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We've taught the Craft of the Wise for decades, and have healed, counseled, and advocated for thousands worldwide (including a nationwide prison ministry) for donations or free if the pe... more


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Thank you, Joshua! We're big fans of your "Speaking of Strange" paranormal radio show.
Yassmina, we really appreciate your help, and we think you'll love the courses.


Created by Coven Oldenwilde on June 2, 2012

We've taught the Craft of the Wise for decades, and have healed, counseled, and advocated for thousands worldwide (including a nationwide prison ministry) for donations or free if the person is needy.

Fans of our The Goodly Spellbook: Olde Spells for Modern Problems are eager to learn more from us, and we see an ever-growing need in the world for the practice of genuine magic, which we define as "applied spirituality". So, we’ve written and illustrated courses that teach Witch skills in downloadable or printable format. These will be the only online courses in authentically traditional Wicca taught by trained, experienced Gardnerian (British) & Strega (Italian) Witches.

We're close to being able to upload the classes below, but need your help! We need to raise $2500 NOW to keep our power on and roof over our heads.

Here's a summary of the first 19 courses Coven Oldenwilde's School of Witchcraft will be offering at, with more to come in the future. Each is illustrated, and has helpful exercises, further recommended reading, and more features. Students who complete Level II will be eligible for in-person Initiation by us.

Level I

* The Goodly Spellbook

Level II
Required classes:
* Everyday Witchcraft: Making All You Do Magical
* The Ardanes Explained: Traditional Witch Guidelines
* Secret Witch Words Complete: Oral Witch Lore
* Witch Tools: How to Find, Make, Consecrate & Use Them
* Rites & Rituals: Ensuring That Your Spells Work
* Goddesses & Gods: Working with Powerful Benevolent Beings

Elective options:
* Magical Names: Finding Your Mystic Identity
* Controlling the Elements: The Art of Weather-sacting
* Familiar Spirit: Working Animal, Amphibian, Insect & Reptile Magic
* Wax, Wick & Flame: Working Confident Candle & Fire Magic
* Hypnotic Trance Induction: Astral Projection & Past-Life Regression
* Pop Spirit: How to Be a Popular, Paid, Pagan Author
* Chiromancy: How to Read Palms Like a Pro
* It’s in the Cards: How to Read Tarot Like a Pro
* "To The 'T'": Tasseomancy (Tea-leaf Reading) & Tea Spells
* Italian Strega: Working Primal Magic
* Pagan Ethics: The Four Cardinal Virtues
* Astrology: How to Read Birthcharts
* "For Mine is the Ecstasy of the Spirit": How to Sense, Raise, & Direct Energy

Level III:
* Magical Mentor: Wise Ways to Counsel Anyone

       Pass the end-test and get a numbered certificate enabling you to counsel folks worldwide by phone.

We welcome any amount you can give.

For a donation of $100, you can receive a Tarot reading or an hour of counseling from Lady Passion.
For a donation of $200 or more, you can be pre-enrolled and have first access to all the courses (include your e-address when you donate so we can inform you when they’re uploaded).

Coven Oldenwilde is a 501(c)(3) religious non-profit in Asheville, North Carolina.

Thank you and Blessed Be!

Lady Passion (Dixie Deerman), High Priestess
*Diuvei (Steve Rasmussen), High Priest
Coven Oldenwilde


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I believe that this school will benefit those of us that want to learn the craft the proper way and am excited to see what awaits.


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