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"HEY, I'm WALKIN' here!" - me practicing in the mirror. Hi everybody, Come March 2014, I'm packing up my bags and taking my joke book to the Big Apple. I'm so excited to show New York... more


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Plane ticket: Purchased.


Oh, it's gettin' real, y'all.


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Hey everybody, just wanted to post an update thanking everyone who's donated so far. So, without further ado: THANK YOU SO MUCH! I'm 12 weeks out from my move and with your help I can now afford improv classes at UCB and a metro card to get me to and from them. If you haven't donated yet and would like to, the site is still up and going. Thank you again, your support means the world to me. NYC here I come!


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Official announcement!


Sarah's Announcement!

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Created by Sarah Kennedy on October 24, 2013

"HEY, I'm WALKIN' here!" - me practicing in the mirror.

Hi everybody,
Come March 2014, I'm packing up my bags and taking my joke book to the Big Apple.

I'm so excited to show New York what we've got in the state of Breaking Bad, green chile, and Dion's ranch -- but, I can't do it without your help.

I have been so privileged to live in New Mexico my whole life and starting over again in a new place, knowing that my town has my back, is something out of a Macklemore song (The one about holding up the ceiling).

Any donation you could make would be so humbly accepted and appreciated.

I'm asking you for a particularly specific amount because it's important to me that you know where your money is going. I've worked out the expenses I absolutely need and can promise you that your donation goes directly to a cost that helps me plant my feet firmly on the ground in Brooklyn.

Here's the breakdown:
$3000 - first month, last month, and deposit to get set up in an apartment
$1700 - for my own computer to do my future job upon
$150 - a month's worth of Metrocard to get around
$500 - improv classes at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater to get started in the business of funny

I also believe that I need about $7000 more than what I'm asking for, but I'm working to save and raise that myself through other means.

Between now and March, my plan is to secure a good day job in NYC so that I can jump in from the get go and cover the cost of living there for myself from day one on. This campaign is solely to get me to New York -- once I'm there it's all up to me.

New Mexico is and will always be my home. I care about the people here so much and promise to stay in touch and update you on how things progress on the east coast.

Comedy is my passion and, since I started performing years ago, I have been so lucky to get to perform all over this state alongside so many talented people. Every morning, when I wake up, I think of comedy first and foremost and I thank my lucky stars that I'm able to do what I love -- making people laugh. When I get to New York, I want to hit the ground running and work hard to represent the 505 every time I'm up at the mic. I am dedicated to this and promise to bring you along for the ride.

Please consider donating. Even a few bucks can do a world of help. In fact, if each of my 1,699 Facebook friends JUST donated $3.15, we'd hit the goal.

Spreading the word about this campaign is also hugely appreciated.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.

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Best of luck Sarah! Dawn & Angela




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The Bauer family wishes you the best of luck.


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