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Colton's StoryColton, was a very healthy 2 1/2 year old little boy, On Thursday August 11th, we notcied Colton was not feeling well. We went to children's memorial hospital on Monday Aug... more


Updated posted by Tara Steinhorst 15 months ago

Hello to all-

We met with the doctors here in Green Bay last Thursday, After long discussion and learning that St.Jude would accept Colton we learned that the protocol that they use for the hyploidentical transplant ( the chemo region prior to transplant) is not a good idea to put colton through this. The chemo regimen that St. Jude uses is different then what Madison uses and unfortunately the chemo region that St. Jude uses is what nearly killed Colton last year with his liver VOD.

The insurance company has approved Madison for the transplant but at the out of network benefits so we are responsible for an usual and customary charges that may come up. Which means basically on top of our 12,000 out of pocket it could be $1,000 to $500,000 and beyond. So until we try all the appeals process and go through that, our only option is to just continue on with chemo and wait. I only pray that the wait is ok for our family and Colton is able to find peace.

It makes me sad that our only option for a potential cure has been ripped out of our hands because of insurance and money. There is only 2 hospitals in the united states that tries this transplant and its the only potential option for a cure. so now our family has to for the time being accept that fact that we have lost this battle and we may lose our son too. Please pray for our family, they tell us with chemo alone it will not cure Colton's disease it will only buy time. I pray that we will get comfort and peace.

Thank you


Updated posted by Tara Steinhorst 30 months ago

I apologize for not updating this site sooner. Things have been a little hectic around here. But... we have some exciting news!!! Jeff and Tara are expecting their third baby! Tara is about 13 weeks along. Although this clearly isn't the greatest time, we truly believe that God has blessed them with this baby. So what do you think? Boy or Girl? Thank you for supporting and taking this journey with Jeff and Tara. They greatly appreciate it... in fact, we ALL appreciate it! <3 Bridget



Updated posted by Tara Steinhorst 30 months ago

Finally the whole family had a nice relaxing weekend! We really did nothing but watch football together! It was nice to just sit at home for a bit. Camden and Colton have been playing all morning! Just got done with some breakfast before we get our labs done. Colton keeps asking me when the packers play again that kid just loves Aaron Rodgers and the packers. Colton has had a restful week so far a bit tired but is enjoying playing games with mom. Camden is up to no good trying to walk! I don't know if I'm ready for that!! We go back for round four of chemo on October 27 th. Hope all is well with everyone!!! Miss you all!!!!

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Created by Tara Steinhorst on August 26, 2011

Colton's Story

Colton, was a very healthy 2 1/2 year old little boy, On Thursday August 11th, we notcied Colton was not feeling well. We went to children's memorial hospital on Monday August 15th for fluids. After about an hour the Dr. came back again to let us know that Colton was going to be flown by helicopter to Children's hospital in Aurora Colorado because his lab values were showing he was in Kidney failure. (Creatinine and potassium were at a 9). Colton received one round of dialysis and then was brought down that night for a Cat-scan. then we would have to wait till morning for results.

As the PICU doctors made rounds they came and updated us on Colton's prognosis, he had 2 large masses in his belly and a bunch of small ones and he would have to go into surgery that day to also get stints into his ureters (kidneys) to try to regain kidney function back.  When he went into surgery they took a small piece of the mass to biopsy to tell us what kind of cancer we are dealing with...

Colton was diagnosed with a cancer called neauroblastoma that is either stage 3 or stage 4 cancer. We were told that his chances of recovery are at a 60%-70%. Colton will be receiving several rounds of chemotherapy and we are looking at a very long road ahead of us.  We ask for all the prayers we can get and if possible, a donation of any amount to help with our pending hospital bills.

Thank you!

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posted by Ashley LaHue Scott 27 months ago 3708/picture

posted by Ashley LaHue Scott 27 months ago 3708/picture

posted by Ashley LaHue Scott 27 months ago 3708/picture

posted by Ashley LaHue Scott 27 months ago

Thanks for the link to the poem & video--very well done -- it was very moving. As an adult cancer survivor, it was difficult enough going through treatments & surgeries. I can't imagine what it must be like for a child. May God continue to pour out his grace & strength on everyone. Karen, Jan's co-worker

posted by Karen 31 months ago

Thanks bridget for the updates.

