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My name is Ivelisse Page and I am the chairman and co-founder of Believe Big. I was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer in 2008. Statistically, I had a less than 8% chance of survival a... more


Updated posted by Ivelisse Page 3 months ago

Thank You! We are NOW at 89% of our Goal! Heading into the fall of 2013 we were at 30% of reaching our clinical trial funding goal. Today we are at 89%! Our God can do what this world sees as impossible! Keep sharing and keep Believing Big!



Updated posted by Ivelisse Page 3 months ago

God is just AMAZING!!!! Nothing is impossible with Him! With the generosity of many we are at 72% of our goal at the start of 2014!!!! We are also excited to share that the final protocol is being reviewed for this trial and our research team is currently working with the mistletoe manufacturers to get the chemical and manufacturing information needed to submit to the FDA! Keep sharing....you are a monumental part of helping us reach our goal for this historic event!



Updated posted by Ivelisse Page 5 months ago

We are VERY EXCITED to announce that thanks to the generosity of two Believe Big donors, EVERY donation given through the end of the year will be MATCHED up to $20,000!!! A tax-deductible gift of $50 means $100 of support...a $100 donation means $200...and so on! Your year end gift today will have DOUBLE the impact. Please share this post with your friends so we can maximize this opportunity to fund this trial!
Believing Big!!!!


Created by Ivelisse Page on March 13, 2013

My name is Ivelisse Page and I am the chairman and co-founder of Believe Big. I was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer in 2008. Statistically, I had a less than 8% chance of survival and yet, here I am four years later, completely cancer free!
After facing, fighting and overcoming cancer, I am compelled to reach out to patients facing similar challenges that I encountered in my fight against cancer. Even though my husband had spent over 20 years in the wellness industry, we found it extremely difficult to find reliable resources to heal the whole person, particularly as it related to cancer. We established Believe Big in 2011 to help families navigate their own cancer journey by providing the tools and resources they need to advocate for their own health.
Believe Big provides a wealth of current cancer-fighting information in one place. Patients and families can download several helpful resources including:
1. First Steps to take when first diagnosed
2. Key questions to ask oncologists
3. A nationwide directory of Naturopathic Experts who are trained to boost immune function.
4. Resources to assist patients in becoming their own advocate
5. How to win the mental war and eliminate fear

We are NOW in the beginning stages of developing a Mistletoe Clinical Trial in collaboration with Johns Hopkins Hospital! This trial is a huge step forward because it brings the conventional and complimentary medical communities together. At Believe Big, we have seen tremendous benefits of Mistletoe Treatment with ALL types of cancer!
Mistletoe treatment is used widely in Germany and Switzerland and until a clinical trial is done here in the United States, it can not be offered as standard of care. You have the opportunity to help us fund this ground breaking trial and make it available to patients here!
Because Mistletoe is a natural substance and there is not a patent possibility, pharmaceutical companies will not fund this trial. Therefore all funding will need to be through philanthropic and private donations. As one of the researchers shared, "this trial is exciting because it has the potential to change the way cancer is thought of and treated."
We have lost too many sisters, brothers, mothers and fathers to cancer. Will you help us in our fight to fund this trial and help to save many lives? Any and all donations are appreciated and are tax deductible.

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Hello! See my smiling face??? See my husband's? We live to our fullest every moment, and we're loving life! Thanks to Dr. Peter Hinderberger and my cooperative oncologist, my treatments for Hodgkins lymphoma were minimally discomforting. When I received my oncologist's diagnosis, I called Peter, and he asked if I could immediately come to see him. I did. He explained that unlike some other cancers, he could not cure Hodgkins using natural means but he COULD help keep my immune system humming along so that the effects of the chemotherapy, the only known cure for Hodgkins, would be minimized. And minimized they WERE!!! So much so that my oncologist, Dr. Peter Ledakis at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore, MD, was intrigued enough with my lack of harsh symptoms that he inquired about what I was doing to remain so well. I referred him to Peter Hinderberger, they talked, and the rest is history; they now have a collaborative relationship helping patients survive and some, like me, to THRIVE, during treatments for cancer!!! Using mistletoe injections kept my discomfort at bay as I took 4 rounds - 8 infusions - of very toxic chemicals to kill my cancer. I know for sure, judging by other patents' misery when taking the same protocol, that the mistletoe was responsible for my comfort during that long period, and I am extremely - and eternally - grateful to these two incredible docs for saving my life and minimizing my discomfort.

posted by Sandy Laken 26 days ago

I am a patient at the Ruscumbe Mansion. I was diagnosed with stage 3C Her2 + breast cancer in August 05. My prognosis was not good! My Doctor started me on mistletoe during my treatment which was 1 1/2 years. I am still a patient of Dr. Peter Hinderburger and referred many people to him. My oncologist approved of everything that he had recommended during my traditional treatment. In my opinion I feel that getting traditional treatment hand in hand with alternative treatment changed my prognosis. I am so happy that you are giving mistletoe a voice and a platform. This kind of information needs to be shared.

posted by Jacqueline Harvey Eyler 1 month ago

where to find drs that will help patients get the correct mistletoe?

posted by Debra Carroll 1 month ago

We have an unlimited supply of Texas Mistletoe for the trials. We would like to partner with you.

posted by undefined undefined 4 months ago

Thank you "Believe Big"!

posted by Penny Larson 5 months ago

This is very exciting! Thanks for taking the initiative. All the best....

posted by Jennifer Downs 6 months ago

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Brenda Brooks

4 days ago



Tina Anderson

9 days ago


God Bless everyone involved with this clinical trial, may it bring hope and life to many families afflicted with the HORRIBLE "C"!!



Sophia Lynn

17 days ago


I read about Believe Big in the Johns Hopkins magazine. Natural remedies to modern health problems deserve more support.



Georgianna Anderson

23 days ago


I am most interested in participating in this effort to fund clinical trials. I have Stage 4 metastatic lung cancer and have refused chemo. Have been waiting for a miracle. Maybe this is it!



Marie Pusloskie

23 days ago


Hopefully this trial's results can strike a major blow against cancer....




24 days ago



joanne sheehan

24 days ago


I would like to participate in your clinical trial.



Sandy & Mark Laken

26 days ago



Kareen Davidoff

27 days ago


I have stage 4 breast cancer and have been using mistletoe and other alternative therapies for the last 5 years. I think what you are doing is fantastic!


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