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60-year-old Glenn Lemoine was found dead back in 2010 in the Charenton Canal off Highway 90. His death was listed as "undetermined." The family had a second autopsy performed earlier thi... more


Updated posted by Kristen Lemoine Sigue 6 months ago

Missing you so much dad 😢



Updated posted by Kristen Lemoine Sigue 6 months ago

Updated posted by Kristen Lemoine Sigue 6 months ago

After all my sisters and i have done, we still arent getting any help at all..... something is just not right with this department. i guess we willl just have to go out of state for everything we need because we are not giving up!

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Created by Kristen Lemoine Sigue on February 20, 2013

60-year-old Glenn Lemoine was found dead back in 2010 in the Charenton Canal off Highway 90. His death was listed as "undetermined." The family had a second autopsy performed earlier this year, and Friday the report came back and the cause of death is what his 11 grieving children suspected all along.

A cross still rests near the area where Lemoine's body was found in August 2010. His cause of death has remained a mystery, until now. Back in January, the family exhumed Lemoine's body and hired an independent pathologist to perform a second autopsy.

And on Friday, the families' private investigator, John Abdella, released the findings, which ruled Lemoine's death as a homicide.

"This is a big finding and adds to the heartache and disappointment the Lemoine family has," said Abdella. "There's no way to describe that."

The initial autopsy, performed in Jefferson Parish, ruled Lemoine's death as "undetermined." However, the new autopsy concludes his death was due to "violence of undetermined means" then cited blunt force trauma to the head and spinal cord.

The family has spent over $10,000 of their own money for the second autopsy. They're hoping this will open the door to a more thorough investigation. Abdella says he's sent the findings to the St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office and the district attorney.

"We hope we can get a break in this now," said Abdella. "We're going to work honestly, diligently, and as courageously as possible."

In the meantime, the Lemoine family says they're coping with the news and plan to speak about the findings soon. The St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office and the Jefferson Parish Coroner's Office were unavailable for comment Friday.

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I too just watched Dr. Phil.and I have questions. Who did he call for help that night? Why was he found 2 miles away? Did he start walking? What side of the road was he found on? Did his car have any damage? If someone ran him off the road why did he have the time to make calls? What jewelry did he have on his left hand? Did his injuries occur to the back of his body? Could he have been hit by a car? If he was robbed of his casino money why did he not say so on his 3 calls from his phone? who did he call? who did he borrow money from? where are the videos from the inside the casino? where is the money that he won? who did he tell he won that money? was it found on him and not reported? was he left handed? was his hand actually cut off? why was the body so decomposed? what type of water was his body found in? is it possible there may have been some type of pollutants in this water that accelerated the decomposition? did the people who he borrowed money from ever identified? investigated? how bad was his gambling habit to have to borrow money to continue his gambling? what was his alcohol content? what time did he make the calls? did he go anyplace else after leaving the casino? just of a few questions I don't see any answers.

posted by Jacqueline Keenum Urbina 3 months ago

I saw the Dr.Phil show and googled to see if the murder was solved or any new information was found. Too bad the case is still open. I find it great that the sisters started their own investigation and maybe this helps: 1. Your father called 911 and said his car lied in a ditch. if someone ran him off the road or the situation was hostile, I think someone would say that during a 911 call. So when he ran off the road, the situation wasn't hostile. 2. There were 3 calls made at 4. Maybe the answer lies there. After he ran his car in the ditch, he made few calls on the bridge. One of them was 911 and maybe the other calls were to a person asking if someone can pick him up. And Kelle, no offense but in a murder case intuitive does not battle with facts. And the fact is that the sisters thought there was involvement because the mom only talked about money, which I can understand because (how hard it may seem), bills keep coming in, even during tragic events. And as for the brother: they found it weird he left early and he didn't get along with his dad that well. So do you really think that a person calls someone he argues with for help when he runs his car in a ditch? I think the son was the last person he would call. Again, I think the answer lies in the calls he made after he called 911.

posted by Anoni Niem 5 months ago

After watching this on Dr Phil, it appears your father was a HIGH Risk person of being murdered but NOT by your brother and mother. Anyone that drinks (even a little) out in the night puts themselves in paths of DANGER. Just my opinion. Been there - done that.

posted by Dana Preston 5 months ago

I lost my daddy to cancer in January and even though I miss him so much, I know that he died a happy man. I am so sorry about the loss of your dad, and to not know what happened to him would devastate everyone who knew him. However, after watching Dr Phil and seeing your brother's mischievous grins, would only fuel my anger as well. I do sincerely hope that you and your family will find the closure that you all seek.

posted by Stacy Palitza 6 months ago

Kristen, still keeping you all in my heart and thoughts. To the other poster, Kellie, I don't think that is an appropriate thing to say but especially on a public forum.

posted by Clare Maraist 6 months ago

I pray for justice for Mr. Glenn. The family is in my thoughts and prayers everyday.

posted by Kristi Pinho 6 months ago

there's something seriously wrong here. I am very intuitive and as crazy as it seems, can actually see things that have happened in the past. Continue on and you will find out what happened to your father. Your mother and brother are not innocent. I'm not sure how they passed the lie detector test, but there is something going on here.

posted by Kellie Pharr 6 months ago

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