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On June 20th, our dear friend Danielle Peeples was diagnosed with Invasive Breast Adenocarcinoma, an invasive and fast growing form of breast cancer. She is currently undergoing chemothe... more


Updated posted by Viva Craig 12 months ago

Here is the latest update from Richard-- Danielle continues to get better and grow stronger every day! It includes a link on the end for their upcoming benefit's going to be SO much fun!!! Buy your tickets today :)

Danielle used the walker for the first time yesterday--you may recall she asked if she would ever walk again and now we have the answer. She did pretty well, still has to work on the balance issue, and is easily distracted by someone talking or walking by.

Molly visited again yesterday, and sat for a long time in Danielle's lap. She is not really a lap/cuddly dog; she is a tough girl of action, but she seemed really content to just sit still and be quiet. She did have to go check out the flower bed situation but returned for another lap sit.

Today begins another 5 days of intense rehab, beginning with a real shower this morning. No radiation today; the techs are having computer training.

Wanted to share this development: friends have organized another benefit for Danielle, a family music day to take place on Sunday, June 9th here in Orlando at the Orlando Repertory Theater, with Lunch Money, Mr Harley, Jiggleman, and Mr Richard and the Pound Hounds performing. Hope you can make it; details in the link.

Thanks again for keeping Danielle in your thoughts and prayers for sending so much love and good feelings!


Updated posted by Viva Craig 12 months ago

Thanks so much for your continued prayers and support. There have been many ups and downs since my last update, but things are now on the UP side! Here is a brief update from Richard about Danielle's progress:

I can't thank you enough for all the well-wishes being sent our way; my wife Danielle has taken a turn for the better since last week. Her ventilator, IV and artery lines have been removed, but she still has a catheter and her external drain from her brain. She personally removed her feeding tube from her nose, twice. She is speaking and singing and getting physical therapy every day. The plan is to install another internal shunt on Friday so that radiation treatments can resume asap.


Updated posted by Viva Craig 12 months ago

Dear Friends of Danielle and Richard,

Please keep Danielle and Richard in your heart tonight, and send them all of your healing strength and prayers. I'm sorry to report that Danielle is very, very sick and in the ICU, with Richard holding her hand. Please send them all of your strength and love. Here is a recent update from Richard:

Danielle's neurosurgeon came by finally around 7pm. Danielle is very sick, I am sorry to say. The blood swelling around her brain is putting great pressure on her head. It can go either way now. They plan to take another cat scan early tomorrow and the doctor will come by and let me know the plan for the day; it will be day-to-day now.

I have been holding her hand most of the day, and the nurses bring her out of sedation every couple of hours to test her reflexes and responses. She is pretty dopey, but after her 7:15 testing, before she faded out again, I leaned over to her face and for a couple of seconds she looked me square in the eyes. I said, "I love you," and there was the faintest of smiles before she nodded off. I whispered "Thank you" in her ear.

And thank you, too, for all the love zooming our way. It definitely is a comfort.

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Created by Viva Craig on July 26, 2012

On June 20th, our dear friend Danielle Peeples was diagnosed with Invasive Breast Adenocarcinoma, an invasive and fast growing form of breast cancer. She is currently undergoing chemotherapy, and will need about 6 months of chemo before her mastectomy. After the surgery, she will have daily radiation treatments. 

Danielle is a 1st grade teacher at Rosemont Elementary in Pine Hills, where she was voted Teacher of the Year in 2012. Although she has health insurance through her job, she is unable to work during her treatments, and the pile of medical bills and co-pays keeps mounting. 

Danielle and her husband Richard (also known as Mr. Richard to his loyal fans) have dedicated their lives to children. While Danielle is a teacher at a low-income school, Richard is Orlando's favorite children's musician, or as he calls it, kiddie rocker. Mr. Richard entertains kids all over Central Florida with his concerts, sing-a-longs and musical story times. Check out his awesome music and videos on his website, .

