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You know how sometimes life can throw you a big fat curve ball right out of left field, catching you completely off guard and bopping you right in the head?! That's what has happened in... more


Updated posted by Nina Knox 7 months ago

Well, it's been a long and difficult journey! Thank you all for travelling it with us. There was no way that we could have known the outcome, or expected it to be what it is, when this started back on July 20. The journey felt long, but it actually has only been 9 weeks.
The memorial service here in Pennsylvania is over and it was a nice end and somewhat of a closure for us here in DuBois. My parents were surrounded by their close PA friends and relatives, which offered much strength and support. So many people say, "I don't know what to say!" I can sincerely tell you that you don't need to say anything. Just being there with a hug is plenty!
As per Roley's wishes, his beautiful urn containing his ashes, were buried alongside his beloved grandparents and his Uncle Chuck and Aunt Linda, at our family plot here in DuBois at Morningside Cemetery.
We will be making one more trip to Ohio and Indiana this weekend. Some loose ends need finalized with family and finances. Then we will move forward with life because that is what Roley would want. He always wanted everyone to be happy and not to feel bad! We will continue to appreciate the good and positive that is going to come about because of his life!
I want to take this time to thank each and every one of you reading this for all the love, support, prayers and donations during this last 9 weeks. Now it's my turn to say, "I don't know what to say!" No words can describe what you all have meant to us! The donations have been amazing and it is literally what has been supporting Kim and Tabytha so far. This has been their only income and we don't expect any of their social security benefits to start for them until December - we hope!
With the help of Mom and Dad, family, and all of you, we know Kim and Tabytha will be fine.
If anyone would like to talk to me, ask any questions, or as I promised in the very beginning, if there is anything I can ever do for anyone of you, please email me at
God Bless!!


Updated posted by Nina Knox 7 months ago

I'll be closing down GoFundMe in a few days. We're working on final arrangements for the burial here in Pennsylvania. We're all exhausted! I know Kim is having a really hard time, and I feel so bad for her. It's a very sad thing to lose your husband, son, brother, father so unexpectedly and so quickly.
My brain is tired! It's hard to think!


Updated posted by Nina Knox 7 months ago

Getting back to "Normal"? Normal is something you go through, not something you get back to. Someone said that once. You can read my update here:

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Created by Nina Knox on July 20, 2013

You know how sometimes life can throw you a big fat curve ball right out of left field, catching you completely off guard and bopping you right in the head?! That's what has happened in our family. One of those things that you thought could never happen to you, or your family, and it has! Proof that no one is immune to illness, sadness and disease, no matter how good your life is.

Some of you know me personally, some of you only know me through social media, and some of you are complete strangers. I just want to start off saying that we are a family that believes in a "hand up" and not a "hand out". I heard about this site through a friend and I initially felt very odd about carrying through with this at first. I'm not accustomed to or comfortable at all with asking for help or money! But I will also do anything and everything to help my brother. I am of the mindset right now that I want to exhaust every outlet, every opportunity, every possibility that is available to my brother.!

Roland Bechtel, III, is my brother. He's 53 years old, the father of 5 and grandfather of 7 (shown above with his grandson, Roland V). He is a loving husband, brother and son. His wife was diagnosed a few years ago with MS and Roland has been her primary caretaker. He worked and his insurance covered her expenses. Several months ago, due to the increased expense of health care, Roland's company went out of business. He was left unemployed, through no fault of his own. This left him with no insurance and a small monthly unemployment check. They were able to get some state (Indiana) assistance for his wife that is now helping with some of her costly medical needs. Roland makes sure that she gets the meds and the shots on schedule and cares for her daily needs.

New employment was not coming quickly, but Roland is very resourceful, intelligent and motivated and so was just starting up a new self employed business venture and clients were coming to him. He was excited and happy that things would work out for the best as they always seemed to do. That is until he got a very bad pain in his leg! Still with no insurance, but without being able to take the pain any longer, he went into the ER. It was discovered that he had a blot clot in his leg. It was caught just in time before any major damage, he was put on blood thinning medication, told to keep his leg elevated, and we all thought that scary little incident was over.

