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you all heard a tragic story on the news today (2/12/14) about a 2 year baby girl who's father took her life. that precious little girl happened to be my cousins daughter. she is a hard... more


Updated posted by Felicia Ann Bowers 2 months ago

We appreciate every dime and Penny as well as thoughts and prayers! You all are amazing!!


Updated posted by Felicia Ann Bowers 2 months ago

I never imagined we would reach the goal! And here we are almost there. If we can surpass it I can't even imagine how much it would help! Funeral costs. Living expenses and couseling. This is what this is going for! Thank you all! Truly amazing! God bless!!!


Updated posted by Felicia Ann Bowers 2 months ago

I cannot tell you how AMAZED I am by all the love I am seeing! This is amazing! Thank you all SO much!!

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Created by Felicia Ann Bowers on February 12, 2014

you all heard a tragic story on the news today (2/12/14) about a 2 year baby girl who's father took her life. that precious little girl happened to be my cousins daughter. she is a hard working mother who is of course at a loss for words. we are looking for some help to give her the service fit for the princess she is. anything helps. we appreciate everything & hope you will keep her and our family in your prayers.

*After more news we have raised the goal to 2,000!* thank you for everyone's help and let's make one thing out of the 500 the mother is dealing with easier! 


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God bless your entire family. I am stunned, and I know that no words can help at this time in your life. Just surround yourself with lots of family because they are the only ones who can comfort you. We think these are horrible circumstances to lose a child. Children are the innocent ones

posted by Gretchen Hinds Hawthorne 2 months ago

Thank you so much for supporting my best friend my sister through this time. we lost the most sweetest girl and my heart is shattered. Auntie loves you princess!!

posted by Jeanell Taylor 2 months ago

i knew the mother years ago in a different kind of lifestyle. my heart goes out to her and i am so proud and amzed of how strong she is being. i wish i could be that strong. if it were me i wouldnt want to live anymore if something happened to any of my kids and i have 4 of them. i hope u get every penny of your goal that baby girl deserves tha best!! and the father? can rot in hell.

posted by Lacey Michler 2 months ago

I am sooo sorry for your loss of your beautiful baby girl, like a lot of other people, it broke my heart seeing this Mom break down when hearing the news of her little girl, I can't even begin to know how much pain Mama is going thru,I hope this man gets the help he so desperately needs, and then giving life in prison, so he can go thru the rest of his miserable life knowing what he did to that beautiful child, I pray her Mama will get thru these difficult days ahead of her, once again soo very sorry for your loss!!

posted by Judy Hoban-Kern 2 months ago

We are so thankful for all of the donations and support for Faye and Daveena. An account Wil also be set up at a local bank for Donations starting 2/14/14. Please message me for info or Felicia..... or see Kiro news and Komo news for details.

posted by Bonita Maxine 2 months ago

As a parent who lost a child 2yrs 11mo ago you pain is my pain i understand god bless you and my daughter is with your daughter she is safe in God's arms

posted by Dawn Schmidt 2 months ago

Just knowing Felicia I could only imagine how beautiful the rest of the family is, and how heart broken they must be. Please know that families are praying for yours, and I wish I could give so much more. If you need anything for the service please let me know and I will reach out to my church and family. #Blessings&Prayers2YouAndYours

posted by Shaunte Johnson 2 months ago

Were praying.

posted by Brenda Tony Posey 2 months ago

I shared my prayers are sent to the whole family and friends praying justice will come

posted by Mariana Flores-Santiago 2 months ago

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Teresa Henchar

2 months ago


We're so very sorry for your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.



Nicole Gonzalez

2 months ago


Dear sweet mom, Our hearts and prayers are with you and your family.



Alexis R

2 months ago



carolyn ortenzio

2 months ago


So sorry for your loss. RIP Daveena. The angels will take care of you....




2 months ago



Alyssa Oneal

2 months ago


I can only imagine what it must feel like to see all these people come together for you and your family. I hope that you know she's an angel up above and will be forever treasured by the greatest man known. Rest in peace baby.




2 months ago


Lord, Bless this family. Please bring comfort and peace to them.



Rebecca Fisher

2 months ago



Karen Harchalk

2 months ago


Such a tragedy. We are all praying for your family. Sorry we can't be there, but you are in our hearts. Lots of Love.



Brittney Davis

2 months ago


Sorry for your lost!


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