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Our little Chihuahua Bear was attacked 2/1/14 by a large German Shepard. Bear is only 12 pounds. Bear was on a leash and the Shepard's owner was not holding her dog's leash. This happene... more


Updated posted by Sal Santana 1 month ago

Thank you everyone who supported Bear! He is at home getting better everyday. You all made this possible with all your well wishes prayers and donations. We are very grateful to each and every one of you.

With much love,
Elaine, Sal and, Bear


Updated posted by Sal Santana 2 months ago

Thank you so much for continuing to pray for and support Bear!! He seems to be slowly feeling a little better each day (:


Updated posted by Sal Santana 2 months ago

Bear has been able to eat and keep down some food (-: let's hope it continues!

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Created by Sal Santana on February 7, 2014

Our little Chihuahua Bear was attacked 2/1/14 by a large German Shepard. Bear is only 12 pounds. Bear was on a leash and the Shepard's owner was not holding her dog's leash. This happened in the blink of an eye. We can not locate the owner's. Our little guy sustained massive injuries and is fighting for his life at Massachusetts Veterinary Hospital in Woburn. He has had abdominal surgery and numerous procedures. His doctor's say he needs a lot more time and TLC in the hospital in order to get better. He may also need another exploratory abdominal surgery and a Cat Scan. We have run out of money to keep going. The doctor's think he has a fighting chance to survive but just needs more time under their care. He is the sweetest little dog and loves life. Can you please help us so we can get our boy home and healthy? Bear loves the summer time and loves basking in the sun. We want him to come home so he can have a wonderful summer and over come this horrid attack. He was SO SO excited to go out for a walk (he hadn't been on a walk for a while since we just had our first baby a few months ago). It was a sunny mild day so we thought it was a great idea to take the dogs and baby out. Within a minute or two of our walk Bear was attacked. We do not want anything bad to happen to the Shepard. We want the owner's to be more responsible so this does not happen again. Our heart's are broken seeing Bear go through this. Can you please help? Even a few dollars will help.

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It's been a while since the last update. How is little Bear doing now?

posted by Cathy Carpenter 14 days ago

How is Bear doing?

posted by Ann Bechakian 1 month ago

Hi Cj- not really a great comment on this owners make coverage decisions for personal reasons..........

posted by Maryanne Ciciotte 1 month ago

Hi hope Bear has a full recovery! When things like this happens it should be a wake up call for all pet owners to consider getting pet insurance. I have had a couple things happen over the years and the insurance took care of it. It took a lot of worry off of my mind.

posted by Cj Gallagher 2 months ago

Our prayers are with you and your family.

posted by Ed MacIntosh 2 months ago

Bear, Teddy is praying for a full recovery for you and maybe one day we can meet....I am a very gentle little guy and I know I would just love you cuz I'm a little lap boy and not a fighter! Shame on the owners of the Shepard for not coming forward. Please get well soon little Bear

posted by Lucy Courcy 2 months ago

Get well soon Bear!

posted by Alysia Puopolo 2 months ago

Bear now has his own Facebook page where you can see more recent updates and some new pictures. His page name is Bear, The Little Dog In Big Trouble. Type into the search bar at the top of your Facebook page and it will come right up.

posted by Charlene Nielsen 2 months ago

How is Bear? No news for 3 days. Is he getting better?

posted by Cathy Carpenter 2 months ago

The other dogs owner should be helping you with cost of saving your dog.

posted by Bridget McGrath 2 months ago

Gizmo is sending his best wishes! Hope bear its doing better!

posted by Kerry Zwicker-Flynn 2 months ago

You hang tough little Bear! Lots of folks out here are behind you and pulling for you!

posted by Charlene Nielsen 2 months ago

Look in to the Zeus pet memorial fund. They have a web site or the Animal hospital in Nashua May be able to help you contact them.

posted by Tracey Goetz 2 months ago

Thank you Ann!

posted by Elaine Santana 2 months ago

Carolyn, Tia is missing her Bear Bear big time. She is confused to where he is and seems down

posted by Elaine Santana 2 months ago

Karen Valente, I will check into it today ASAP and certainly set it up if possible. Thanks!

posted by Elaine Santana 2 months ago

Can you please set this up with a PayPal option for payments??

posted by Karen Valente 2 months ago

Praying for Bear, he's lucky to have such a nice family best wishes!!

posted by Ann Bechakian 2 months ago

I am glad thet Bear is holding on. How is Tia doing without him?

posted by Carolyn Sheridan-Capodilupo 2 months ago

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Cathy Carpenter

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Cathy Carpenter

1 month ago (Monthly Donation)



Michelle Perkins

1 month ago


Get better soon!!!



Benjamin DeMarco

1 month ago




1 month ago


Hang in there bear!



John Piscatelli

2 months ago


Hi Sal, Happy to hear things are getting better. My wife Laura and I have a 7 pound Havenese named Stanley and we all wish you the best



Camo Giampa

2 months ago



Carri Kimball

2 months ago


Best Wishes to Bear from Marley and Linus, Billerica xo



Marissa Meli

2 months ago


Don't give up on this baby!!! I can't spare any money but I want you to have this anyway. Please do whatever it takes to get him what he needs.



Lisa Peterson

2 months ago


We are pulling for you Bear!!


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