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Our beautiful 5 year old little man Julian Gerard Rosario-Valentin passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on September 8th2012 after complaining of a headache.   After 4 months of waiti... more


Updated posted by Cait Valentin 13 months ago

We have taken out $7,784 to send to the statue company and it will be sent to them today. That was the amount available because of the 5% they remove from the amount. We have $7,216 left to raise. We raise MORE than that in 1 WEEK! We can do this!!!! =D


Created by Cait Valentin on January 16, 2013

Our beautiful 5 year old little man Julian Gerard Rosario-Valentin passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on September 8th2012 after complaining of a headache.
After 4 months of waiting for an answer, we are told that his cause of passing was Acute Myocarditis (An infection of the heart muscle) This is NOT a heart condition. Julian was a perfectly healthy, active, happy little boy with dreams of being a famous baseball player. He was wise beyond his years with a huge heart and wonderful spirit. He was the center of everyones life. He MADE our family.



We have lived two blocks down from Youth Park for 20 years. We were raised in that house and Julian grew up in that house.

This project would mean the world to us and it would mean even more to Julian.


Julian absolutely loved going to the park. He went to Youth Park almost every weekend with his cousins, his mom, his dad and his little sister. He loved walking there, riding his bike or driving his awesome little Camaro and he would sometimes take a quick ride in the car to get there. All of the neighborhood kids loved playing with him when they seen him, he was the most popular 5 year old. He was so full of energy. Always wanted to run and play. The park is now so quiet without him, it just isn't the same. That WAS Julian’s park.

After Julian passed away, His dad wanted to do something in his honor and something BIG! Something Julian would be so very proud of. He decided he wanted to have a life size statue put in of Julian at his favorite park so whenever parents and their kids walked through, they would see and remember him for the rest of their lives. We all thought this was the perfect idea so we had to so something.

On October 2012, just a month after Julian passed away we spoke to a well known medium Joseph LoBrutto. We had a wonderful reading with him and before the reading started we were all asked to write down a few questions we had, we then folded the paper and put it in the middle of the living room, Joseph did not get a chance to see them. He started talking about Julian and that Julian was mentioning a statue in a park or backyard and we knew right away that he was talking about what his dad wanted to do for him. Once the reading was over, Joseph went through the folded papers and one of Julian’s dads questions to him was "Is there anything you want me to do for you"? And he had the statue in mind as he wrote that. Well, Julian answered that question, He would love to see a statue done in his honor. We all couldn't believe it. We know how much Julian would love that and how "cool" he would think it was. He always told us he was going to be famous and everyone was going to know who he was, we did NOT think it would be because of this reason and it breaks our heart to know that he is no longer with us physically but if we can get this done for him and keep him and his beautiful memory alive forever, that's exactly what we will do.

This statue represents so much to us. The love and devotion we have for our baby.  It’s about keeping our beautiful, only sons memory alive. It’s very, very painful losing a child and what comes along with that are people forgetting that he was here, that he did exist. That part is so heartbreaking because he meant so much to our family. People do end up forgetting, they move on with their lives while the ones most effected by this live with the hurt forever. This statue is to keep people remembering, to keep him in everyone’s hearts and mind so he is never, ever forgotten. He was TOO young to go and TOO special to ever be forgotten.

All of the money donated will go to Julians Statue, If we raise more than we need, we will send a check to the Myocarditis Foundation!

**Please READ Julians story !!**

Everyone needs to know about Myocarditis and that it IS NOT a rare heart condition, it's a heart infection that can affect anyone at anytime! Julian was 100% healthy and he passed away one day after complaining of only a headache! 

Links for JULIAN:


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^^That page will have a link to his more personal (closed) group FACEBOOK page ! ^^


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Cait, I truly hope the statue has brought you some peace in your heart knowing you accomplished exactly what Julian asked for.

posted by Victoria Karpos 4 months ago

God bless you always i my thoughts and prayers.

posted by Jackie Baybie 9 months ago

Can't wait to see the statue!!

posted by Dominique Salgado 11 months ago

God bless you and your family. Your Julian must be so proud of you. Looking forward to the day I learn the statue is up.

posted by Raquel Rohlfing 13 months ago

Cait we

posted by Gina Nunez 13 months ago

God bless you and your family. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. Julian deserves this statue and so much more.

posted by Sudy Vargas-White 13 months ago

its a honor to b part of ths...since day one the story has stayed in my heart....God Bless the family and cant wait to see the finished product..

posted by Valerie Diaz-Moreno 13 months ago

god bless

posted by Neida Villalobos 13 months ago

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Sylvia Olivo

11 months ago


Your story has touched my heart. I know its not much but I pray the funds donated to multiply one hundred fold and more to such a worthy cause. I am so sorry for your losses and I will keep you and your family in my prayers. God bless!



Christina S.

11 months ago


Cait, you and your beautiful family are in my thoughts and prayers everyday




11 months ago


I would have loved to meet you Julian. may you r.i.p. my condolences to the family of my second family. I am here to help



Isabel Benavides

11 months ago


I know this isn't very much but I will be back and give as much as I possibly can. I may not have known Julian or his family but Julian will always have special place in my heart. To infinity and beyond



Elizabeth Noonan

12 months ago


May your memory statue always feel the sun upon your face and the stars shine over you.




12 months ago


Round 3. To infinity and beyond <3 Julian, you will always be in my heart



Sujey Salazar

12 months ago


For you beautiful Julian <3 (hugs and kisses)



Alyssa Ortiz

12 months ago


God bless lil Julian and your family!!!! To infinity and beyond!!!!!<3



Jackie Bravo

12 months ago (Monthly Donation)


I'm back love.. it's not much but I'll always come back.. TI&B LOVE YOU JULIAN LIFE ISN'T WHAT I THOUGHT IT WAS AFTER YOUR BEAUTIFUL MOMMY LOST YOU. I know you're still with her all the time somehow. The love everyone has for you is eternal. We love you Cait and family.. Love Michael, Jackie, Dana,&Angie♥



jessica trevino

12 months ago


I love u julian <3 to infinity & Beyond not much bby but ill be back round 7 <3<3


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