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I'm a 32 year old woman diagnosed with MS in 2003. Im trying to raise funds for the training of my service dog so that I can gain some independence back. The training cost for all necess... more


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Updated posted by Alexis Rachelle 12 months ago

First I want to thank you again for your generous donation to me to help with a dog that will assist me in my MS.
Im writing this email because never would I collect a donation for one thing and just use it for something else. I wanted to explain to you the situation Im in. Currently there is a trial going on a Northwestern University Hospital. The doctor running it is a well renowned doctor named Doctor Burt. I am very positive that if I can get into the trial I can receive the treatment which is a stem cell transplant. I have been researching this particular procedure since last summer and have gathered much information and really have been trying to figure out how to make it there.
I just dont want any trouble collecting money for one thing and using or for something else.
I have already paid my deposit that little angels service dogs requires toward the dog so I thank you for you donation to help me with that.
I am wondering if you would be so kind as to send me an email saying that you are happy for your donation to contribute not only to the dog but to treatment and transportation to Northwestern University for the treatment to reverse my MS symptoms. Dr Burt's team has contacted me to let me know that tey tink they can help me and would like for me to come in mid May.
The email only need be one sentence but could keep me from getting any trouble from this fundraising foundation. I would so appreciate if you would do this. It is to know in the event that any extra money accumulates towards the dog, which it already has, I can , in good faith use it to get to Chicago and put it toward the trial. If this would be alright with you please respond with a short email stating so signed with your name.


Updated posted by Alexis Rachelle 16 months ago

Thanks for watching!


Updated posted by Alexis Rachelle 16 months ago

Mobility Service Doberman in training

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Created by Alexis Rachelle on October 15, 2012

I'm a 32 year old woman diagnosed with MS in 2003. Im trying to raise funds for the training of my service dog so that I can gain some independence back. The training cost for all necessary tasks and commands is $5000.I'm fundraising because with my social security diability I only receive a liitle under $70000 a year.  $5000 will go to the training but I am trying to raise $5000 because the dog is in California and and is a $10000 dog.  Although its from a non-profiit that fundraises as well the faster you can help fundraise for your dog the more likely you will get the dog in due time and I need this dog as soon as possible! 

I'm in Connecticut ans team training is in Califrnia so I need to raise funds for team training sa well which includes getting out there and cost for food and hotel which I believe wont be as expensive as usual because the organization has facilities where people can stay. I just want to explain why list a goal of $10000 which im aware is expensive but I'd ik to point out tat the last dog I had was $20000.  Once this organization reaches $10000, whether or not the dog will cost more to finish they begin training for you.  In order to reach the goal to have this dog that I need I need help.  

This dog will help me control my balance, steady my gait, keep my balance and help me build muscles in my legs because I will walk supported meaning I can practice walking more. He will be trained to help me when I drop things because of the numbness i my hands, travel with me on the bus or train giving me confidence and the ability to get to and from places and maybe eventually even a job so that wherever I walk assisted by the dog I know I'll be able to have help to get back.  For the past few years my disease has been progressing despite medication and I have gotten weaker and weaker. Inow walk with a walker and am trying to keep myself out of a wheelchair. I want to do everything I can to build myself up and do my best to slow the damage.  

I had a wonderful retriever service dog named Winter from Paws with a Cause who was trained to help me with my seizures but I also have MS and when that began to progress too much for her training to handle and she refused to wear a harness we were deemed unfit by the foundation that did the training before me and she was taken back.  That broke my heart and thats when I realized I had to find a place that trained mobility dogs. 

 Over night I was without assistance and without my friend.  Now i know that the foundation I got her from doesnt do bracing or mobility training so as my needs grew she really could not meet them.  I miss her so greatly but I know that right now if I'm going to have a dog it has to be a service animal.  To learn more about the assistance animal I'm fundraising for you can visit the homepage and click the link for assistance dogs. 

I was previously trying to raise money for a dog by a different trainer of Colllie mobility dogs which cost $12000. but because of the high cost with that trainer I was not going to be able to afford it anytime in the next year or perhaps at all.  Luckily I had the foresight not to put a deposit down with that trainer.  There were many people, friends and family alike, who were generous enough to help me out in the first few week of my fundraising on a different sight so that I had enough to recently put a payment down to reserve a dog at littleangels to reserve my service dog.  For that I am so appreciative and really feel so blessed.Thanks to this I am much more hopeful of being able to start working with a balance/mobility dog sooner.  

Being able to walk down the street with confidence is so important to live the life I'm trying to regain. I have all but been a prisoner in my apartment for so long and this mobility dog can be a major step toward freedom, strength and health.  I havent been able to visit a friend for longer than I can remember.  Anyone that could lend a hand in any way whether it be a donation or passing the word along to a network of people who I dont yet know it would be such a help to me toward this goal and I would be so appreciative.  Every little bit helps.

All the best and be well.

-Alexis Suozzi


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Great!!!! Good start!!!!

posted by Christa Kelly 18 months ago

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Cam W

15 months ago


Love you. :3



Alexis Rachelle

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Bob and Dawn Crane

16 months ago


Donation at the behest of Jamie Lundell! Wishing you a Merry Christmas!



Jeremy Glidden

16 months ago


Our mutual friend Jamie Lundell talked to us about this good cause, Merry Christmas and best of luck




17 months ago


My mother has a service dog and it is the biggest help! Good luck with fundraising! :)



Kings Valley Armani

17 months ago


with love...woof!



Betsy Holland

17 months ago


Giving in honor of durf and yuanyuan humphries. Good luck getting to your goal!



Emily Zervas

18 months ago


Love to you, birthday twin!<3



Simone Rainaud

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18 months ago


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