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About 10-15 years ago my Aunt Kristie was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, when she actually only had been bit by a little tick... but unfortunately contracted Lymes Disease. Aunt Kr... more


Updated posted by Breezy Arduini 9 months ago

Etsy site is about to be poppin!! We have LOTS of new stuff to be posted which 100% proceeds go to Kisses for Kristie and Lymes Disease Research!!

Here is a little preview to get you excited! :)

Thanks so much for the continued support!


Glass Beaded Bracelet


Updated posted by Breezy Arduini 9 months ago

Hello! I hope everyone is having an awesome summer! We are still working hard over here to get Kisses for Kris up and fully running. We have a few things still on our plate to accomplish:

1. stickers and t-shirts are in the process of being made so those will be distrubuted to help spread awareness!

2. The Etsy site is gettting more hits every day! I will soon be posting some BEAUTIFUL handmade jewelry on there that my cousin, Kinsey McLeod, made!

3. We have come up with the new and OFFICIAL catch phrase for t-shirts, stickers, etc.


Thank you all for the continued support!
Check out this awesome article about Lymes and the continued battle on how to treat it.

fight the bite, spread the word!


Updated posted by Breezy Arduini 10 months ago

Ki$$es For Kristie is gaining momentum! We have been plans and aspirations for the coming summer months to raise money for Jemsek trips and the Lymes Foundation! Kristie's next Jemsek visit is a phone consultation to see how she is doing and progressing

Coming up!

1. We will be making stickers and hopefully t-shirts to pass out and spread the word of Lyme's Disease! These will be free but donations are encouraged!

2. Lots of more crafts coming in for the Etsy site! So continue to check that out!

3. I also have been given the AWESOME opportunity to work for the jewelry company Chloe & Isabel. Till August, all proceeds will go toward Ki$$es for Kristie! So, if you'd like, check out their jewels and make sure you shop with me (Breezy Arduini) as your merchandiser, and we will get the profits from that!

Thanks so much for the continued support!
Love to all!
Happy Summer!

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Created by Breezy Arduini on April 17, 2013

About 10-15 years ago my Aunt Kristie was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, when she actually only had been bit by a little tick... but unfortunately contracted Lymes Disease.

Aunt Kristie was misdiagnosed and mis-medicated for almost five years as she watched her life slowly slip away.

*her daily medicine

Kristies condition has continued to worsen and due to her misdiagnose, her body is past the point of responding to the "normal" medicines given to Lymes patient. She is beginning to loose cognitive function and she is now wheel chair bound. She agonizes in pain just when someone touches her arm. I have never really been so closely involved with a chronic illness like this, but Lymes disease seems absolutely miserable. She is constantly aching in pain and can no longer do any of her art because it hurts her fingers too much.

She has been through some of the worst things, I think, anyone should ever go through. She is my idol. She is my inspiration and I want to do something to help.

But a few weeks ago we got a little bit of good news! The Jemsek Speciality Clinic, in DC, focuses on Lymes disease patients and making the rest of their life more comfortable and worth living.

Kristie and my mom, Kim, traveled to the clinic and they committed Krisite to their patient database!! She is thrilled to be able to work with these incredible doctors. They have already given her some lotion she calls the "magic cream," which takes away her pain whenever she rubs in on! How cool!

BUT this is the part where I want to help...

Working with the clinic is very expensive--the gas from Chapel Hill to DC, the hotel stays, the medicine, etc. Aunt Krisite cant afford her Lymes bills anymore, after already loosing her job, so I wanted to try and help.


By creating this webpage, posting flyers, selling homemade crafts, and other things I am going to try and raise as much money as I can to help make the rest of Aunt Krisitie's life the best it can be and educate the public about the devestating effects of Lyme Disease, especially if it goes untreated. This website advocates for education, prevention and shares the heartbreaking story of Kristie's journey. Kristie was once a healthy horsewoman who competed nationally and won numerous awards for her horsemanship. Today, she is is confined to a wheelchair, has failing hearing and eyesight, can no longer drive a car and, because of the sever brain damage caused by the disease, often forgets the name of family members. This is where your money can come in a variety of different uses!


I think that one of the worst feelings in the world would be knowing your imminent death. My Aunt inspires me to take every day as it may be your last... as cliche as it sounds. I think it is my turn to show her how good life can be in these last few months of her life. I want to make all of her dreams come true ultimately showing and proving to her her life was worth living-- as of now i feel like she doesn't believe it was


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8 months ago

Lots of Support


Erin Provancha

11 months ago


Hope every little bit helps, make every moment count, life is precious.




11 months ago



Letty Shearer

11 months ago


Great use of technology. Prayers of support for your Aunt Kristie and respect for you Breezy.

Lots of Support


Jonathan Rhudy

11 months ago


Good luck Breezy! What a wonderful niece you are for helping your aunt.



Caroline Belt

11 months ago

I love you!


Allison Weinstein

11 months ago


We love you, Breezy!



Kennedy Fitzsimmons

12 months ago


I love you breeze

I love you!


Kellie McLeod

12 months ago


This is the most amazing tool to help Kristie. Breezy, thank you for putting your network, initiative, and creativity to work for my dear sis! Love wins every time!




12 months ago


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