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This project has now wrapped up, as Jody Paterson and Paul Willcocks have returned to Canada after more than two years in Copan Ruinas, Honduras. Find some of the blogs Jody wrote here about Angelitos and the wonderful collection of characte... more


Updated posted by Jody Paterson 24 days ago

We've reached the end of our time in the country, and the end of this project. Many thanks to all of you for a wonderful contribution to 14 of the most vulnerable children in Copan Ruinas. A quick summary of what your generous donations have been used for:

At Angelitos Felices children's home:
- New water system and renovated bathrooms
- Ceramic tile throughout the two-storey building
- New smoke-free and fuel-efficient wood cooking stove
- Renovated laundry area
- Roof raised in children's bedroom to end chronic and extensive leaking during rains
- Rain collection system to augment water supply
- Cement patio in front of the home where the children can play safely away from the street
- New doors and window shutters
- Four rounds of new and gently used casual clothing and shoes for the children
- Three rounds of school uniforms, school shoes and school supplies
- Weekly outings with the children, including twice-monthly visits to the local pool
- Steady stream of supplies to the children's home - food, cleaning products, diapers, craft supplies and more
- New beds/mattresses thanks to the efforts of a group of Louisiana visitors
- Two sets of sheets for every bed
- Medications for staph infections, minor pain, foot fungus

At Juan Ramon Cueva public school:
- New roof and other renovations for a dilapidated classroom that was in such disrepair it couldn't be used

At Sendero Maya kindergarten:
- New water system so the school would have running water and would no longer have to travel significant distance to the river anytime water was needed (including for the bathrooms and kitchen)

Around Copan:
- We've supported all kinds of smaller causes, from helping a local teacher get the supplies she needed to be able to teach, to buying backpacks and school supplies for other Copan children in need. We've also helped build new houses for two impoverished families, bought medication for families in urgent situations, and supported other good causes in the community including Casita Copan day care and family support centre.

Thank you again for supporting us on this adventure. Know that you have been part of something amazing, and that many people's lives have been changed for the better because of your help.

Please consider Casita Copan if you want to support a similar cause in Copan Ruinas. Emily and her crew are doing excellent work. Here's their Web site:



Updated posted by Jody Paterson 2 months ago

We're in the last 6 weeks of our placement in Honduras and the time is going past so quickly! We've finished up all projects at Angelitos and from this point on will solely be doing activities with the kids until we leave at the end of March, and I fear even those activities are going to be dwindling due to all the things Paul and I need to attend to before we leave the country. Still, we got in another great trip to the pool last Sunday, and hopefully another on the coming weekend.
Thank you all so much for the wonderful gift of support you have given the children at Angelitos during our two years here. We have been able to get so many things done because of your help and thoughtfulness. I feel we are leaving Angelitos in a much better physical condition than we found out, but I am saddened by what I fear will be a decline in weekly activities for the kids after we go.
Unfortunately, the lack of transparency in how the money is handled at Angelitos makes it very difficult for me to recommend that people continue supporting the hogar after we leave. However, a Canadian friend is now paying for monthly deliveries of purified water and milk, and we are making arrangements for that support to continue after we gone. And I am very sure that other people will come to Copan and help the Angelitos children directly while here, as that is what has always happened over the years long before we arrived on the scene.
In the end, your donations allowed us to invest almost $24,000 in building improvements, clothes, food and household goods, and activities for the children. (Email me at if you want to see the spreadsheet.) That is an amazing achievement. Paul and I won't be here to witness "the rest of the story" for the 16 children living at Angelitos, but I feel sure that their young lives have been changed for the better because of your support.
I continue to have great hope for Casita Copan, the project started by Emily Monroe and doing so well in providing a really good day care and early-child development to more than 40 children, and working very hard to support their mothers too. Those who want to carry on supporting impoverished families and children in Copan Ruinas can rest assured that their donations will be well spent at Casita Copan, which one day soon hopes to be providing homes for orphans as well. Here's the Web site:


Updated posted by Jody Paterson 3 months ago

Amazing support from the employees of North American Tungsten in the Northwest Territories, who donated $1,265.00 to Angelitos Felices. Big thanks to these generous folk, who don't even know me or the Angelitos kids but responded to my son-in-law's request (he works at North American Tungsten) for donations to buy school uniforms for the kids. He and my daughter Regan Jamieson had the money with them when they arrived in Honduras for their 10-day visit last weekend, and we went shopping with the kids on Monday.
There are 9 school-age children at Angelitos. This donation has let us buy each of them two full uniforms (tops, bottoms, belts, socks, underwear, shoes) and a backpack, and we've still only spent half the money. We'll be using the rest for school uniforms for other needy children we're connected to - the kids start their new school year in February - and for clothes for the 5 smaller children at Angelitos.
Brad and Regan were troopers during the shopping trip with the kids, which took a fairly painful 3 hours. Man, was it crazy trying to get all those kids into the right size of uniforms. We were very grateful for the store staff, that's for sure - they were so patient and helpful. These uniforms mean a great deal to these children, because many public schools won't let them attend if they don't have uniforms. All the school-age children at Angelitos are passing into the next grade (many children repeatedly fail in the schools here) and are proud of their achievements. And they're wild about their new backpacks.
So...way to go, North American Tungsten! You've just made a big difference in the lives of impoverished Honduran children.


Brad & Regan with the kids post-shopping

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Created by Jody Paterson on July 19, 2012

This project has now wrapped up, as Jody Paterson and Paul Willcocks have returned to Canada after more than two years in Copan Ruinas, Honduras. Find some of the blogs Jody wrote here about Angelitos and the wonderful collection of characters who call Angelitos home.

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Wow, this is doing well! Also to the mark! Good luck! I wish I could help but, I'm in need of money myself... If anyone could maybe donate even the smallest amount that would be really helpful!

posted by Kayla Noel 17 months ago

Wow, Jody and Paul, you guys are doing fantastic with the fundraising and getting all the work done at the orphanage. We love reading all your posts, we will continue to raise money at the Times Colonist for your wonderful work you are doing. God bless

posted by Nancy Nunn 20 months ago

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Employees, North American Tungsten

3 months ago (Offline Donation)


A gift from the employees of North American Tungsten in the Northwest Territories, who work with my son-in-law Brad Jamieson and responded so generously to his request for donations for the children of Angelitos to buy school uniforms.



Rachel Phillips

3 months ago


meant to do this before the holidays - better late than never. Keep up the awesome work!



carmel thomson

3 months ago


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!




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Nancy Davies

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donna clements

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Rebecca Willcocks

4 months ago



Daryll Williams

4 months ago



Toni and Lee Burton

4 months ago (Offline Donation)


A donation on behalf of a Burton relative that will buy 14 sheet sets for the children's bunk beds.



Terry and Dave Lisson

4 months ago (Offline Donation)


Generous Christmas gift from my cousin in Australia.


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