posted by shelagh williams 31 months ago

ter,finally got a card out in the mail. hey little colton hope you are doing well. your picture looks like your a sweetie and i know you gotta be as tough as Uncle Tanner. I pray for you as you continue through this unexplainable journey. love melanie

posted by Melanie 31 months ago

Colton (and your family) - I know you don't know me, but I saw a fundraiser for you at a football game tonight! I just wanted to say stay strong buddy! Prayers are being sent your way....and may you get better each day little tough one!!!

posted by Missy 31 months ago

Colton, I am amazed every day at how strong you are being. Nothing about this is easy and you are being such a trooper! I'm going to be very sad to leave tomorrow. Love you buddy! Aunt B

posted by Aunt Bridget 31 months ago

Hey Colton! We're all praying for you. Hopefully you get to go home soon and get to eat. With all the love around you I'm sure you will get better soon. By the way, where did you dad and Tanner's hair go??? Love you buddy. Go Blue! Love, Denny "Car Guy" Cindy "Car Girl"

posted by Denny Herzog 31 months ago

My thoughts and prayers are with sweet little Colton and the whole family.

posted by Sheryl Pierson-VanRhee 31 months ago

Jeff and Tara, We have gotten to know Bridget very well over the last few years. She is very dear to us, so any friend of hers is a friend of ours. Our family, and our children, have had to overcome similar health obstacles, including cancer. We have talked about, and prayed for, your family many times over the last few weeks. We are happy to help and will continue to send many positive thoughts. Keep fighting, keep praying. The Wilson Family

posted by Gary and Charlotte Wilson 31 months ago

Tara & Jeff, Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time in your life...Keep on fighting...Colton will be added to our prayers.....

posted by Katelyn & Missy Allen 31 months ago

I am a friend and co-worker of Bridget's. I have 4 young children and I've been thinking of Colton ever since I heard about the situation. Please know that you are in mine and my family's thoughts and prayers. It's amazing how strong and resilient kids are when it comes to difficulties like these! :-)

posted by Brad Sipes 31 months ago

Hey Sweet Boy! I am so proud of how courageous and sweet you are being. You are such a little hero, and I know you have lots of fans and friends praying and cheering for you. Keep fighting hard! I can't wait to come see you again soon!

posted by Auntie Anna 31 months ago

Our thoughts and prayers are with you!!

posted by Andy and Miranda Schneider 31 months ago

Jeff and Tara, You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. The power of prayer is the ultimate medicine. Stay strong.

posted by Zach Schultz 31 months ago

Hi guys, You probably don't know me, but I went to Ashwaubenon (class of 2004) and we have some mutual friends. I want you to know that I'm definitely praying for you; for miraculous healing for Colton, faith and strength for you. I just read Psalm 29 and it talks mostly about how powerful and sovereign the Lord is - at the end, David says "May the Lord give strength to His people, may the Lord bless His people with peace." I think that's really relevant to you guys right now, in that its meant to be a comfort to us that the Lord is more mighty and powerful than anything else, but He uses that power to strengthen us and bring us peace. Anyway, that's probably kind of weird to get encouragement from someone you don't know, but I hope it was indeed encouraging! I'll also post this on my FB wall to get as many people to know about it as possible. Love in Christ, Farah

posted by Farah 31 months ago

Hi Tara and Jeff - you do not know me, but I am a friend of Bridget's. I will keep you guys in my thoughts and prayers and will be sending positive thoughts your way.

posted by Sarah 31 months ago

You don't know me, but I found this site through Alyssa, a mutual friend. Our family is praying for you and your family...Colton is a strong little boy and you are strong parents for him! May God bless you, and him; and bring you all peace and health. *HUG*

posted by Mariah Ervin 31 months ago

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7 months ago



Nancy/Arnie DuFort

9 months ago


Blessings to Colton...praying for a speedy and complete recovery.



Melissa Woodwyk

14 months ago


Praying for Colton!



Allison Clark

14 months ago



Darci Monet

14 months ago



Yvonne Bonsall

14 months ago


My thoughts and prayers continue to be with you all. Yvonne



Tasha Enns

14 months ago



Brandi Bruce

14 months ago


Sending hope, prayers, love, hugs and positive thoughts



Lisa Devroy

14 months ago


I wish I could do more for you, Colton and your family. I pray for a huge show of support from everyone to help Colton get the treatment he needs. I pray for him. Stay strong.



Cam Price

14 months ago


Many prayers for you Colton. You will make it through this !


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