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Welcome our Celebrate the Life of Tom Wieser page, a fundraising site dedicated to the mission of helping the family of Tom Wieser. On February 12, 2004, Tom Wieser was diagnosed with... more


Updated posted by Holly Carter 10 months ago

Dear Team Wieser:

It has been a long rough road since we all gathered to say "goodbye" to Tom Wieser... either in body... or in spirit. The day we will never forget.

The battle continues... Heidi and the kids put everything they had into "Curing Tom Wieser". The toll it took on this magnificent family has been unspeakable. And it is unforgiving. It is unfair.

I pray that we, those who were touched by Tom will continue to keep his memory alive. To fight to help support the very family that Tom lived for... Heidi and the Wieser 4.

I want to thank each of you. May God bless each one of you for all you have done... and all you are doing to bless this family... and to keep Tom's message alive.

As Tom and Heidi taught me to say... In all things... HOPE!

In HIS grip,



Father's Day


Updated posted by Holly Carter 11 months ago

The question was asked, "Who was Tom Wieser to me?" Here is my answer...
please take a few moments to reflect on this and share your answer. Please post it here so we all can read it together.

When I think back about meeting Tom Wieser for the first time, I quickly remember that I did not meet Tom Wieser first. I met his daughter, Emily. Emily was a volunteer working in the Spa at Camp Challenge. Emily was massaging my feet when I began to ask her about her motives for giving up a perfectly good weekend to help a bunch of sick people. Emily was shy and did not really say much about who she was. Emily had a very powerful spirit and it was apparent that she was connected to this battle in a very intimate way. Later I would learn the reason for the magic sparkle in her smile... and the wisdom in each step she took. Indeed she was deeply committed to the cause.

I spent the weekend asking people about Tom, listening to the description of this man I wanted to meet. It was not until Saturday night that I was able to understand the significance of this person, and the role he would ultimately play in my survival. I watched Tom speak that night at Camp Challenge during the Scroll Ceremony and I was instantly transformed. I did not know it at the time, but I would never be the same again. I was forever… changed.

Tom carried a heavy burden, although one could never have guessed it. With an infectious smile and contagious optimism, Tom had a way of touching the soul of every person he met. He carried with him the confidence of a man who knew what his purpose was, and was intent upon reaching his destination. Tom wanted to change the way the world experienced cancer by bringing JOY into the lives of the cancer patients (and their families).

I realized the moment I met Tom Wieser that he was intimately connected to a greater universe... And that Tom represented this new population that I was now a part of. Tom gave a voice, and a name, and a face, to anyone who had ever been abandoned by optimism. He became a conqueror and a champion to everyone who had been labeled “non –curative”, or “terminal”. Tom looked at odds and saw opportunity.

Tom represented the ultimate underdog. He was David to our Goliath.

Tom looked cancer in the eye and laughed, saying “You can’t win. You can’t beat me. I won’t allow you to have my spirit. And I won’t let you have my body without the fight of your life”.

Tom’s determination to beat cancer gave the rest of us the courage to stand up and fight. We, the cancer patients, who had felt defeated and hopeless were able to experience a quickening of the heart.. And we were healed of despair. In that, we were given the opportunity to ask the questions that began with the words, “What if…?” We were able to ponder the future once again.

As this man continued to live, and victoriously battle cancer even after being given a death sentence, we began to believe. Tom simply refused to die. For 9 years after hearing the word, terminal, Tom thrived in the face of hopelessness. Tom said, “If I can do it, so can you”. So we did.

And we still do believe. We will continue to fight and move mountains to find a cure so that Tom’s courage, faith and passions for life are memorialized.

Tom Wieser became, and always will be to me, “The Face of Hope”.



Updated posted by Holly Carter 11 months ago

It is in these moments that we are defined...

This is the moment when we realize that all we have is the memory of the experiences that changed who we were... the moments that Tom touched us so intimately, and personally that he left an indelible mark on our soul.

For those of us who have been changed forever by Tom Wieser... we demand the world to pause in recognition of who you are to each of us. And we take this time to honor you, just as you honored each of us during your life.

We celebrate you and continue to work to bring your family out of the financial devastation this disease brought upon them. We may not have been able to find a cure in time to keep you here... but we can continue to work to spare your beautiful family from the consequences from a life ravaged by cancer.

We continue to donate and contribute whatever we can to honor your memory. We will not rest until your family is fully provided for... and imagine that you are smiling in heaven knowing that your loved ones are being held up in reverence the way you held up so many of us during your time here on Earth.

Each of us can give $1, $5, or $10... not a mighty amount by the judgment of a King. But together we move mountains by the mighty name of our Lord God.. and we lift up the family of this disciple of God who we came to know by the name of Tom Wieser. Together, are stronger than cancer.

Join me in the continued effort to rid this family of debt. They have suffered for a decade as they fought to find a cure for this disease. It is time to end the suffering once and for all.

Please join me in donating. Each of us can afford to give $1, $5 or $10. No amount is too small. Collectively... we change the world for this family.

All we have left is each other... and the Hope that Tom's inspiration will result in a cure for cancer that will someday save you or I... bringing this circle of life to it's completion.

We are family. We are... Team Wieser.

In Faith, Hope, Love and Determination...

Holly Carter
Fellow Cancer Survivor
Fellow Velveteen Rabbit
World's biggest fan of Tom Wieser


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Created by Holly Carter on December 7, 2012

Welcome our Celebrate the Life of Tom Wieser page, a fundraising site dedicated to the mission of helping the family of Tom Wieser.

On February 12, 2004, Tom Wieser was diagnosed with State 2/C Rectal Cancer. On that day, the husband and father of four young children began his battle with this horrible disease. After a year of aggressive treatment including chemo, radiation and surgery, the cancer metastasized and spread to his lungs. Tom was given two years to live.

Tom Wieser aggressively fought this cancer and willingly opted for any kind of treatment possible that would extend his life long enough to see his children grow. Tom defied all the odds and the doctors were baffled by the simple fact that Tom continued to live.

After more than nine years of battle, this insipid disease finally wore Tom’s body out. On Monday, May 13th, Tom Wieser passed away surrounded by his wife, four children, mother, father and family dog.

Our hope for this effort is to continue to raise enough money to provide for the payment of all medical bills that were accumulated in order to keep Tom Wieser alive longer than anyone ever predicted. We want to help ease the horrible financial burden that this disease has had on the family.

Years ago, Tom and his wife Heidi created a foundation to nurture other families who are battling this disease. The Me One Foundation has sent thousands affected by cancer on a free vacation where they are able to get away from the day to day realities of battling their disease. Tom and Heidi, along with their four children, devoted their lives to helping other families rather than try to draw attention to their own needs for financial assistance.

This account was created through a collaborative effort by those who have been touched by the unwavering faith and love demonstrated by the Wieser family over the past nine years. We continue raise funds in order to honor Tom’s memory. We want to provide for the family and try to ease their tremendous burden just a little bit.

Won't you help us?

Have Questions? Contact the organizer of this campaign now:


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Im sorry to hear Tom died my sympathies to all who knew him :'( i hope this foundation gets up and running and continues to do so

posted by Mishca Johnson 11 months ago

http://www.thepresstribune.com /article/roseville-family-wont -let-cancer-win

posted by Holly Carter 16 months ago

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