24/7 Frogvillavision Needs camera system

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we are getting closer! Imagine Frogvilla-vision 24/7  streaming live from frogville studios...the sunset/sunrise cam...access to the recording studio via webcams ...watch the process liv... more


Created by John Treadwell on August 17, 2011

we are getting closer! Imagine Frogvilla-vision 24/7  streaming live from frogville studios...the sunset/sunrise cam...access to the recording studio via webcams ...watch the process live...live streaming concerts from the big room... all is possible.. tv prices are going up in april so we have a mad dash for the cash right now..

I am raising money to purchase some cameras because FROGVILLE needs video!
Hello, my name is John, I run frogville studios in lovely santa fe new mexico. Frogville is a nine year old co-op of creative artists and musicians, who very much want to wire the whole studio for hd video so #1 we can see each other, #2 make videos to show you, and #3 so we can stream multiple cameras live on the web to entertain the world, #4 make educational how to record in a studio videos. You can hear what we have done in the jukebox at www.frogvilleplanet.com

The money collected will go towards... we need the 8 camera hd surveillance kit at sams .1178 , plus 2 x 40" tv monitors 400 each until april. that is 2ooo including tax.

Supporters can also help by... supporting good original local music...wherever you are, in whatever town you live in, go find something to love, original art, music, poetry... whatever floats your boat, but get behind them, buy something, support the arts!


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we are inching closer...every bit helps! if 681 people would be so kind as to donate only ten dollars we can be broadcasting live music on these interwebs straight to you! MUCH THANKS AND BLESSINGS TO THOSE WHO HAVE ALREADY DONATED!

posted by John Treadwell 29 months ago

Frogville SHOULD have started as a non profit 9 years ago...like fools we thought you could make a profit at this. Frogville is a privately funded co-op designed to help talented yet financially underfunded artists record top quality products. I have invested since day 1 approx. 800,000.00 and we have earned less than 200,000, you do the math...we are trying to become a 501c3 non profit now, but we still need help. We have a reputation for helping many artists create great records and have helped many underfunded artists for free... NATHAN MOORE, JOHN COURAGE, ROBERT NOTKOFF, ThaMuseMeant, Hundred Year flood, etc. I stand by our product. I believe in the musicians and the art. we do good work, for santa fe and beyond, and we need help....that is WHY.... look if you HATE ART, HATE MUSIC, and HATE PEOPLE WHO HELP OTHER ARTISTS...don't give us your 10 bucks.

posted by John Treadwell 32 months ago

Why someone donate to a for profit private company?!?!

posted by Why? 32 months ago

700 people...10 bucks each....ability to log in 24/7 and watch/hear the studio action..... priceless!

posted by John Treadwell 32 months ago

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Melissa Totten

24 months ago


Big Frog is the man. Let's help him out and get Frogvillavision up and running.



Melinda Austin

24 months ago


i heart frog ville.



Laird Hovland

24 months ago



Marc Thorne

25 months ago



Christopher Foley

25 months ago


Lookin forward to the stream



Kathleen Savage

30 months ago


Happy Birthday John! Your friends at Santa Fe Hemp



drastic andrew

30 months ago


Happy birthday John- thanks for what you do!



loren haynes

31 months ago


go for HD!



Jeff Glatz

31 months ago


Love Frogville!!



Lewin Barringer

32 months ago


Good luck guys!


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