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(Updated Nov 17, 2012) - Studies show that when people meditate and live from the heart space they can effect change. The more people who focus on being in the heart space, the greater... more


Updated posted by Limor Schafman 16 months ago

Hello everyone - we have a schmorgasboard of fun gatherings for this new birthing/winter solstice time of December 21 and 22. Some are taking place online and some in person (DC, LA, SF).

Please visit for all the details.


Updated posted by Limor Schafman 17 months ago

Hello everyone! It is very exciting - we are developing the prototype for Global Om - it is sooo cool to see this take one step closer to seeing this app come into existence. And you are helping! Our target funding amount has grown since our objective has developed to the next phase. If you can contribute - thanks!

AND we are seeking something else from you - we want your VOICE! We are looking for OMs. We need a whole bunch of Om audio files for the prototype development and testing.

All you need to do is record up to 10 individual Oms, each Om having its own audio file - from intake of breath - through the Om and full expiration of breath. That would be one audio file.

Please consider making as many as you can and send them to us at (or just contact us there and we will find a way/place to have them uploaded).

ALSO - we are continuing to hold Global Om 108 for Peace meditations. We are holding one this coming Sunday in Reston VA at Beloved Yoga at 6:45pm, and we will be holding #GO108 meditations as part of other programs on December 21st and 22nd - the Winter Solstice and End/Dawn of world eras.

Please consider holding your own GO108 events, and/or joining us at one of these.

Wishing you Golden Light througout!


Updated posted by Limor Schafman 18 months ago

I'm excited to announce that we are having our next gathering in DC at October 21 at 7pm in Reston at Beloved Yoga - hope you can join!

to register - please visit

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Created by Limor Schafman on August 5, 2012

(Updated Nov 17, 2012)  - Studies show that when people meditate and live from the heart space they can effect change. The more people who focus on being in the heart space, the greater the change effected.  With regard to decreases of violence in regions prone to it like urban city centers and battlefields, the “Maharishi Effect” (as it is known) has seen numerous repeated results.  Imagine what we could do if thousands, dare I say millions of people meditated from the heart space at any given moment in time. Wow!


I am excited to announce that we are now in the midst of developing a prototype for Global Om, the mobile application. It will allow people to Om together in a global group meditation from wherever they are in the world.  It's pretty cool and I am excited about its progress.


Right now we also have a call out for Oms - we need sound contributions for the development.  If you are interested, please send as many as 10 Oms (any number is helpful).  Each Om should be a different sound file.  Any format works great.

We are also continuing what we started on September 21st with the Int'l Day of Peace and are holding monthly Global Om 108 for Peace meditations.  Follow us on Facebook at to see what we are doing. We have upcoming meditations planned for November 18th,December 21st and December 22nd (the Winter Solstice and presumed end/dawn of world eras). 


Campaign details:

We started this campaign in August of this year and our needs have changed as we progressed.  

We currently need $32,400 to develop the prototype Global Om mobile app.

$350,000 - this is what it will cost for us to develop the first consumer focused iteration of Global Om.  That’s a lot of money.  But don’t be daunted.  Even with contributions of a few dollars, we can get there and build this incredible global, unifying communications platform that does not exist on the scale described here.


Thank you for your contribution!  Every little bit helps us all to realize this dream of heart based change on a magnitude rarely seen.  And for the development of technology that can support its continued access  and activation every moment of the day, from anywhere in the world. 



You can also find us on:

Facebook - 

Twitter - @Globeshift; #GlobalOm, #GO108 - for the GO108 gatherings


If you want to support us in other ways, please write to us


A bit about why Om and why 108:

What should be our primary focus for these meditations?  What can we use to unite everyone?  What if we used the Om chant?  Om is said to be the primordial sound of the life force itself.  Pronounced more as Aum, the toning of it activates particular chakras from the body base on through the top of the head, activating, unifying and connecting a person’s energy within themselves and to the larger force of life of creation itself.  The Om chant is considered to be a chant of life, bringing together, and healing for those who do the chant and for the environment around them.   And I have to say, having Om-ed quite a bit in ongoing rolling Oms, the effect of calm, centeredness and presence is quite profound.


Why one hundred and eight?  108 is a very interesting number.  Religiously for the Buddhists, Hindus and others 108 is said to refer to the one unity (1), the emptiness of nothing (0) and the infinity of all (8).  A strand of Tibetan Buddhist prayer beads, called a mala, consists of 108 beads.  Mathematically it is 6 times the number of Chai-Life (18)(from Biblical numerology), it is a hyperfactoral of 3; a Tetranacci number; a Harshad number; a Self number and results in the Golden Equation.  For astrologists - 108 is the distance from the Moon to the Earth divided by the diameter of the Moon, and the distance of the Sun from the Earth divided by the diameter of the Sun.  In other words, this is a pretty cool number! 




What is GlobeShift

GlobeShift is a newly formed company focusing on unifying Spirit through Technology.  Our mission is to bring tools, understanding, education, and skills based in energetics, metaphysics, mindfulness, consciousness, intention, quantum physics and other such modalities to a larger audience through the use of technology.  Our goal is to bring the “experience” of these tools to humanity so that each person can move on through their own evolution as individuals and as part of the unifying force which we are.


GlobeShift the culmination of my many years as a producer, marketing strategist and business development executive and consultant to technology companies.  At the same time I continuously explored multiple forms of consciousness and intention practices.  I decided it was time to combine these two worlds, and to see what I could build and bring to the world.  My hope is to create something positive and beneficial for Earth and all that live on it.


Thank you immensely for your consideration and support –

Limor Schafman, Founder



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18 months ago


It feels good to join voices with others seeking a breakthrough in human understanding




18 months ago




19 months ago (Offline Donation)


Even though he follows other religious beliefs, this friend thought the mission of GO108 so important that he donated to support our work. thank you BN




19 months ago (Offline Donation)



Melissa Karstadt Roske

19 months ago


Such a worthwhile cause, Limor. Congratulations on all the good work you're doing!



william Prajapati Swaine

19 months ago


May the life force be with you.



Craig Frischling

19 months ago


Limor, here's the redo of the donation that the site "lost" yesterday. Glad to help. Craig (and note that c.frischling adds up to it must be destined that I support Global Om).



Janet, Craig, girls and dogs

19 months ago


You're a great inspiration! We're all proud of your work.



Sonja Kosman

19 months ago




19 months ago


My post-travel budget is a little slim but my support for what you're doing is HUGE! You go girl!


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