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My name is Helen Turner. I am the owner of Shampooch, a self-service dog wash and full service dog grooming business in Wheat Ridge, CO., at 7250 W. 38th Ave. just east of Wadsworth.... more


Updated posted by Helen Turner 12 days ago

I have had some dialog with the City's Mayor. I was triggered by a statement made by a council member who talked about how the City has loans and grants to help Wheat Ridge businesses to succeed...

Dear, Mayor, councilman and citizen... On my 7th year of my 38th Ave business, "Shampooch" I was forced to deconstruct my life when a councilman / investor bought the property in September 2013. Any business minded person would know that a month's notice to vacate is an unrealistic amount of time to properly relocate a business. I reached out to the City to "help me succeed". I did indeed need help to relocate with loans, grants or anything. There was no help for me and in a blink of an eye I was pushed into financial ruin. I ask why that this unethical treatment of a citizen and business goes unnoticed? And why, if WR is concerned about the economic, social, political and cultural balance of commerce would it divert it's community based animal loving citizens out of City limits? I was the only business of it's kind in WR. ? Helen

The Mayors response:

Helen, many of the present elected officials and city staff were very sorry to learn you could not find another location for Shampooch. I know that xxxxx xxx with Economic Development tried extensively to help, but apparently the right combination of location/cost became unsurmountable for you. This happened to me many years ago with my own business and a new building owner. I hope you will continue to be optimistic regarding a new location. Your business obviously was a needed service.

My response to the Mayor:

What prompted a comment from me is when the council man wrote about Wheat Ridge “having loans and grants to help businesses succeed” in response to the citizens comment …… But how is this help true when I asked for help, but to no avail?
You are correct when you agree that a months’ notice to vacate was insurmountable for Shampooch. I hired a commercial realtor to locate suitable property. I was aware that the City of Wheat Ridge does allocate some funding to help businesses such as mine. (xxxxxxx received 57,000.00, right?) These actions were performed as a matter of self-preservation. I was literally scrambling to save my business and my own finances.
How did the economic developer extensively help Shampooch? - Unfortunately-and perhaps even ironically my; conversation with xxxxx xxxx was short as he explained there was no help he could offer me, besides a circle of names to call and the suggestions of a few properties to view. As I was racing the hands of time to save my business I was met with a tone of indifference and ignored by officials that “talk the talk”.
Madam Mayor If you had the same thing happen to you and you experienced the same trauma as I did with Shampooch, could you not have shown compassion and lent a hand? What makes this situation stand out from a normal tenant landlord situation is that a City Representative who’s ‘community and business for “each” one of us’ rhetoric delusion, knowingly caused pain and suffering to a business owner. Shampooch was my livelihood and that was taken away from me in a two sentence insensitive “vacate” letter.
The 38th Ave. Corridor plan is a highly prioritized project for the city of WR. Council and Stakeholders adopted the plan October 10, 2011 and this area has been an Urban Renewal Plan for many prior years that is governed under CRS urban renewal laws. My point being is that there was timely opportunity to have prepared Shampooch in a professional and respectful manner for the City’s desire to have a pub in the place of where Shampooch was. Instead I was forced to deconstruct my life and I was taken advantage of because of conditional circumstances. How can you or anyone deem this appropriate? It is unethical! The councilman had authority of this situation. Because a person can - doesn’t make it right. What I believe to have been more sensitive and compassionate is to have had opportunity to have had candid conversation from the beginning and the new owner could have devised a short term lease agreement. The other tenants seemed to have known more than I and it makes it seem that I was economically discriminated against in a shoddy business transaction. I feel that the City has culpability and the City should be held accountable for debilitating a small business. No one can convince me that forcing a small business out of the balance of commerce is a wise plan; it most definitely was not kind. Putting hardship on a female citizen who has worked hard to raise her one parent family is just wrong!
What I am humbled by, is the heart of the people. They came to my aide during a tumultuous time. Hard-core citizens graciously extended themselves to try to keep Shampooch alive with morale and physical and financial support. Thank-you, to all that shivered on that cold February 15th D-day, by helping me vacate the premises. Thank you to all the compassionate patrons for “walking the walk”. I am touched by the sincerity of the people that make a community healthy thriving and vibrant.



Updated posted by Helen Turner 12 days ago

I am very great-full for all the support. I am catching up on bills and this was made possible because of all the caring people that understood that a loss of my business meant financial ruin for me. I also have gratitude for the emotional support I have received. The good people of this world have kept me sane, without moral support... well lets just say... ???...Thank-you friends. At this time it is not feasible for me to start up a new location. I am working diverse side jobs and grounding myself for the time being. My prayers are for everyone's happiness. Love Helen@Shampooch


Updated posted by Helen Turner 1 month ago

Many of my animal loving community friends have done so much in so many ways; I want to thank...

Dianna & Saba
Jessica & Riley
Doreen & Butcus
Steve Duke, & Taz
Pat at Paws Pet Grooming
Lorelei, Bentley and Beau
Jan, Steve and Autumn
The DKC Crew
Noelle & Daisy
Bonnie @ Bonnies Balm
Kathleen, Larry, Gracie & Spike
Corrie @ Corrie's grooming
Zia @ Muddy Paws
Austin Briggs @ The Denver Post
Dianne & Molly
My beloved sons and Psy who always makes me smile!

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Created by Helen Turner on February 3, 2014

My name is Helen Turner.

I am the owner of Shampooch, a self-service dog wash and full service dog grooming business in Wheat Ridge, CO., at 7250 W. 38th Ave. just east of Wadsworth.

