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A Bit of an Overview: I have been saving every penny I receive and am saving up to go on a road trip with my boyfriend, Dan, in the months of November and December, 2013. We are living f... more


Updated posted by Meaghan Jameson 2 months ago

Today is the last day to donate to the RAK Roadtrip! We are so thankful for all of the donations thus far- your support is so inspirational!


Updated posted by Meaghan Jameson 3 months ago

We are heading back up the East Coast and are so excited to continue spreading some love to those who need it on our way back to Traverse City.

We are removing the funds collected on January 24th, so there is still a week and a half or so to donate and/or spread the word! We would love to be able to do as much as we can on our journey north.

Thank you again to everyone who has helped us in anyway- we cannot tell you how much we appreciate your support.


Updated posted by Meaghan Jameson 5 months ago

We are so thankful for all of the support and donations for the RAK Roadtrip, which has raised $5,000-- more than I even dreamed possible! We are almost two weeks into our trip and we are having so much fun RAKing as we go along. You can keep up with our RAKs here: www.RAKRoadtrip.com

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Created by Meaghan Jameson on August 9, 2013

A Bit of an Overview:
I have been saving every penny I receive and am saving up to go on a road trip with my boyfriend, Dan, in the months of November and December, 2013. We are living frugally, camping out and making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as much as possible, and are planning on completing a route around the USA by December 20th... Mexico is a possible wildcard.

Here's Where You Come In:
While I was brainstorming other ways that I could still assist those in need, Random Acts of Kindess, aka "RAK"-ing became increasingly more and more popular (which is awesome. So so awesome.)
... I almost threw in a "RAK"-ing my brain pun here, but I resisted(Kind of).
I became involved in "RAK"-ing in my own community by doing simple things like paying a stranger's parking ticket or paying for a fellow bar-goer's beer before I left the taproom.... but I realized that I could do a lot more and spread joy throughout the entire USA...or at least to the states that I pass through in the map above. Performing acts of kindness has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember- I was brought up to understand that being nice to others is not something that I should have to force, but rather that it should come naturally.
Therefore, I want to commit Random Acts of Kindness all throughout my road trip and I want them to be meaningful. I plan on getting to know individuals in each place I stop, finding a group/ individual/ community/family etc. that deserves a pick-me-up and then making their day. Whether it be helping to pay for a child's daycare that day, putting some money towards a dog's surgery, or even just purchasing dance lessons for someone who would never buy them for themselves, but has always wanted to try.
I want to show the nation the impact that RAKing can have for in a big way, but I need your help.
So, I am asking my friends, family, strangers, anyone who doesn't fall into those categories to sponsor my road trip by donating to my gofundme page. Every last penny of which will be spent on Random Acts of Kindness. None of the donations will go towards any other part of my road trip, which will all be funded by my own personal savings. Whether you are able to donate $1.00 or $100.00, you are helping to make an impact!

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Josh Russell

2 months ago



Cortney Schmid

2 months ago


This is such an incredible thing you are doing! You are impacting so many lives in such an amazing way :)




3 months ago



Rick & Bibi Janaes

3 months ago


Keep paying it forward. Great Job!!



Ken and Leanne Larson

3 months ago


We have really enjoyed reading your blog and following you on your journey. You will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers as you make your way back to Michigan. Safe travels!



Cory Hubbard

3 months ago



Pamela Owen

3 months ago


Help a girl enjoy hockey.



Anne Varga

3 months ago


Enjoy the East Coast! Looking forward to hearing about the rest of your journey! :)



Kyle E

3 months ago


Keep the awesomeness going :) -Kyle & Krista




3 months ago


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