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This site is made to commemorate Brian Jared Peters, also lovingly known as Petey. It has been said that what we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others... more


Updated posted by Sabrina Chakhtoura 7 months ago

Brian Jared Peters remains in all of our hearts. Friday September 6th, he was laid to rest in Las Vegas, NV. The service was packed. Extra rows of chairs had to be added to accommodate all of the people who came to pay tribute to Jared. There was not a dry eye in the room as memories were shared by friends and family. To say that Jared touched the hearts of many and left an imprint on so many more would be an understatement. His memory lives on and we are so thankful for everyone who has been showing their love and support. Please continue to share this site with anyone who knew Jared. We are so close to our goal and are eternally grateful for everyone who has already given to this cause.


Updated posted by Sabrina Chakhtoura 7 months ago

On behalf of the Peters family, we would like to remind everyone that the funeral proceeding for Jared Peters​​ is tomorrow Friday Sept.6 at 11:00 A.M. at King David Memorial Chapel and Cemetery. 2697 E.Eldorado Las Vegas, NV.
Visitation will be before the ceremony at 10:00 A.M. until start of service. Please come celebrate the life of this amazing man and show your love and support for his family.


Updated posted by Sabrina Chakhtoura 7 months ago

To all those who cannot make the funeral tomorrow, below is a link for a LIVE feed of the service. Click this link and enter in the memorial ID and password tomorrow to access it live. Please share this information with everyone who cannot be here.

Memorial ID: 4725
Password: QXCXP

From the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank everyone for the overwhelming support. This site has received an abundance of love through comments and donations for Jared and his family. Please continue to share this site and help reach our goal, we are over 60% there! Thank you so much for joining us in supporting Jared and his family.

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Created by Sabrina Chakhtoura on September 1, 2013

This site is made to commemorate Brian Jared Peters, also lovingly known as Petey. It has been said that what we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal. Jared's memory will continue to live on in each and every one of our hearts. The joy he had for life and the love he had for people is a fact known to anyone who has ever crossed his path.

Please feel free to leave a message about a memory or about your friendship with Jared. These will be shared with his family as a way for them to celebrate the astounding life he lived. The Peters are one of the most earnest, loving, loyal and generous families that we have ever had the opportunity to know. It's no wonder Jared was such an incredible guy. On this site, you have the opportunity to donate money towards funeral costs, a memorial fund and other expenses, all of which will go directly to Jared Peter's family. Anyone who has met Jared and his family know how close they all are, and how much they truly love one another. Please give what you can, any amount large or small, towards a family that has poured out their heart and soul into the lives of so many of Jared's friends. Also, please make sure to leave a comment commemorating his memory as we want to always remember the amazing life he lived, as well as the people he shared it with.

**Check back on this site for updates on funeral arrangements and other important news as it pertains to Jared.

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I would just like to say something about Petey... I would like to say thank you. He was the ONLY senior on the Coronado Highschool lacrosse team that was nice and cool and everything to us freshmen. I personally looked up to him A LOT. He was a great friend and teammate. I would also like to say... I know that there is life on the other side. I know that he is resting, he is learning, and he is with family members who love him. I bear witness to this as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. God bless your family, Petey, and I'll see you on the other side. Thanks for being my friend.

posted by Elder Taylor Lythgoe 7 months ago

It's hard for me to imagine a day in Oxford that didn't involve Petey. His friendship, loyalty, sincerity, and good humor will always have a lasting impression on me. I wish there was a way to put into words what Petey's friendship meant to me and everybody that had the privilege of getting to know him. In all of the darkness following the accident I know that my grieving will end with a big genuine smile, affirming Petey's impact on my life and helping to spread his joy to the world. I love you Petey. I'm going to miss you more and more with every day that passes.

posted by Evan Kirkham 7 months ago

I was the new kid at Greenspun Junior High in 2013. I remember the first day of school in Mr. Michelson's math class we were given assigned seating, I got put next to Jared. He had long, black hair a slipknot shirt and black jeans, this is pretty much what his wardrobe consisted of in 8th grade. In class we often had to do math problems and work in groups, Jared was so smart the only reason I passed 8th grade math was because of his help, he was a math genius! I so looked forward to seeing him everyday because he had this light to him, you couldn't help but be in a good mood when you were around him. I remember him needling me all the time about the music I listened to and that slipknot was pretty much the greatest band ever, "they don't scream, they sing" he would tell me. Towards the end of the year I began to form this huge crush on Jared but could never tell him because at this point he was one of my best friends. During this time AIM was really popular, I had my own computer in my room. I can remember countless hours talking to "sicslipknotfan" about everything you could imagine. He was one of those guys that you could pretty much tell anything and everything to and he would never judge and give the BEST advice. I found out his first name was Brian, I LOVED calling him Brian because nobody else did. We found out that we were both zoned for Coronado High School which was great news to both of us. Unfortunately we didn't remain best friends in high school as we both had a lot of differently things going on in our lives. I remember the day he came to school with his hair cut, I could not believe it! He cut off his hair that he loved so much and his beautiful face was finally visible! Jared was adored by so many people in high school, come to think of it I have never heard one negative thing about him...ever. A few nights ago I ran into Jared, I was soooo happy to see him for the first time in years! He was so sweet and welcoming, wanting to know all about my life in the time passed. I find peace in knowing how happy he was that night, just having a good ol' time! Looking at his facebook and all of the comments, memories and love makes me feel so privileged that I had the opportunity to know such an amazing guy. The memories of Brian Jared Peters will never be forgotten. Friends come into our lives and friends leave our lives. But friends never leave our hearts. And best friends always get to stay in the best places in our hearts. Forever in my heart

posted by Megan Polidan 7 months ago

May we find comfort in all the love Petey had for each and every one of us and all the love we had and always will have for him. I truly believe Heaven is a place we already know, Heaven is in the arms that hold us long before our time comes. Petey I know was Heaven in my life and fortunately he is always only a thought away. Until that day we meet again on eternities shore, my love for him will always grow. RIP Petey, my love to you and everybody reading this.

posted by Aubry Carmody 7 months ago

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MS Lacrosse Team

5 months ago (Offline Donation)



Johnny Wahl

7 months ago


"...Then we'll go into heaven and start up again and rope the best angels in." You are forever missed, buddy. L&R



Jacob Davis

7 months ago



Ranya Asmar

7 months ago




7 months ago



The Jean Family

7 months ago


Thoughts, prayers and love to all his family and friends.



James Egidio

7 months ago


Hi Dava and Jim, I am very sorry to hear about your loss; Together we mourn the loss, Honor the Memory, and Celebrate the Life of Someone Who will be So Deeply Missed. Though It's Difficult to express how much Sympathy goes out to you, still hope you know how close you are in heart and thought Today (09/06/2013)



Shelby Scott and Jordan Scott

7 months ago



Brett and Tamara Hagedorn

7 months ago


Our prayers and thoughts to Petey's family and friends. We didn't know him well however he made such an impression. Our deepest condolences; may you rest in peace, Jared.



Nichole Finn

7 months ago


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