This amazing couple has given so much to our community. They have taught our children and made them smile. Mr. Richard has donated his time and talent to countless charities and fundraisers, and recently donated his hair to Locks of Love. Now it's time to give back to this couple who have done so much to make this world a better place. 

All money collected goes directly to Danielle and Richard to help with medical bills and living expenses during this difficult time. They are aware of this fundraising effort, and are so grateful for the love and support of the community. Donations of any amount are welcome, and we hope that you will share this page so we can spread the word. 

Thank you so much for all of the healing love, prayers, and generous donations. Let's show Danielle and Richard how much they mean to us by helping them out with finances so they can focus all of their energy on Danielle's fight against breast cancer. 

*In case you are wondering, I am a friend and neighbor of Danielle and Richard. When they told me that the co-pay for 3 of Danielle's anti-nausea pills was $75 (for 3 little pills!!!), I knew I had to do something to help. Thanks again :) 


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Danielle, me and Kennys hearts go out to you and Richard. You have been on my Bible study groups prayer list and we'll continue to be. Soooo glad you are improving. Keep it up. And Rich, you keep your head up. Danielle's blessed to have you. Hope to see you guys next visit. God Bless!

posted by Ann Gilbert 11 months ago

as I was placing my hand on Danielle's picture and praying for her, on the radio a cicada symphony played accompanied by a clarinet player. I asked for healing to this symphony. God Bless you ALL. Faith and Strength and kick cancer's @ss!

posted by Amy Hammond 12 months ago

Still praying for you, Peeples! I have the TpT community praying for you too! Love you!!!

posted by Naomi O'Brien 12 months ago

I'm really sorry to hear this. My son Tito loves Mr. Richard's performing and songs. God Bless you and your beautiful family.

posted by Keith Wahl 12 months ago

My heart breaks as I read the updates. I had no idea of this page and did not know of the current medical status. Mr. Richard you will always hold a very special place in our hearts. Thank you for caring for our daughter, Shellee Grace. I cannot fathom what you are going through and how hard it must have been to do what you did for us today. We are forever grateful. Michael and I are praying for you every single moment. Danielle is loved by so many and we are praying for a pure miracle. Please PLEASE let us know if there is anything we can do to help. 407-474-3340 and 407-951-5583. LOVE, The Deals *Summer, Seanna 7, Shellee 3, Michael Deal*

posted by Summer Michael Deal 12 months ago

Thinking of you Mr. Richard and Danielle, you are in our prayers tonight.

posted by Ashley Kurau 12 months ago

Hello, where can I mail a Holiday card and a donation for Mr Richard and Danielle? Our Moms group has raised money for them. Thanks! : )

posted by Ashley Kurau 16 months ago

thinking about ya.....glad to see all the donations! keep them coming....great job Viva!

posted by Becca Braddock 20 months ago

you are in my prayers

posted by Lisa Hall 20 months ago

Our Prayers are with you and your family!

posted by Lori Belanger 20 months ago

Praying for God's healing hand to touch your life in a powerful way and give you strength and comfort for the journey.

posted by Kathryn Taylor 20 months ago

My prayers will be rising for y'all constantly!

posted by Jody McKewen 20 months ago

Richard and Danielle, prayers for you both!!!

posted by Ruth Anne Wood Crotts 20 months ago

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You are an inspiration!



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We had a community garage sale and decided to share your story to help raise money for you and Danielle. Our daughter Kaelyn, who has been a fan for 7 years has frequented many Barnes and Nobles, Chick-fil-A's, Bojangles, Relay for Life, and other events of yours and wanted to help with her own bake sale, toys, along with other clothes, and household items. We raised $100 that we hope can help in some way to know how much you're dear to our hearts. We posted a picture on your Facebook page. "What lies behind you, and what lies before you, are tiny matters compared to what lies within you" Ralph Waldo Emerson




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Lisa Ferri

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Hang in there and God Bless You.


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