There are two things I want to do. First is relocating Shampooch. The second is to make it my mission to get out in front of this issue of paying lip service to the lives and livelihoods of small business owners everywhere.

I would like you to read this because this is my story: of self-determination, hard work, principled convictions and a personal work ethic that was destroyed overnight by political cronyism. My American Dream…you’re American Dream--crushed by the hypocrisy of a self-serving Wheat Ridge City Council member, and an all too obliging cast of supporting officials that are willing to turn a blind eye towards their own laws, common sense and good business practices when there is a good opportunity to be exploited.
In 2007, I took a leap of faith and purchased a previously unsuccessful grooming and bath business that was located in an old multi-tenant building that was mostly unoccupied at the time. As a single parent, I had to make sure that my choice to start my own business would not jeopardize my family’s safety. Friends and family recognized my sincere passion for working with animals and were aware of my lifelong dream to own my own grooming and bathing facility. They stood by me every step of the way.
My business not only survived but managed to grow during the horrible economic marketplace since 2008. Little by little, I grew my business and I was looking forward to celebrating my 7th year in business in 2014.

In September of 2013, the building which Shampooch, and 5 other businesses operate from was sold. On January 10th, 2014 I received a notice to vacate the property on the 15th of February, 2014. This came as a shock to me, as you will see how this all played out.
I was aware of the sale of the property in September By a "Welcome New Tenant" letter and I had a conversation with the new owner Joe Demott. During that discussion,
Mr. Demott made me feel secure that my business was welcomed and not in jeopardy. Neither Shampooch, nor any of the other tenants had a current lease agreement. What I was unaware of is that the other tenants were given an opportunity to sign a new lease and one tenant was assisted in relocating. The open lines of communication afforded to the other businesses were not offered to me.

At the time of my eviction 4-months later Mr. Demott told me;  he was  replacing Shampooch for a Pub. Incidentally Shampooch is located across the street from a Middle School!
The irony here is that Mr. Demott was the President of the Wheat Ridge business district, commissioned with the Housing Authority and a City Council Member whose platform was “Small Business” and he owns Pietra’s pizza. Mr. Demott was quoted in the Wheat Ridge Gazzett as saying “…But with all these obstacles dividing us, we have the glue that keeps us working together. By actively engaging citizens with business owners it allows each to make meaningful contributions to the community.” He went on to say that “While other parts of the city [Wheat Ridge] seems to be pitting neighbor against neighbor and forcing businesses to choose their own fate in a quickly progressing world, it’s just business as usual in District IV.”
I’m sorry but it’s not business as usual for me. My life has been turned inside out while the other tenants—who have not been here as long as I have; have been afforded the opportunity to remain solvent. I am literally out of work at impact. As our city representative’s grow in power, I got hit by the crushing blow of greed and false promises. Mr. Demott has demonstrated this by running circles over my head and ignoring my cries for help, while all the time knowing the vision he had for the Urban Renewal Plan on 38th ave.

Yes, I have reached out to the city for assistance in relocating—but apparently the city feels content knowing that it’s going to get a brand new bar while it kicks a previously successful woman owned business to curb. I have given much to this community. I have organized multiple pet wellness information sessions, extending my business with others. I sponsored contests in conjunction with the local gallery and have donated my time and money to help those animals in our community that do not have the kind of loving environment they deserve. And yet all of this falls on deaf ears when it comes to how this city views its businesses and more importantly what it values. I did not choose to leave I was forced to vacate.

 In order to relocate Shampooch I need assistance. As a one income household, who lost her business at the sleight of hands I simply cannot afford the expenses it will take to make sure that I am in compliance with everything that keeps small businesses from making a go of it. But I know I can, and with your help I’ll build an even better Shampooch for you and your pet to enjoy, I promise; I will not let you ,me, or the notion of small business in America down.

Please visit me @ Save the pooch! http//:

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link below is an article of the City of Wheat Ridge knowing that Clancy's would be relocating.

posted by Helen Turner 2 months ago da/ci_24958727/sprouts-anchor- proposed-retail-site-wheat-rid ge

posted by Helen Turner 2 months ago

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Cathie Hitchcock

1 month ago



Joanne McLellan

1 month ago


Keep me posted on your changes! Cooper just can't be groomed by any one else so we'll come to you wherever you are :)



Right Coast Pizza

2 months ago (Offline Donation)


Thank - you Right Coast Pizza on 38th Ave. EVERYONE! loved your pizza. 3 xtra large Pizza's was very generous.



donations from the sale that wasn't a sale.

2 months ago (Offline Donation)


These were anonymous donors that put money in a jar.



Cyndy Beal

2 months ago


Dear Helen, wishing you the best for a new location. Buck and Sadie sent big dog kisses.



Shauna & Lady

2 months ago (Offline Donation)


Wow! 7 years go by fast! Thank-you for all your years of support. I am looking forward to our girls night out and dinner with you; my friend. Scamp remains in my heart and I believe he is still by your side. Love Helen




2 months ago (Offline Donation)


Contributions were made today from the bathe your dog free today. Thank-you everyone and thank-you the City of Edgewater council members.



Ward, Kathryn, Rocky & Bear

2 months ago (Offline Donation)


Ward and Kathyrn Thank-you for staying by my side. Thank-you for caring and helping me move all that heavy stuff on Saturday.



Elizabeth Somers & Chia

2 months ago (Offline Donation)


I am glad I got to see you guys today! Chia looked absolutely stunning!




2 months ago (Offline Donation)


Your an amazingly beautiful Golden. Thank-you for all your years of baths at Shampooch.


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