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Looking to expand my Bitcoin Mining Operations and help others learn how bitcoin mining works! Any Amount you can spare to help us purchase the equipment will be greatly appreciated!... more


Updated posted by Steven Driver 4 months ago

Bitcoin USB ASIC Miners only $25!


334 MH/s USB AsicMiner


Updated posted by Steven Driver 5 months ago

Got our first $25 Donations! Awesome! Help us do something Big!


Created by Steven Driver on November 5, 2013

Looking to expand my Bitcoin Mining Operations and help others learn how bitcoin mining works! Any Amount you can spare to help us purchase the equipment will be greatly appreciated!

For those that want to get into bitcoin mining without all the hassle of managing the equipment, programming the software, and making sure everything is running as it should, we have a great rewards system for you!

If we can reach our goal and generate enough interest plans include purchasing an extra miner to have more equipment to generate even more bitcoins for us to share!

Below are the Specs of the Miner we would like to start with!

Each Miner will Consist of 10 Mining Blades for a Total of 100GH/s

The Blades
Each of them outputs at least 10G hashes per second. They work well separately, yet are extensible to larger scale. Our entire farm is built up from them. The blades in our mining farm have been running during the last two months. From our experience, they are stable and robust. We list the key features of this product here:
ASIC-Powered Efficiency
Each blade consists of 32 hashing chips. It has the baseline speed of 10GHash/s, the rated speed of 10.752GHash/s (fixed clock speed). The power consumption is approximately 83 Watts per blade in room temperature.
The blades can be directly plugged to the internet and mine after configuration, with no host PCs needed.
200mm x 160mm in size.
Fusing and polarity protection are built in the power module.
Heat Dissipation: Our blades work well un-crowded without fans on room temperature, but it is recommended to supply some airflow to the heatsink.Power Supply: Please make sure you have an external source of 12V DC voltage output and at least 10A current output to power up one blade.
Internet: You need the internet access via network cables if you want to plug the blades directly to the internet.

If we dont raise enough to cover the purchase price of the miner listed below, we will purchase a smaller miner and get started with it!

Please keep in mind that the value of bitcoins go up, and the go down, I can not guarantee the value of the bitcoins, The equipment will be mining for at least 12 months non stop, with payments to rewards members on the 1st and 15th of every month.

When the time comes that the electricity costs too much to make these profitable anymore Mining will end. This should not happen for at least 18-24 months though!

Now come on! Lets get those Bitcoins!

If you would like to buy a USB Miner for 0.039btc instead of cash
Click here to pay for your order!
If clicking on the line above does not work, use this payment info:
Pay to: 1JgqEZTracdiD73HJYU2zpqzRPGfsgjoHM
Amount: 0.039
Message: Bitcoin USB Block Erupter

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Bitcoins better than Paper Money for sure!

Every Bit Helps


Christina J

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Glad to help!




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Good Luck, Cant Wait to get the USB Miner!


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