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This fundraiser is to help Alcon 2013 provide the money they need to have Nowacking and 1Kids attend. We were initially part of the Abridgers to Alcon fundraiser, but we opted to take ou... more


Updated posted by Jessi Nowack 12 months ago

We hit. The goal. My god. Thank you all so, so much. We (obviously) couldn't have done it without you. There aren't enough words to truly give it justice, but we're so appreciative of what you've done. Thank you. Thank you thank you thank you.

Here's the procedure from here:
Everyone who donated is entitled to 1 vote towards the survey to decide next Pokemon 'Bridged 1-Shot for every 5 dollars they donated. A lot of you have already submitted your votes, and I believe we've documented all of the votes we've been submitted, but a large portion of you guys haven't done so. You don't have to vote, but it'd help us immensely if you told us that you were opting not to vote. Also, we'll stop pestering you that way.

In addition, unless we've already confirmed with you by email, please throw 1Kids an email at 1KidsEntertainment@gmail.com to confirm the prize that you selected. Because of odd website coding, it's hard to tell if you selected a prize only because you wanted to donate that amount, or if you selected an amount and didn't specify a prize. So please, if you have not done so already, please send us an email with a confirmation of the prize you selected, or that you did not want a prize. It costs us money from the fund to make and mail a lot of those items, so if you don't actually want it, we'd like to save that. If you purchased a 1Kids or Jerry Recording, or a Live Movie, please send us the details as soon as you can.

We've closed some of the remaining rewards, and limited some that were previously unlimited. We understand that our fundraiser met its goal really quickly, and we don't want to penalize those who expressed interest in stuff like the prints or recordings but did not have the money yet. For the sake of avoiding confusion, if people do donate to the fund for the sake of purchasing a reward, we will still allow them to vote if they wish. All other donations, while we cannot stop them, we are not seeking and we will therefore not be awarding votes for them.

We will start the processing of rewards next week. Please have patience, as we have a lot of things to send out and coordinate! Ideally, we'd like to have everything sent out and settled well before Alcon. Anyone who purchased an item requiring a signature from xJerry64x will have to wait until after AnimeNEXT, which is in mid-to-early June. Due to school commitments, we will probably have to space out the live movies over the next month or so. For those who wanted to cohost, please make sure we know that, and we'll be in touch to schedule a time where we are all available.

Thank you all. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You're all beautiful, generous people. Thank you. Aaaaah. Thanks. Thank you. Gracias. Danke. Thanks. Thank you.


Updated posted by Jessi Nowack 12 months ago

Today, LittleKuriboh will be running a livestream marathon of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic that he promised as a result of someone purchasing the 1Kids apology! He'll also be trying to help us reach the finish line!

Just a note: As we said in the video, once we hit the goal, all voting will be frozen. We understand that some of you want some of the rewards we've offered here, so we won't take those down (though we will stick to limits), but we don't want to incentivize people to donate more. The goal was calculated as the amount we needed so we could reasonably afford the trip.

Tune into the LK stream for some free fun! You don't need to be a donor to laugh!


Updated posted by Jessi Nowack 12 months ago

Hey, guys! Thanks so much for all of your support! Just a heads up: we looked into how Go Fund Me works and they'll be taking more of the raised money than we originally estimated. We had to increase the goal to $3, 250 and we apologize for the inconvenience.


Created by Jessi Nowack on April 13, 2013

This fundraiser is to help Alcon 2013 provide the money they need to have Nowacking and 1Kids attend. We were initially part of the Abridgers to Alcon fundraiser, but we opted to take our names off of the list so the money in that fund can go to the other potential guests.

Disclaimer: The fund is not affiliated with Alcon and is not run or overseen by the event.

The costs are as follows:

$350 for fundraiser costs (shipping, merch, GoFundMe fee)
$2,350 for transportation
$300 for lodging
$250 for food
$9,000,000 for beer and high quality hookers (for the children)

See video for more info

Outside of GoFundMe, we will be auctioning off a 1-of-a-kind, exclusive Pokemon 'Bridged T-Shirt, and the proceeds will be dumped here as a donation.

Shirt Auction -  http://tinyurl.com/d9a9l2f

Every $5 spent will give the person one vote in choosing a Pokemon 'Bridged one-shot! They have the 5 regions post-Kanto to choose from (Orange Islands, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova), and their votes can be split however they want. We will parody at least one episode of the region that has the most votes at the end of the fundraiser!

In addition, after the fundraiser is over, Nowacking will record herself saying "Bass Cannon" once for every 5 dollars spent, and upload the video to YouTube!

Thanks so much for your generosity!


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Oh shit a million dollars? Sweet.

posted by Victor Da Silva 11 months ago

we do indeed want those children to have high quality hookers.

posted by Tyler Brasher 12 months ago

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Glad to help out, 5 points on Hoenn for my friend please, keep being awesome Nowaking!

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Bass Cannon!!

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Keep up the awesome work!

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All seven votes for orange islands.

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This is for... just cause.

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LK sent me here and I' give you your goal!


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