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To support our wonderful friend Lisa through the tough time she is having, her beautiful friends Jill McCoy, Sarah Bell, Steph Humphreys & Joanna Pemberton have decided to show their sol... more


Updated posted by Zoe Button Carmichael 15 months ago

What an amazing achievement..tonight the Baldy Birds handed Lisa a cheque for £21,725.42 for her to book the holiday of a life time for her, David & Shaun. The money remaining will be donated by Lisa various charities close to everyone's hearts. Thank you is not enough to everyone who has donated time, dedication and your hard earned pennies to the cause. Xxxxxxxxxx


Updated posted by Zoe Button Carmichael 16 months ago

£13,437.00 raised so far. Lets get Lisa to Disney <3 Lisa's story, in her own words:


Updated posted by Zoe Button Carmichael 16 months ago

Please watch this video and see how far the Baldy Birds have come in just 4 weeks xxxxxx

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Created by Zoe Button Carmichael on November 9, 2012

To support our wonderful friend Lisa through the tough time she is having, her beautiful friends Jill McCoy, Sarah Bell, Steph Humphreys & Joanna Pemberton have decided to show their solidarity by shaving their heads. Lisas's partner Shaun, brother Barry and several male pals are also having various body parts waxed! Ouch.  For those of you who do not know Lisa, she is a fun loving, kind, caring and inspirational 33 yr old who has shown tremendous strength over the past couple of years whilst battling various forms of cancer. We hope to raise enough sponsorship to pay for Lisa and her lovely little family to have the holiday of a lifetime together to create some fantastic memories! Please show your support by sponsoring us, or joining us to have your head shaved. This will take place December 1st 2012 @ 3pm at Liverpool One xx


Please watch her story, in her own words:



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Hi to all you lovely people.. I've just put 808.14 into the baldy birds for Lisa fund. 27.50 from the Ashville youth under 11's football team. 70.50 from the sale of the Star for David. With a big thank you from David's old pre school (St Mary's Upton ) who made them. They are beautiful and have quite a few left if anyone wants one. Only 2.50. 710.14 the Baldy Boys from Upton ...who loved every minute of being stripped of their body hair at Pampered Upton ( thanks again Sue ). All towards a lovely holiday for our lovely friends xxx

posted by Helen Bryan 16 months ago

im so proud to call lisa my auntie,shes just amazing,and an inspration to everyone.i've never know anyone as strong as lisa,shes amazing,love you lisa.lets get the disney land

posted by Elli Grey 16 months ago

This is just amazing well done to everyone who has been involved,dawn and the staff at The Farmers are still raising money for you x

posted by Lucy Reevell 16 months ago

WOW can't believe how fast you've reached 12k. So pleased for you Lisa have a fabulous time making some unforgettable memories with David and Shaun xxxxxxxo

posted by Tracey Clements 16 months ago

Wow! How moving it was to be part of the bucket shaking in Liverpool One! The people of Merseyside are truly remarkable. Well dpne the Baldy Birds! You are all stunning. Just look what you have started!

posted by John Bryan 16 months ago

I'm touched by your story, bravery and struggle. I'm touched to hear of your partner, your baby boy and your friends. I hope you have the most fantastic time full of wonderful memories. The memories of this whole situation will be precious to many. Start packing. Jason Green. Director of Green Rose.

posted by Jason Green 17 months ago

WOW !!!! Well done to everyone who have worked SO hard to send Lisa & her family to Disney !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See ya Saturday Lisa !! x

posted by Stevie Painter 17 months ago

keep fighting as hard as we know you can hoping to get buckets of cash for you and David to have that special time you so justly deserve keep it up all our luv kath David and kirstyxxxx

posted by Kathryn Mccartan 17 months ago

Just sat reading the comments and donations on here, I am totally speechless. Thank you all so much. See you Saturday if you are joining the big shave. xxxxxx

posted by Lisa Williams 17 months ago

This new total is amazing. Lisa you are all going to have the best holiday ever. See you all next Saturday in Liverpool One xxx

posted by Karen Billington 17 months ago

i have just watched your video, you are a truly amazing woman with such strength and posative attitude, your son is so lucky to have you Lisa. I am sending all my love and support to you and i am truly humbled by your story, there should be more like you in this world.xxxxxxxxxxxxx

posted by Jessica Collier 17 months ago

Less than 9 days left to spend with my head of hair. Got the least to loose so adios, farewell, goodbye, etc thank u all u fabulous, generous donators. Love & respect for sending your cash support mwah!

posted by Joanna Pemberton 17 months ago

Have a fabulous time and make some memories xxx

posted by Michelle Seddon 17 months ago

Wow ! Loving the human race right now...3100 xxx

posted by Helen Bryan 17 months ago

As a soon to be skin head I would just like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who has donated! Let's get our girl and her boys to Disney for their share in some Magic xx

posted by Sarah Bell 17 months ago

Thank you all so much for your support. Everybody has been amazing. You have given me something massive to look forward to and are providing an opportunity for David to have amazing lifelong memories. I can't thank you enough. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

posted by Lisa Williams 17 months ago

Thank you so much for your kindness and support, it means a lot xxxx

posted by Jill McCoy 17 months ago

Can't thank you all enough xx

posted by Sarah Bell 17 months ago

Type your comment here...

posted by Kelly Marie Cowin 17 months ago

Thank you all for donations so far xxxxx

posted by Zoe Carmichael 17 months ago

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Karen Dodd

14 months ago


Hi Lisa, I hope you manage to reach the amount you need to take your son to disney world. You are one brave woman xxxxx



Michele moore

14 months ago


My friend Lyn Aspey-Jones dyed her hair pink to help raise funds towards your holiday of a lifetime for you, David & Shaun. I only wish i could donate more. I hope you have a wonderful holiday and that you make lots of happy memories for Shaun & your gorgous son David. xxx




15 months ago (Offline Donation)



Wirral Hundred Pub

15 months ago (Offline Donation)



Helen Bryan

15 months ago


Extra Sponsor money from St Mary's playgroup Upton



St Mary's Preschool

15 months ago


Sale of David's Stars at Upton St Mary's Preschool & Dragonfly Floral Design xx



Caroline Baker

15 months ago


We worked together at Jenks, you always made me laugh and I enjoyed your company 'willy' xxx



P Riberts via bank

15 months ago (Offline Donation)



Jill McCoys work

15 months ago (Offline Donation)



Sheila (Police)

15 months ago (Offline Donation)


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