will not be blind. Stay strong.

posted by Mary Rialdi Greninger 18 months ago

I am so sorry this happened to you and the thought of someone braking into "Dukes" home and blaming him for his protection breaks my heart. If I was home and that person went after my dog, that intruder would never make it out!

posted by Samantha Dughi 19 months ago

My dog was really excited and nipped one of my friends while we were on a walk together. I was teaching my dog how to graciously accept a treat from a stranger. He jumped up and nipped her on the leg. I told her and the other friend who was with us that I would take him home. He would know that his walking time was being cut short because of inappropriate behavior. Both friends encouraged me to still walk with them that day, so we continued on our walk together with no further incident. Late that evening the friend decided that the bruise and scratch needed medical attention. A report was filed. I came to find out later from the police report that the medical care team did not file a report with the animal control officer because it was not a serious injury, so my friend took it upon herself and called 911 three days later to report the incident. When the animal control officer came to my house she was dressed in her county sheriff's uniform. She poked her head in my door and she had another dog nearby my front porch that she had just captured. My dog was barking. Could he be expected not to for crying out loud? Anyway, she wrote me up for dog at large, even though my dog was on a leash with me at the time of the incident, and dangerous dog level 8. There were only 9 levels in our laws at that time! Long story short, I was eventually assigned a lawyer, which was based on income level. We had to pay $250 for the lawyer and about $150 in court costs. It took months , about 7 to be precise. I went back and forth with the lawyer and prosecuting attorney because the plea agreement was still too harsh. Finally, the victim agreed to a lesser level, the wording on that was "dog bites person in less than dangerous manner" So, I'm thinking you might be able to get a court appointed lawyer abd still win your case, although I believe it never should have gone that far for you. If a dog can't protect his owner's household from an unwanted intruder, why would people have a dog at all?

posted by Becky Fry 19 months ago

Thank you very much! I believe you :-)

posted by Carissa Curry 19 months ago

Ok, let me get this straight. A man breaks in going to do you harm. Your dog protects you and now your in trouble. What is wrong with this picture here people? If it wasn't for her wonderful dog who is to say that man wouldn't have done something worse to her and her son. OMG these laws are stupid. That dog isn't dangerous to anyone but stupid people who are going to break into the house of his master. I will donate next payday. PROMISE. And when I say promise my kids know I mean it will happen.

posted by Loretta Varner-Mask 19 months ago

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Cynthia Gibbons

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My daughter's name is also Carissa. She has a lab who would defend their home, too. Congratulations on your good news!!!!!




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Anne Stjern

14 months ago


Fingers crossed for your family. Hopefully, the judge will see that all Duke did was protect his property the way any homeowner would.




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For Grizzly




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DEBORAH chisholm

16 months ago


please keep us posted on Duke ...this is so wrong ..I pray he is saved



Amy Ross

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John Black Sr

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