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Mike Crashed at Reno Bmx National on September 1st 2012.  He underwent 4.5 hours of surgery and got out @ 3am. He has a shattered T10 and is paralyzed from the belly button down. He is i... more


Updated posted by Chris Banks 12 months ago

BOOZER JAM @SheepHillZ was a huge success thank you everyone for stoppin by, gettin Rad, and showin your love for Michael "Boozer" Brown. Don't forget to post all your videos and pictures on facebook!


Updated posted by Chris Banks 12 months ago

Benefit Jam April 7th All day @Sheep Hills


Updated posted by Chris Banks 19 months ago

Patty Mac Monagle-Hurt wrote:
UPDATE: So week one of rehab at Rancho Los Amigos for Michael is in the books... The one question that is still being asked by alot of you, is the "permanent" and the answer is YES... his injury a T10/T11 complete paralysis (which mean no feeling from the bellybutton down), however we have not given up hope of regaining some movement, anything would be a blessing.... Life is not over it it just being lived a little different.... Michael spent 6-7 hours a day last week re-learning how to balance his upper body, transfering from his wheel chair to the bed, the car and working on upper body strengh...seeing social workers to adapt to this new world. It has not been easy, but if anyone can handle it, Michael can, he has the will, strengh, determination, passion, attitude and TONS of love from YOU... he is so humbled by each and everyone of you and everything that has done to show support...the journey is far from over and week two starts today... he is ready for "work" as he puts it... this week there is much more to learn as Rancho will start the transition for Michael to go on "outtings with family and friends". Please continue to keep him in your thoughts and prayers... and again I personally can not say how much your love and support means to us... xoxo Patty...Michael

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Created by Chris Banks on September 2, 2012

Mike Crashed at Reno Bmx National on September 1st 2012.  He underwent 4.5 hours of surgery and got out @ 3am. He has a shattered T10 and is paralyzed from the belly button down. He is in good spirits considering all that is going on. His mom Cathy will be flying up later today. He has at least a week up in Reno to keep an eye on him. The next 24 hrs are the most critical. Keep him in your thoughts & prayers.  We need to send our Donations to Mikey to help him with his medical bills and long road to recovery!  

Anything would be a blessing! 
Thanks again

~Sean Duncan  5:50pm September 2, 2012
As most or all of you know by now, our BMX brother Michael Brown was seriously injured this weekend at the Reno national. He broke his back on the T10 and T11 vertabrae. The surgeons had a very successful surgery and were able to remove the bone spurs and relieve some of the swelling in Mike's back and reduce the paralysis as much as they could. The good news is Mike is in excellent spirits consid
ering what happened. He is ALREADY driving the nurses crazy! Mikes surgery will cost in the hundreds of thousands and his recovery and rehab will be in the millions. PLEASE find one of the many places taking donations(THANKS Chris Banks) and do whatever you can for our brother. I want to give a HUGE HUG and SHOUT OUT to Patty Hurt as well- she has not left his side since the accident and is a freaking ROCK!!! Stay Strong Mike- see you in 3 days buddy!

Benefit Nights:
Sat. 9/15/12 
~ NICK TUTTLES Ranch in Perris Ca. JAM-RAISER FOR BOOZER. BROTHER NEEDS OUR HELP. $10 minimum donation please to ride. Free to watch, camp, party. Riding starts around 2 till dark. More details will be announced. STAY STRONG MIKE!!!  
Nick: "Out of towners welcome to bring R.V.s, trailers, tents dirt bikes, what ever to make a weekend run. 110 acres of hills to ride and hike. No guns or fires. No hookups but water. Perris will be rebuilt, ride it Fri night. Lets do this.  951-229-7999. " 
ADDRESS.   23251 Placentia ave   Perris Ca  92570 
Manzanita Park BMX Fundraiser for MIke
What: Rider Down Mike Boozer Brown Fundraiser Race
When: Sept 22nd 10-12 signups
17100 Castroville Blvd. 
Prunedale, Ca

Possible UpComing Events!

~ Track night at Bellflower Bmx.  All entry fees will be donated to The Michael Brown Fund. Thanks Tammy Estep

~ World Famous Orange Y Bmx will be having a raffle with prizes for their State Final.  All Proceeds going to the Fund. Thanks Barry Nilson

Special Thanks too...
~ AME Pro Grips ~ EGK Bikes ~ S&M Bikes ~ Dale Holmes and Free Agent ~ BmxBandits ~ Maurice Horton Clinics (Cactus Park Fundraiser) ~ Nick Tuttle ~ Barry Nilson ~  Orange Y Bmx ~ All the donations, love and Prayers!


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Best of luck mike....thoughts and prayers from my family....God bless u!

posted by Joy Lagnason 11 months ago

This is also a really kind way to help people who for one reason or another have "fallen through the cracks" and have NO "safety net."

posted by Andy Langfeldt 19 months ago

Thoughts and prayers from the SMK team!

posted by Carrie Strange 19 months ago

Best of luck Mike get well soon. Prayers to you and your family. I can do all things in Christ who gives me strength .(Philippians 4-13). Stay strong Mike. God Bless.

posted by Brian Phillips 19 months ago

Thoughts and prayers go out to you Mike and your family from your MN BMX family.....Stay positive, we all are thinking of yuou :)

posted by Tanya Pudil 19 months ago

Stay positive booze... We all want to see some more bowlegged X-ups in the future!

posted by Justin McLintock 19 months ago

Mike, I had the same type of digger at Grands. Your gonna have to fight like a pit bull on a chain. You can do this your a racer! There is a network of guys just like us. Any thing I can do for you just call me 254 644 2373 any time day or night 24/7. Make sure some one is taking care of his skin don't let him lay in one spot to long. A pressure sore will prolong his rehab. Any questions please call me!

posted by Jim Kopchak 19 months ago

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posted by Sarah Weese 19 months ago

Mike, I'm so sorry this happened. I am praying for you and asking God for a speedy, painless recovery. I'm glad to hear your spirits are up...I can't imagine you without that goofy smile ;) Get well old friend.

posted by Krista McKown 19 months ago

Did anyone else have any issues leaving a donation? I get some sort of error after I try submitting my payment info...

posted by Mike Weatherford 19 months ago

Dude we are all gonna pull together and help you get through this keep your head up mikey. @Michael Brown

posted by Chris Banks 19 months ago

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Ryan Davis

12 months ago



Oak Creek BMX Clinic

18 months ago



Brandon Pyper and Family

18 months ago


We have not met, but a downed racer is a downed family member. I pray for a speedy recovery for you and your family.




18 months ago


keep on the positivity..



Jon & Teresa Williams

18 months ago



April Smith

19 months ago


Sorry to hear of your injury, Mike. I don't know you, but from what I've seen posted online, your attitude is inspiring. Hang in there!




19 months ago



Qasim Warraich

19 months ago


Get better dude.



The Adams Family

19 months ago


God bless and our family's wishes for a full recovery!



Air Control Air Cond

19 months ago


Any friend of Chris is a friend of ours.


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