After about two weeks of the pain not going away, and an overall feeling of exhaustion, Roland went back to the doctor and scans were done. The thought at first was that there could be some heart issues. The good news came back that his heart was fine. The very bad news was that there looked to be some sort of mass on his pancreas! A few days, and many more scans later, it was discovered that he has pancreatic cancer that has spread to his liver and part of his lungs.

No one saw this coming! He's 53, never in the hospital a day in his life before this, and no symptoms before this! Are they sure? Yes, they're sure! He's now sent home with strong pain medication and more medical appointments scheduled.

Now here he is with no insurance, unable to think clear and concentrate on his work, a small income that is shortly going to end, an ill wife that he was the primary caretaker of, and medical bills that are already piling high after only a few weeks! As a family, we are helping out in every way we can, including monetarily, but the cost of medical bills is and will go way beyond what anyone can pay out of pocket.

I would like to think of this web site as an opportunity for me to help and give to my brother. In my own mind I am considering this a chance to pay it forward to any of you that reach out to me someday and need a little something when that curve ball hits you. I, my brother, and my family will keep track of the names of everyone that feels they are in a position to lend this helping hand. We will not forget!

If you are not able to help monetarily at this time, we just ask that you keep Roland and his family in your prayers. That means just as much! Thank you. And thanks so much for taking the time to read our story!

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So Long Old Friend...The Memories You Leave Behind with Me Are Fresh and Vivid, but Are Now More Than Ten Years Old. Deep Condolences to The Entire Bechtel Family from The Goot, I Know First Hand How Much He Loved You All, and How Proud He Was of Each of You. Kimmie, I'll NEVER Forget Our Baker Christmas Party Trip to Rising Sun and Your First Experience @ the Craps Table. Roland and I Chanted..."5 B4 7 Kimmie...5 B4 7." Thank You All for Sharing Such a Fine Man with Me. I Believe We'll Meet Again, Rolando. John 11:25-26

posted by Daniel Gootee 7 months ago

RIP Roland. Did not get to know him very much but we were part of the same company, and I always heard excellent comments about him. I am really sorry for your loss and I will keep Roland and his family in my prayers. Rest in peace.

posted by Lily Smith 7 months ago

I visited Roland today. I worked with him at Deufol. He would do anything for his employees. I would work for him any time. I don't have much, but I plan to keep visiting him every chance I get.

posted by Violet Kelley Warren 8 months ago

Nina I am so very sorry for this news. I know how hard this can be for everyone having gone through it myself. I also know what kind of soul searching takes place. God Bless you and your family and I pray for peace to all of you. Love and cherish your grandbabies and know in your heart that with life comes death. We all handle things differently. Hold on to your memories. thank you for keeping us updated as much as you did. We appreciate all that you have done for us outsiders. I'm thinking about you and wishing you well.

posted by Brenda Winner 8 months ago

Just wanted to let you know we are thinking and praying for you everyday. Seems like you are always on my mind. Mike comes home from work and the first thing he asks is "Whats' going on with Roley?" We both hate the fact that so much time has passed since they saw one another. Please let him know we care and pray for some peace for all of your family at the most difficult times of your lives. Love to all of you Brenda and Mike Winner

posted by Brenda Winner 8 months ago

Please tell Roley that he and his family are in our prayers. Do you have a number for him? I was his room mate at Hanover for 2 years with Charlie.

posted by Daniel Suit 8 months ago

Nina~ God bless you and your family at this difficult time.. I know it was out of your comfort zone to reach out and "ask", but sometimes we are called to be a voice for those who cannot be that for whatever reason. You are the voice! I will lift up you and your brother and whole family in prayer... Stay the course

posted by Annette Landers 8 months ago

Nina, so sorry to hear of this. Prayers are with your family. Will donate to your fund for brother. Huggs to your family.

posted by Kelly Britton Funair 8 months ago

Roland I deeply saddened by this news you are continually on our prayer with all our love josh cara and ryleigh

posted by Cara Peters 9 months ago

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