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Hello Everyone! Recently I have been accepted to be an apprentice over in Taos, New Mexico working with Earthship Biotecture this coming August. I am really enthusiastic about this... more


Updated posted by Adam Zwick 7 months ago

Hey Everyone, I recently completed my Earthship Experience and suffice to say it was nothing short of phenomenal. I really want to thank everyone for supporting me through this endeavor and am looking towards new horizons. I am in the process of creating the blog based on my journey as well as prepping myself for my next step (serving yet another year for Americorps) This year I am going to be focused more on water resource management and hopefully implement alot of different methods of water conservation methods such as the varieties of rain water catchment that i learned in New Mexico. I am going to be placed with the California Environmental Protection Agency's Water Quality Control Board. Although i am covering a large spread of topics and areas it will all come together in good time. After all the Pyramids weren't built in a day. Again I want to sincerely thank everyone who supported me.


Updated posted by Adam Zwick 15 months ago

Many thanks for all of the support and funding! Also shoutout to the plugs i've been getting, every little bit helps!



Updated posted by Adam Zwick 18 months ago

Big thank you for the initial donation!


Created by Adam Zwick on October 21, 2012

Hello Everyone!

 Recently I have been accepted to be an apprentice over in Taos, New Mexico working with Earthship Biotecture this coming August. I am really enthusiastic about this opportunity as it will help me further my dream of designing and building Zero Net Energy (ZNE) Passive Home cohousing Communities. 
I realize this is a step by step process of acquiring the skills, knowledge and of course the capital to start such a task of one day reaching my goal of running a ZNE community. I plan on making this energy efficient community a cohousing community. The general mission of cohousing is to "improve the world, one neighborhood at a time". It is in these communities that collaborative living encourages trust, comradery, support, and a healthy social environment for all residents. The structure and design of the community creates a focal point on a central courtyard which promotes social interaction with all members.
 Although currently I am over my head in debt with student loans I am still managing to get by working through the Americorps program while sponging up knowledge on energy efficiency, engineering, and sustainability in homes from my place of work [Sonoma County Energy Independence Program].
It is here that i come to you, for i am asking for a small amount of assistance in raising a little capital and for you to sponsor me in my travels from Santa Rosa to Taos to proceed in my next step of my journey. Unfortunately for the program i need to provide my own food, transportation, and lodging..which comes out to be a pretty penny. Any kind of contribution will be sincerely appreciated and know that your supporting a great cause. I will send out newsletters, updates, and photos to those of you who donate to help me with my cause.
Many Thanks,
Adam Zwick
EarthShip Biotecture in New Mexico
A look into Cohousing
Eventually Working through Yestermorrow in Vermont


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Linda Berg

7 months ago



Laura Cossette

15 months ago


Good luck! Sounds like you are destined for great things!



Matthew Bruno

15 months ago


Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.



Hannah Kreitzer

15 months ago



Chelsea Ardle

15 months ago


You better invite me into one of those fancy zero net communities bucko!



Michael P

15 months ago


Waaay more where that came from! Go kick ass!



woody plante

15 months ago


Make the world proud.



Kif Scheuer

15 months ago


You go Adam



Susan Dabritz

17 months ago


Good luck Adam!




18 months ago


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