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I've been in love with aviation my entire life. Ever since I was young I read airplane books, watched airplane shows (Discovery Wings was on 24/7), played flight simulator, and built ai... more


Updated posted by Jason Fortenbacher 11 months ago

Well, we're just less than 2-weeks from the first major aviation event in 2013 and I'm at a bit of a standstill. I certainly am not giving up on my goal of upgrading my camera to a newer and better one. Even if it isn't this year, hopefully next. I'm at $275 right now which puts me right on the edge of considering getting another small camcorder or holding out for my dream machine one day.

I would like to remind folks that I have updated my donation reward levels, so anyone who does contribute, will receive a free gift to help justify the expense. :-)

And as always, I GREATLY appreciate all your support, either in sharing my videos/photos, or donations.



Updated posted by Jason Fortenbacher 14 months ago

I'm very excited for next Saturday, as it will ve the inaugural flight of Historic Flight Foundation's newly restored DC-3. I will be there with camera(s) in hand!


Updated posted by Jason Fortenbacher 14 months ago

Had another totally awesome weekend of flying, thanks to my friend James! It took a lot of patience, waiting for weather to cooperate, but we were able to get some flying in and get some photos of the beautiful scenery around the San Juan Islands. This is a photo from a short stop we made at Roche Harbor. (Remember, you have click on the link in order to view the photo that was posted.) I'll post more on this a little bit later, still going through photos and videos. Just thought I should post an update here since I haven't done that in a while.

BTW, remember, I have it setup so you may now receive FREE gift items for your donations to my new camera fund, including a key chain, 15 oz. mug, and a 10.75" wall clock depending upon how much is donated!

Thank you for your time,



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Created by Jason Fortenbacher on August 17, 2012

I've been in love with aviation my entire life. Ever since I was young I read airplane books, watched airplane shows (Discovery Wings was on 24/7), played flight simulator, and built airplane models. My parents got me an introductory flight lesson when I was thirteen, starting one of the most amazing journeys of my life. I got my private pilot certificate ten years ago this month.

Though my professional passion has changed to being a Special Education teacher, I am still very much involved in the aviation community, specifically through photography and,now, videography.

I'm still kind of shocked to find that my camera has gotten me into more cockpits than my pilot certificate! Howeve, I don't care what gets me there, I just enjoy being around the amazing individuals that care for and operate these amazing machines.

And that is where you come in. Being a new teacher, fresh out of college and trying to deal with the current economy, I am not in a position (yet) to fully fund my projects on my own. I have many projects in the works for the 2013 airshow season and want to share stories from all aspects of aviation from multiple facets, including warbirds, military, commercial, general aviation, and flight training. I want to include the entire community, from pilots to the person who sweeps the shop floor every night.

A fascination in aviation is something that truly brings people together. As a thirteen year-old student pilot I was able to make friends with and hold conversations with fellow student pilots as well as military veterans from WWII and beyond as well as 747 captains.

Aviation is also something that inspires all of us. It is my desire to acquire the tools necessary to bring these stories and inspirations to viewers around the globe with the best possible quality available.

Again, this is where your support helps turn this from a dream into reality. Wether it is financial or through words of encouragement, every little bit helps.

Thank you,

Jason R. Fortenbacher
Fight to Fly. Fly to Live. Live to INSPIRE.

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Love the Harvard/T-6/SNJ plus Raider footage. Promise is a promise. I'm donating to your camera fund. Thanks again Jason!

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Lorraine Martinelli

11 months ago


Thanks for your part in keeping aviation alive and accessible through your photographs and videos. I really enjoy seeing your work and always look forward to it.




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