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On May 14th my dearest Uncle Orly had and unexplained seizure at work. For what seemed to be the longest month we didn't have any answers. For that month we knew we were simply dealing w... more


Updated posted by Cristina Diaz Vaulk 20 months ago

Orly is "Feeling the Power" from everyone's postive thoughts and unbelievable generosity. Orly-Fest is set for Saturday at Greynolds Park and we look forward to sharing "Orly stories" and good times with family and friends. Food, raffle, shirts and bracelets will be avaiable to show our support for the character we all know and love. Come by and help him feel your power. Thank you for all the well wishes and prayers. Please continue to send those thoughts as he has his second round of chemo on Thursday. Like he continues to say "I got this!"


Updated posted by Cristina Diaz Vaulk 20 months ago

Orly is doing great, Second round IV chemo next Wed


Updated posted by Cristina Diaz Vaulk 21 months ago

This is Evie Orly's wife,, I want to express how much we are grateful for everyones encouranging words of love, support and generousity ..Thank You

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Created by Cristina Diaz Vaulk on July 14, 2012

On May 14th my dearest Uncle Orly had and unexplained seizure at work. For what seemed to be the longest month we didn't have any answers. For that month we knew we were simply dealing with a tumor, but we were never prepared for the news we received on the 21st of June. The 21st of June will forever be the day that our lives changed when Uncle Orly was diagnosed with a GBM Brain Tumor on the right side of his brain. The neurosurgeon was very meticulous during surgery to not interefere with his motor functions that were controlled by the nerves where the tumor resided. It was important to Dr. Wolfe to keep his quality of life intact. Anyone who knows Orly knows this is not his first brain surgery. He survived a near fatal car accident when he was 17 when he flipped in a car. Everyone is still amazed he walked away from that one. If anyone can kick Brain Cancer, it is Orlando Perez! He will do it with that smile we all know and love while shooting his victory sign!

After completion of the first surgery on the 28th of June we were very hopeful. He seemed to bounce back in true Orly fashion and four days after surgery went to his favorite place, the  beach, with stitches and staples in his head. We had a great time on July 4th while Orly was taking care of everyone and ensuring we had everything we needed for a good time.
Reality however, has set in, and not only is cancer evil, but it is expensive! Evie is working hard and needs help to fund the expensive medicine that needs to be taken in conjuction with his chemo treatments which is supposed to start on Tuesday, the 17th. If we can't raise the funds his chemo treatments may be delayed. The chemo treatments are extensive and need to be started as soon as  possible. Orly will be undergoing chemo 5 days a week for six weeks! When the first round is complete he will then have to fight with IV chemo as well. 

Orlando's family is praying that everyone can help Orlando continue to "Feel the Power" and help him with the biggest fight of his life. If anyone can beat the odds it is Uncle Orly. All his friends and family can share an Orly story or two that adds to his charasmatic personality. He is the life of the party and all of his family and friends would love to see him enjoy his time with his precious family. Orly still has a lot of life to live and he has just started on the adventure. He will celebrate his fourteenth wedding anniversary with his wife Evie in September. They traveled seperate paths from their earlier days in high school to realize that they truly are soul mates. I can still hear their wedding song "You're Still the One" from Shania Twain playing in the background.  The two of them still have so many memories they need to make together with their ten year old daughter, Nicole, and his amazing step son Mike. 
He waited nearly forty years to be honored with the title "Daddy" when she was born. His beautiful, kind-hearted, sweet daughter was honestly worth the wait. She loves her daddy with all her heart and to forecast the road ahead for her is just heartbreaking.  Nicole or "Collie" has a smile that can brighten any room. It is the same smile of my Uncle Orly and to see how he lights up in her presence is truly beautiful. 
Please help them make some more beautiful memories!!


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wishing you well from and old friend

posted by Fran Garro 3 months ago

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Ron & Susan Spiegel

19 months ago


Keep fighting the good fight! All the best.




19 months ago




20 months ago


Win this fight Montana! I wish you a fast recovery




20 months ago



Julie Wilson Watson

20 months ago


BEst of luck to you Orly!



Darla Treppeda Blythe

20 months ago


Orly, Evie and family, So Sorry I wasn't able to be at Orly Fest but I wanted to send my prayers, love and support. I've been looking at the pictures and it looks like everyone had an amazing time! I see Tony is already working on Orly Fest II. I am looking forward to it!




20 months ago


Wishing you the best!!! All good thoughts and wishes for you and your family!!!



Christine Whelan ( Marnie's sister)

20 months ago


One thousand prayers of healing and health are attached to each dollar of this donation for Orly. xoxo



South Florida Aesthetics

20 months ago


You are a special and unique guy! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this trying time....Victoria



Mary McQuaig

20 months ago


“I have heard there are troubles of more than one kind. Some come from ahead and some come from behind. But I've bought a big bat. I'm all ready you see. Now my troubles are going to have troubles with me!” ~Dr. Suess~ Godspeed Orlando


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