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With your support Manav Sadhna has achieved our initial goal of raising $30,000 in 30 days for our amazing children!!! Project Ahimsa will match dollar for dollar to give us $60,000. We... more


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Manav Sadhna: The home of Ekatva...

10 years ago, Manav Sadhna created a show called "EKTA" that shared the spirit and message of Unity, Love and Non-Violence. The EKTA Tour, took 14 of Manav Sadhna's underprivileged children on a unforgettable journey that inspired the world and transformed their lives.

10 years later, Manav Sadhna has nurtured a similar experiment and movement called EKATVA. 16 of our underprivileged children have been given a home and environment for personal transformation through performing arts. The EKATVA tour will share this spirit and message which is deep rooted in the day-to-day service that the Manav Sadhna Family provides to the underprivileged communities and that is in the heart of the Gandhi Ashram. We look forward to share this beautiful journey and spirit with the world.



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Ekatva Flashback: A delightful day of cooking together, turns into a 'distastrous' ingredient mishap, leading to a horrible dish, that everyone in the end, eats together with love :)


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My dad, came from Los Angeles with a bag of tricks up his sleeve, literally....Well, not up his sleeve. But he did bring magic tricks with him. And shared his delightful goodies with the kids. -nimesh

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Created by Ekatva Oneness on February 26, 2012

With your support Manav Sadhna has achieved our initial goal of raising $30,000 in 30 days for our amazing children!!! Project Ahimsa will match dollar for dollar to give us $60,000. We have set a new goal for $50,000. The total we are hoping to raise to cover all costs for the International tour is $150,000. Step by Step, we have great faith it will all come together.

Make an impact on 16 amazing lives and on your life by supporting the Ekatva Oneness Tour, a journey around the world to spread the message of universal love and goodness and support 16 slum children to live out a dream of a lifetime.

Your support and love is greatly appreciated and we have been blessed to receive the support of Project Ahimsa who has matched our fundraising efforts of $30,000 with an equal $30,000 donation.  Each dollar in the first $30K, no matter the amount, has been doubled thru the generosity of Project Ahimsa and we are truly grateful to receive this amazing opportunity to fund this tour with their support.

What will these funds be used for?

As with any tour, there are many costs & expenses that go into the creation and execution of the 2012 Oneness Tour such as:

  • Children Development, health, nutrition, local daily transportation, activities, materials
  • Creative Development costs of the production: direction, choreography, music, costumes, props
  • Administrative (Passport and Visas, legal, insurance, etc.)
  • Logistics (Flights, domestic transportation, food, venues, marketing)

We estimate that the total costs of this project will reach approximately $150,000 which will cover the tour with stops in over 20 cities in 3 countries.

Every dollar that you support will be handled with the utmost integrity and transparency and our project financials will be available for everyone to read on our website at Ekatva Oneness.

Ready for the journey of a lifetime?  Read more to find out more or check out our website at to see more pictures, videos and our blog.

Ekatva is an experiment to touch the lives and spirit of 16 underprivileged children through dance and art, while inspiring the souls of thousands across the world.

Sixteen children from some of the largest slums of Ahmedabad, Gujarat were selected through a nine month audition process, and are being trained and developed, 8 mentors from Manav Sadhna and teachers from Darpana Academy, to perform a 90-minute dance-drama production sharing Gandhiji’s message of ‘Oneness’. After one year of training and development, the children have begun touring the show across India and now are preparing to tour in the US, and the UK. Through this journey we hope to spread seeds of goodness and compassion throughout the world and inspire our global citizens to serve and care for those in need.

The kids are quickly developing into confident, loving citizens, students, family members and artists.  We hope this project helps uproot the children beyond the glass ceiling they have been placed under; providing a journey where their spirit is transformed so they can push beyond what is expected of them; and inspires their own community and the larger world to realize the strength and beauty that exists in every child of their plight.

The Ekatva journey has become a space of internal transformation for the children.  The Ekatva show and tour will become a tool for external inspiration.  When the two collide, ripples of love, inspiration and action will humbly spread to push the world closer to the spirit of "Oneness."

Manav Sadhna deeply thanks you all and Project Ahimsa for all the loving support.

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My brother KRT has lived a humble and persevering life and his 80th birthday celebration is taking place this week. As per his request for gifts to any charity, I am donating $51 on his behalf to the children of Manav Sadhna. His email address is




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