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Official 'Great Lake State' Facebook Fan Page. Please Like it! Great Lake State. Genre: Drama (Suspense/Romance) Made in Michigan, By Michigan, for the world. TAG-LINE: EVERY WOMAN H... more


Updated posted by Sean H Robertson 20 months ago

First MyTV20 Fall Slot funding has been raised. Now, we're going full steam ahead with raising funding for multiple slots through 2013! Thank you, our Donor friends!


Updated posted by Sean H Robertson 25 months ago

Hello, my friends! Beginning Monday, my 313WOOD entertainment company enters discussions with My TV20 to launch our full (25 mins) 'Great Lake State' TV Drama Pilot on their channel sometime this Spring/Summer. Currently, it's on YouTube with over a half-million fan views. I'm certain that it won't be cheap, but MICHIGAN IS WORTH IT! Any donations that you provide from now on until the paid programming airing of our series will be directed to our new 'GREAT LAKE STATE ON MYTV20 CAMPAIGN.' Thank you again for your past, present & future support of our MICHIGAN film job creating efforts. In our darkest hour, we're the heroes that we've been waiting for. May God bless and prosper you all. -SHR


Updated posted by Sean H Robertson 30 months ago

Screenshot from our pilot episode 'She's in Hot Water' now showing on our Mr313Wood YouTube channel for FREE!



Created by Sean H Robertson on May 17, 2011

Official 'Great Lake State' Facebook Fan Page. Please Like it!

Great Lake State. Genre: Drama (Suspense/Romance) Made in Michigan, By Michigan, for the world.

TAG-LINE: EVERY WOMAN HAS A STORY. America's Most Trusted Public Servant just won the governorship of the 'Great Lake State'. She's ready for anything or so she believes.

Pre-Production has begun for five or more episodes to be filmed within Ferndale and Oak Park, Michigan in 2013! Even the Mayors of those cities are supporting our project! ♡

October 20, 2012 at 1pm, MyTV20 presented the full thirty minute debut of Sean H. Robertson's 'Great Lake State'...seen by up to 5.6 million potential viewers in Michigan & Canada! THANK YOU!

Amazon readers, please download now and enjoy the 'Great Lake State' companion book series called 'I Just Wanted To Be Loved;The Love Story of Cass & Drake'!


>> http://www.dptv.org/ondemand/metroarts/index.shtml

Starring Rio Scafone as Governor Ashley Feral, Sean H. Robertson as Trooper Drake Den, Tonya Y. Clark as U.S. Marine Major Cass Den and Christy Edwards (Detroit 187) as Trooper Marsha Daniels.

BE A HERO! This project is funded by the generosity of people like you who care about creating AMERICAN JOBS!

'Great Lake State' is a SAG NEW MEDIA/PAID WORK project. So, if you're cast as a Day Player (speaking role) or hired as crew, we will be paying you for your services and feeding you while on set. A message from this film's Creator & Chief Writer -Sean H. Robertson (Co-Guest Star Cop on Detroit 187)

Hello to You! As a Co-Guest Star Cop (Lost Child/Murder 101 Episode 6) on our beloved former ABC drama Detroit 187, I decided to write a proof of concept pitch for a new TV/Theatrical drama movie after Detroit 187 was canceled on 5-13-11. This human, gritty, powerful & romantic new story focuses on the people who protect & serve Michigan everyday with harrowing bravery, intelligence, sacrifice and love. It will be cast and produced using top notch Michigan writers, acting talent & Crew!

Through my Michigan based film company 313WOOD, we're raising fully dedicated funding our new collaborative Michigan based Political/Cop Drama TV series called 'Great Lake State.' As the author of the internationally highly acclaimed Vampire e-book series 'The Cries of Vampira', I have experience with writing very moving and dramatic stories. This drama, romance, thriller web series will be filmed on location in Michigan, while bringing much-needed paying jobs to the most battered economy in the country.

The collaboration of these experienced and highly skilled professionals is sure to result in an excellent film project, which will be displayed via viral media for all to enjoy.

The funds donated are applied to the cost of production, filming, photography, editing and sound. Any dollar amount helps and will be greatly appreciated. To become a product placement sponsor, email me at 313Wood@gmail.com THANK YOU FOR YOUR KIND GIVING! We, the people of Michigan, appreciate you!


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Sean you are truly an inspiration! I always knew you would be a blessing to this industry and I am glad to see my prayers for you have been answered. I will be sending a donation to help you with your project and if there is anything else I can do for you, please do not hesitate to ask. Sean if you do not remember anything else about me please know I am humbled and blessed to have had the opportunity to work with you on the set of Temptation, I love you and I am proud of you, keep reaching for the stars, Respectfully, your sister in Christ, Janice Bradley.

posted by Janice Bradley 33 months ago

I have an historical fiction story that has been shown on stage for two years. I would love to donate it for Michigan History. It could make a great documentary. Mary Lund

posted by Sunken Treasure - the SPORT 33 months ago

Thank you, Kareem, for your gift for our film project. We've been like brothers for nearly 25 years....glad to know that you support Michigan's rebirth. We appreciate your help...it means more than you'll ever know. Much continued success to you in all of your endeavors!

posted by Sean H Robertson 34 months ago

Thank you, 'Momma Merchant', for your love, support and limitless kindness to me now & especially when I was in my ' hurting & rebellious' phase as a teen. I appreciate you and your family, as though you were my own blood. You helped inspire me to reach for heights I didn't believe were attainable. I will always remember your role in my life. Much success to you as well!

