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Hi….my name is Shari. Thank you for stopping by My Page & I truly hope you’ll find it in your heart to donate….any amount….to help me end My Homeless Journey after you read My Story…..le... more


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Please Donate to my cause!!! I need a stable home....where I don't feel like I am imposing & I don't have to worry about being disrespected.


Updated posted by Shari Bearden 10 months ago

Someone I don't know donated $20 to Help Me End My Homeless Journey.....Thank You So Much & Bless You!!!


Created by Shari Bearden on August 26, 2012

Hi….my name is Shari.
Thank you for stopping by My Page & I truly hope you’ll find it in your heart to donate….any amount….to help me end My Homeless Journey after you read My Story…..learn what I’m in dire need of & I tell you a lil about Myself.
My Homeless Journey began in November 2011, when I injured my back….I have a bulging disc…..I had to quit my job which in turn caused me to lose my home of 3 years in January 2012.
I tried staying with friends but that only lasted 6 ½ months & unfortunately we are no longer friends.
With no family & friends willing & able to help….I found myself living in the woods in a tent in the city of Wilmington, NC for close to 4 months. It was extremely rough & somewhat dangerous situation.
Then, by sheer luck…which doesn’t happen often….I got a part time job in September 2012 with the Mercy Homeless Shelter…’s a men’s only shelter here in Wilmington, NC.
Soon afterwards, a woman offered me a room in her house….which is where I presently stay. Altho I am truly grateful to her…..I can no longer stay here. I have been here 6 weeks without electricity & the house has become moldy & mildew & is making me sick. For reasons only known to her….she won’t give me the consent to put the electric in my name & with some of the other problems this house has, I can’t continue staying here.
So, I plan to move out by the end of the month.
I have no place to go!!! But back into the woods & the tent……I can’t live like that again!!! So I am in dire need of a stable quiet safe place to live.
But in order to do that you have to have money & that’s something I have very little of.
Altho I work part time, I only make $168 every 2 weeks & that’s not even enough to rent a room weekly.
I can’t stay at any of the area shelters because I have a 10 year old cat that has been with me thru thick & thin…..she has never abandoned me so I can’t do it to her.
I have applied for Disability & a year after my attorney filed the filed the appeal…..I got a Disability Hearing in October 2013 & I will receive a Disability Settlement in November 2013….at which time I will pay those back who donate $500 or more.
I’m not asking for a Handout…..I need a Handup.
Now, for a lil about myself……
I am a 50 year old SWF with children over 18…..which is why I don’t qualify for many of the area’s programs for the homeless. I am down to earth….kind & generous. My Homeless Journey has humbled me & taught me to take nothing for granted. I don’t lie….cheat….or steal…..I have been known to be brutally honest & unlike most in today’s society….I mean what I say & say what I mean…..I don’t judge people by their appearances….only by their actions. I am a lil eccentric & have some quirks but that’s what makes me…me.
I have a 21 year old son who I have recently been reunited with after 13 years apart. Without thinking I asked him to come live with me…..he will be here within the next 3 months.
So you really see the reason I am doing this. I want a home for my long lost son.
Please help me raise $2500/$3000 so I can rent a place for me…my son & my cat for the next 5 months until my Disability Hearing.
If you can help me in other ways….please email me at
Thank you for taking the time to read My Story & your donation….when I reach my goal, I will post pictures.


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so sorry it can't be more, love you




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