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It is past time to create a cage-free retirement home/sanctuary for cats in the metro Birmingham area. I ask you to join me in making it happen by donating to a "seed" fund for the proje... more


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Updated posted by Kathy Stiles Freeland 3 months ago

2013 began with the rescue of 6 feral cats from the South East Lake community. Blue (in the photo) and a tabby male were neutered and adopted together by a lucky family. The two feral kittens (Tabitha and Cream Puff) were brought to my house for socialization and future adoption. They are still here. Tabitha is a tough nut to crack but Cream Puff is socializing well. The other 2 adults (very feral and thus unadoptable) males were released after being neutered and are being fed/cared for by a kind neighbor who worked with me in trapping them.

The year is ending with the rescue of 5 kittens - one, the only female (a calico), was immediately adopted by the vet who checked them over. Two of the other 4 (orange/yellow and white males) were adopted by the same family and are happy as can be. I receive good reports from their new family. The other two were taken in by a kind-hearted vet with a pet adoption center in his practice.

In between these, another dozen kittens/adult cats were rescued and the adults neutered/spayed. The Greater Birmingham Humane Society adopted four of these kittens to furever homes. The owners of the adult cats weren't financially able to neuter/spay them so thanks to your contributions we were able to do so. The adults (and all the kittens now) are with their owners and out of the kitten production business.

Research and planning about the best way we can establish a successful and financially stable sanctuary in Alabama continues with like minded Alabama rescue folks and organizations like Best Friends Sanctuary in Utah. In 2014, I and another volunteer plan to visit that sanctuary to receive training.

I am grateful to those who have contributed over $3,500 in 2013 toward our $15,000 seed fund goal and to Conservation Alabama Foundation which donated a Toshiba laptop computer to the Sanctuary project when they reduced their office equipment inventory recently.

2014 should be a banner year for our cat sanctuary project with your continued support.

Happy New Year!


A former feral who found a home in 2013


Updated posted by Kathy Stiles Freeland 4 months ago

3 of the 5 kittens rescued recently have been adopted by wonderful cat lovers and the last two hopefully will be in their new furever homes before Christmas.

While we work to develop a permanent sanctuary, we will continue assisting with rescues and Trap/Neuter/Release projects .

A recent donation pushed the total raised thus far over the $3,000 mark! That's 20.07% of the goal of a $15,000 seed fund to pursue this dream.

To make a donation go to:


Marmaduke in his new home


Updated posted by Kathy Stiles Freeland 5 months ago

The Birmingham area night temperatures will fall into the 20s later this week -- not good for cats who are outside.

A volunteer and I will rescue 3 half grown kittens tomorrow morning to keep them safe from the cold. The kitten's owner has lost his job and he and his family are losing their home and cannot care for the cats.

Of course we don't have the sanctuary yet so continue to work with other rescues and volunteers to do what we can for cats like these.

If interested in adopting one or more of them, please let me know. Photos will be on the site this week. There are two orange tabbies and one calico.

Thanks to the support of donors to the sanctuary project, they will be checked by a vet, given their shots, dewormed and defleaed, and spayed or neutered before adoption.

If you can't adopt but CAN make a donation to help us care for cats such as these, please do so today and thank you!

Some Good News- the kittens in the photo that were rescued two weeks ago are doing well and at least 3 of them have been spoken for. # 4 needs a bit more time to mature before being adopted.


Rescued and soon to be adopted

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Created by Kathy Stiles Freeland on June 5, 2013

It is past time to create a cage-free retirement home/sanctuary for cats in the metro Birmingham area. I ask you to join me in making it happen by donating to a "seed" fund for the project.

Almost daily I get an email or phone call from an animal rescuer or a friend begging for help. Sometimes it is on behalf of an elderly or critically ill person who can no longer care for their cat(s) and has no one to care for the cat (s). Other times, it is begging for a place for an unadoptable adult, injured or permanently disabled cat.

Sadly, there is usually no place for that elderly, disabled or unadoptable cat to be taken or often the shelter which does take it cannot get it adopted and it is condemned to either a caged existence or euthanized.

This dream began taking shape in my head and heart as I became more and more involved with animal rescue and saw this need. My vision is to one day have a retirement home/sanctuary located on a large tract of land within Jefferson County, especially designed and built for cage free living for unadoptable, elderly, or disabled cats.

Why have I decided to take this on?

Because I am a cat lover and rescuer and have been all my life.

I recently retired from a fulfilling 30+ year professional career as founder/Executive Director of two conservation organizations in Alabama. I was fortunate to be able to protect some great wild places that are home to incredible Alabama wildlife.

During that time I learned skills that I can now use for this project: fundraising, creating and managing a board and staff; developing business plans, strategic planning and overseeing the design and construction of a new building.

While my professional career focused on saving nature and native wildlife, I have rescued countless cats and dogs since I was a child. As a 9 year old, I decided I wanted to "raise cats" when I grew up.

I am a trained Trap/Neuter/Release volunteer and work with numerous animal rescuers in Alabama.
Part of the dream is that this sanctuary will encourage spaying/neutering of cats and help people get that done.

It will educate cat owners on how they can keep their cats indoors to protect them and wildlife (especially birds) and yet give the cats access to sun and fresh air. It will secure good homes for cats that are adoptable. It will work with Alabama animal rescue groups to build a stronger network that is mutually supportive for the good of all those doing important rescue work. Hopefully, this one can serve as a proto-type for similar sanctuaries in other parts of Alabama.

These "seed" funds will be used to develop the plan for this project and its leadership under the guidance of Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah, a renown leader in the no-kill animal shelter movement.

It will pay for legal services to incorporate, create by-laws and apply for the important 50l (c)(3) nonprofit status from IRS. It will pay for development of a business plan to make sure it is financially and operational stable, it will pay for tuition, travel and lodging for a sanctuary training session for at least two attendees at Best Friends sanctuary in Utah. It will cover the costs of basic office/computer equipment and supplies.

The success of this seed fund campaign will show community support for the project to potential individual, corporate and foundation donors who will be asked for funds to acquire land, build the facility and staff it. I hope you will lend your support to help me make this dream a reality for those Alabama cats in need of a safe haven.

For you dog lovers (and I am one): I am focusing on a cat sanctuary now because a greater number of cats are euthanized each year for lack of homes than dogs in Alabama. However, my hope is that this project, once successful, can be replicated in other communities in Alabama and can be expanded to accommodate dogs.

Have Questions? Contact the organizer of this campaign now:

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Hi Kathy, So glad to see you are still helping our sweet friends. Where do you plan to build the sanctuary? Thanks, Helen

posted by Helen Shirley 10 months ago

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Great work Kathy !



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