posted by Sean H Robertson 34 months ago

Thank you to the Anonymous Donor who just gifted $100 to our Made in Michigan 'Great Lake State'. We REALLY appreciate your support. It's sacrifices like yours that allow others in the film community to go back to paid work and to do what they enjoy the most;Entertaining others with FILM!

posted by Sean H Robertson 34 months ago

Thank you, Terry, for supporting Michigan Film and putting our hardworking film community back to PAID WORK! We appreciate your support!! -Sean H. Robertson

posted by Sean H Robertson 35 months ago

Thank you, Black Diamond, for your wonderful donation to this film effort, which is really a film movement in Michigan. Your encouraging words, online & offline, have been very uplifting to me. You're appreciated. We wish you absolute success in everything you do.

posted by Sean H Robertson 35 months ago

Another donation just in. This time this anonymous donor is NOT me! Thanks very much!! We appreciate your support. You know who you are & so do I. Anonymous Donated $50.00 3 mins ago Grand total now at $358.00 in two weeks...good work, Michigan Film Community!

posted by Sean H Robertson 35 months ago

Thank you, Shannon, for your wonderful gift today & for those two very inspiring quotes. Your generosity is part of the 'oxygen' that keeps our Michigan film community alive, breathing & conquering all obstacles before us. We wish you the best as well!

posted by Sean H Robertson 35 months ago

The DeShields -Thank you for your kind gift of generosity to our made in Michigan project. Your support will always be remembered. We wish the best for you & all those who've helped this project gain it's walking legs!

posted by Sean H Robertson 35 months ago

Ereatha, thank you so much for your priceless gift, which means so much to our Michigan film community. Your words are so true and we truly appreciate you supporting our goals of building our own job producing film industry. We wish you the best too!

posted by Sean H Robertson 35 months ago

Maryann, thank you so much for your kind gift. We all miss Detroit 187 & the jobs/revenue it provided here in our 'Great Lake State'. It's people like you that give me hope that our film community can achieve any film goals that we join as one on. You're fabulous, too!

posted by Sean H Robertson 35 months ago

Thank you, Ron! We appreciate your $25.00 gift, as well as your promotion of this project on your film page http://www.facebook.com/pages/ I-love-Michigans-film-Producti on/174397695904422 Thank you for helping Michigan's film community '313WOOD'.

posted by Sean H Robertson 35 months ago

So happy there are people like you here in Michigan that are so passionate about the local film industry. My son loves this business but I dont want to move to LA. This gives me hope that we can stay here and he can do what he loves to do. ;)

posted by Ethan's mom 35 months ago

Thank you, Ethan, for your priceless gift to this project, which helps Michigan's film industry have a new shot at 'life'. We appreciate your support!

posted by Sean H Robertson 35 months ago

Thank you, Jeff. We appreciate your gift, support and your Michigan spirit. We're all in this together. Glad to have you part of our 'Great Lake State' donation friends. You're priceless!

posted by Sean H Robertson 35 months ago

Milton, thanks very much for that $100 donation. Words cannot express my gratefulness for your generous gift. This will help us get 'Great Lake State' off and running big-time.

posted by Sean H Robertson 35 months ago

Thank you so much for your priceless gift, Renee. I truly appreciate your gift and totally agree with you regarding the greatness of our 313WOOD/Scallywag Ent. crew. It's people like you that really give legs to Michigan's film industry and without you, we could not stand. We wish you all the success you're seeking in 2011 & beyond! Your signed 'Great Lake State' script will be provided for you once the project has been cast and in production!

posted by Sean H Robertson 35 months ago

Thank you, Jerrica, for your priceless donation. Everyone donation means so much for this project. Michigan is worthy of so much more than the media presents. We will change that!

posted by Sean H Robertson 35 months ago

Jon, I couldn't agree more. Michigan has given us so much. It's time we return that love in full force. It's time for the 'Great Lake State' to shine as the 'Paris of the Midwest' again! With your help, we will.

posted by Sean H Robertson 35 months ago

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Keith Stark

11 months ago (Offline Donation)


Let's shoot!



Ferndale Mayor David Coulter

11 months ago (Offline Donation)


I support 'Great Lake State' T.V. series!



Carol Jackson (C.E.O. of Bits N Pieces)

11 months ago (Offline Donation)


This a positive, fun and creative venture, its a great story line too. Thanks Sean H Robertson for all you do to support Michigan and our town of Ferndale



Sean H. Robertson/313WOOD LLC

11 months ago (Offline Donation)


We will continue to rebuild our state...one paid worker at a time on GLS.



Sean H. Robertson

14 months ago (Offline Donation)


I can't wait to get Michigan working again on our popular and successful t.v. series in 2013. Will you please match my donation today? If not, give what you can and Thank you! ♥



Rifino Founder

21 months ago (Offline Donation)


I applaud your 'Great Lake State' TV series efforts & wanted to show my support!



Paul Entertainment

21 months ago (Offline Donation)


Congrats on all of your success. I'm happy to help your TV efforts.



Benjamin Williams

21 months ago


Go Sean Go!!! Detroit needs ambitious artistic brothers like you! You're more than an artist, you're a professional! You care about your city, your state, and your product you create! You're not looking to get famous, you're looking to do good work, and through your diligent and positive work ethic, good fortune will come to you. You're a good person with such a high spirited countenance, that people and resources are drawn to you. I look forward to watching you and your projects grow! Stay encouraged bro!



313Wood, Clark)

21 months ago (Offline Donation)


Go 'GLS' on MyTv20 this fall. This donation is from the Spring/Summer kindle book sales of the Great Lake State companion series She Just Wanted To Be Loved:The Love Story of Cass & Drake now exclusively on Amazon.com Thank you fans for your many worldwide downloads!




21 months ago


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